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Oneplus 7 Pro 5g Android 11

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T-Mobile’due south OnePlus 7T Pro 5G and McLaren Edition finally get their Android xi updates

The 5G variants of the 7T series are the last to be updated

OxygenOS received quite the visual overhaul final year with version 11, borrowing some blueprint elements from One UI to improve i-handed use. The OnePlus 7 series was late to the Android 11 party, only getting the update in March — six months afterwards Google released it for Pixel devices. Despite the wait, there are enough of new features and improvements in OxygenOS 11, and now the T-Mobile version of the 7 Pro and 7T are getting a piece of the action.

T-Mobile hasn’t provided a detailed changelog for the update, only it is condom to assume that it’s similar to the unlocked versions of the telephone, maybe with a few carrier-specific changes. Here are some of the things you should expect to encounter (taken from the unlocked changelog):


  • Organisation

    • Update to OxygenOS 11 version
    • Fresh new UI visual design brings you a more comfortable experience with various optimizations of details
    • Optimize the stability of some third-political party applications and better the experience
    • Since this is the upgrade of Android 11 version with many new features, the upgrade time may be longer. Please wait for the completion of the upgrade
  • Camera

    • Updated the camera UI and optimized some of the function paths to offer more user-friendly operation
    • Newly added HEVC codec to reduce video storage size seamlessly, capture and shoot more without compromising on quality
    • Newly added access to a third-party app to share the picture by pressing and belongings it in preview
    • Newly added the quick access to recording mode by pressing and holding the shutter button and by sliding the push button, you can easily zoom in or zoom out
    • Newly added the playback brandish in Time-lapse manner to bear witness the actual filming time
  • Ambient Brandish

    • Newly added Insight clock fashion, a articulation cosmos with Parsons School of Blueprint. It will modify co-ordinate to the telephone usage data (To gear up: Settings > Customization > Clock on ambient brandish)
    • Newly added Canvas feature that tin can automatically depict a wireframe motion-picture show based on a lock screen photo on your phone(Path: Settings – Customization – Wallpaper – Canvass – Cull photo preview and it tin can exist generated automatically)
  • Nighttime Manner

    • Added the shortcut cardinal for Night Mode, pull down the quick setting to enable
    • Supporting automatically turn on feature & customize time range (path: Settings – Display – Nighttime Manner – Turn on automatically – Automatically enable from sunset to sunrise/Custom fourth dimension range)
  • Game Space

    • Newly added gaming tools box for convenient switches of Fnatic style. You tin can at present choose iii ways of notifications: text-only, heads upward and block, but for your immersive gaming feel
    • Newly added quick respond feature in a small-scale window for Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram (Enable information technology by swiping down from upper right/left corners of the screen in gaming mode)
    • Newly added mis-touch prevention feature. Enable it, swipe down from the height of the screen, click and the notification bar will pop out
  • Shelf

    • Newly shelf interface pattern, the interface is clearer
    • Added weather widget, animation effect smarter
  • Gallery

    • Supporting Story function, automatically class weekly videos with photos and video in storage
    • Optimize the loading speed of the gallery, and the prototype preview is faster

T-Mobile doesn’t say which security update is included here, but the unlocked models were stuck with the outdated February patch. T-Mobile calls it the “Android xi” update, so I imagine this is likewise using February also. The OnePlus 7 Pro might exist two years old, but having security 2 months out of appointment is notwithstanding unacceptable.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9, released over a year before the 7 Pro, has received every patch within a few weeks of release. For a visitor that tells its customers to “never settle” and uses fast software updates every bit a main selling indicate, information technology seems like OnePlus seven users are having to exercise plenty of settling in the security department. If OnePlus wants to charge more money for its devices, information technology needs to ameliorate back up for its older phones.

The update was released on April ninth, so information technology should be available for you now if you’re on T-Mobile.


T-Mobile has released the update for the OnePlus 7T today and includes a security patch likewise as the bump to Android 11. The phone had been stuck on the Jan patch since February 1st, but now users can enjoy the only slightly newer Feb patch instead.


Now with more McLaren

T-Mobile has posted the Android eleven update for the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G. Since the company’s support page is in fact showing the McLaren special edition of that phone, which includes an actress 4GB of RAM (12 total) but is otherwise internally identical to the standard 7T Pro 5G, we’re going to assume that both of them are getting the same update.

The irony of a telephone branded with a world-famous race auto getting its vital software updated months subsequently other major phones is, we trust, not lost on any of its owners. Despite existence released a calendar month into May, it’s still using the April security update.