Oneplus 7 Pro Not Fast Charging

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Since the OnePlus 7 was introduced, information technology has been recognized equally one of the fastest phones on the market, non merely for the performance offered by its Oxygen OS customization layer, but also for the operation of fast charging. The trouble arises when
fast charging stops working
and we cannot opt for a technology that has get essential.

The OnePlus 7’due south fast accuse specifically offers us
20W of ability
, which allows us to charge the mobile in merely 1 60 minutes. We have known that fast charging is not bad for our mobile and therefore, if nosotros lose this role we must try to practice everything possible to recover it and not run out of bombardment at the nearly opportune moment.


  • The main problem with the fast charge of the OnePlus vii
    • How to clean the charging connector of the OnePlus 7
  • Other solutions to recover the fast charge
    • Do a hard reset if nothing has worked
  • It is important to accept care of the bombardment

The main problem with the fast charge of the OnePlus 7

After many users take gone through this same problem, the solution for them has almost e’er been the same, yous will surely become a surprise and it is something you had not thought most. Dirt is causing the states to be unable to use fast charging on our OnePlus 7 and have to settle for slow, traditional charging. To solve it we only have to get to work and
clean the type C connector
of our mobile advisedly.

How to make clean the charging connector of the OnePlus vii

To remove dirt from the connectors of the mobile we must accept patience and follow a series of elementary steps. First of all we have to
turn off the phone
, avoiding that we get a scare and the simple becomes complicated. In the second step we must
utilise a pin
or a small, elongated and resistant element to be able to remove all the dirt from the USB Type-C port.

Puerto USB del OnePlus 6T

With patience we must exist able to remove all the clay that is preventing our OnePlus 7’s Nuance Charge compatible charger from working. Once extracted,
we can blow
to finish expelling all the clay that has now become loose and we have non been able to extract.

Other solutions to recover the fast charge

Although the first solution that we have shown you is the most common, in our case
the problem may exist different
and to solve it we volition have to look for other alternatives.

  • Call back that OnePlus 7 fast charging is only compatible with the
    original charger
    . In case you lot want to try another charger that y’all have at home, it will non be compatible.
  • Buy merely original accessories, just every bit the charger needs to be identical, the same goes for the cable.
    The cable must exist adapted
    to receive and carry a large amount of power without being afflicted.
  • Cheque that you lot have your mobile updated, to do so become to Settings> Organisation> System
    and install your awaiting updates.
  • We must too
    keep the applications up to date
    from the Google application store, OnePlus integrates many own apps from the shop.

Do a difficult reset if nothing has worked

Afterwards having tried the chief solution and all the alternatives, we merely have to save our photos, videos and files in an alternative device so as not to lose them and brand a hard reset to the OnePlus 7. With this process nosotros can get the
software problem
to that our mobile is facing is solved. To do this we will have to pay for the mobile and and so concur down the power push button and decrease volume at the same time until nosotros see the OnePlus logo to release.

OnePlus 7T

To carry it out we must move with the volume keys to the pick
“Recovery Mode”
and press the power button. Then we do the same to place ourselves on “wipe cache partition” and repeat the procedure with the “wipe data / factory reset” choice. In one case completed, we will just take to choose the “Yes” choice for the terminal time and the OnePlus seven volition brainstorm to manufactory reset by deleting everything we have on our mobile.

It is of import to have intendance of the bombardment

To prevent these problems from occurring or recurring in our OnePlus 7, we must take into account some tips, among which nosotros find ourselves
not to apply the mobile while charging it
. Although at a certain moment there is no problem, if nosotros employ it to bank check social networks or play games while it is charging, the battery ends up suffering and we can find issues similar this of fast charging.