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Where to Go for Specialized Movies

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If you’re interested in the latest blockbuster from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm or anyone else making corking popcorn flicks, you can go to your local theater and detect a screening coming upwardly very shortly. That’s not the same if you lot’re interested in arthouse movies, independent films or foreign pictures. Those sorts of movies don’t get wide releases so they’re not then piece of cake to catch at movie theaters. Don’t wait for the movie to turn up on a streaming service like Netflix if you lot’d like to see it on release as there are lots of places across the land where low upkeep or marginalized movies are shown on a regular basis.

New York

Information technology’s definitely truthful to say that movie lovers in major cities like New York take more than selection than those living in other areas of the land. Places like the Angelika Motion-picture show Middle, that opened in 1989, Landmark Sunshine Cinema in Manhattan, Moving picture Forum, a non-profit indie picture palace that’s been operating since 1970, and the Angelika Movie Eye are just four examples of cracking places you can visit in New York if you’d similar to encounter contained, foreign linguistic communication or express release movies.

Where else would you expect to be able to take hold of the best independent movies than California? Cinopolis is i of the obvious choices. Why non purchase a ticket through Fandango and then head to Whittier Boulevard to take hold of the showing? Laemmle’southward Royal Theatre on Santa Monica Boulevard is another great place to catch a movie. You’ll only be able to see foreign linguistic communication movies there only they accept one of the best selections of new movies in the country. Yous should also check out New Beverly Cinema. This place is definitely for the enthusiasts as its run by 1. Quentin Tarantino’s the owner so no wonder it shows a lot of double features in 35mm.


Logan Theatre in Logan Foursquare is ane of the best places to get in Chicago for a mixture of second run studio pictures and indie movies. They run midnight showings each weekend in a theater that was recently upgraded with a new sound system, ameliorate screens, and projectors. Y’all should also check out Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema if y’all’re in the area. Yous’ll go studio financed small movies, indie flicks and other obscure movies in that location, many of which can be watched during a midnight showing.


If yous don’t alive in California or New York or Chicago, you tin can still catch corking independent movies through the Landmark chain of theaters. They have 56 theaters in 27 markets that have a combined 268 screens. As well as a great option of movies you won’t find in other major bondage, you’ll as well find that Landmark tends to run movies that have finished their runs in other theaters. The occasional well published major moving-picture show will be showing simply don’t expect to see the sort of mass appeal movies that are shown in other theaters.

What to Watch?

If you like the idea of seeing something different simply you’re not sure what to run into, head to Fandango or Rotten Tomatoes to become an idea of what’s out there at the moment. There’southward nothing amend than a personal recommendation so talk to people who know and honey movies likewise. The foreign language Oscar nominees list for 2019 that contains Capernaum, Cold War, Never Look Away, Roma and Shoplifters wait interesting. Possibly yous could commencement with i of those movies.

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