Sure, it’s not the end of the earth, just it can still be very annoying to sit down at the end of a long day to relax with your favorite shows and notice that your Insignia smart TV remote isn’t working. If you’ve found your Insignia TV remote not working, don’t give up promise yet!

When your Insignia TV remote is not working, take the batteries out of it for 2-3 minutes and see if that fixes information technology. If non, you lot should reset your TV to re-establish the connection. And, of course, you should always cheque and to make sure the batteries are still practiced.

Beneath, yous’ll find guidance and advice on diagnosing, troubleshooting, and solving issues with your Insignia Tv set remote. Let’due south dive in!

What’s Wrong With Your Insignia Smart TV Remote?

We’ll get to solutions in a 2d – first, you demand to understand why your Insignia Smart TV remote isn’t working.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the things that could be wrong with your remote:

  • Your TV needs to be reset and isn’t connected to the remote
  • Your remote needs to be re-paired to your Boob tube
  • The remote’s batteries are disconnected or dead
  • Water has gotten inside the remote
  • The remote has been dropped too many times and is cleaved inside
  • Something is blocking your TV’s receiver, so the remote cannot send a signal to the TV
  • Your remote has been exposed to high heat, dissentious the electronics inside

How to Fix an Insignia Smart TV Remote: 5 Things to Endeavor

i. Exercise A Elementary Reset on Your Remote

This may audio besides simple to be true, but it works more oftentimes than yous’d think:

  • Take the batteries out of your remote,
  • Wait 2-iii minutes
  • Put them back in

On many small electronic devices similar remotes, this has the effect of a elementary reset.

Earlier you motility on to a more complicated solution, give this a shot! There is no guarantee it’ll work, merely if it does, you’ll be glad yous tried information technology instead of buying a new remote.

2. Fully Reset Your Insignia Smart Tv

The remote for your Telly isn’t very complicated; fifty-fifty though it controls a smart TV, information technology doesn’t work whatsoever differently than whatsoever other remote you’ve used in the past.

It sends an infrared indicate to a receiver on your Boob tube, and the TV interprets the signal.

That means that, of the two items, your Boob tube is a LOT more than circuitous than your remote. If your remote isn’t working, your Tv may nevertheless be to blame!

To reset your Insignia Smart TV, y’all tin use the buttons on the side/back panel or download the Insignia Remote App to your smartphone.

Here’s how information technology’s washed:

  1. Navigate from the chief screen on your TV to “Settings”.
  2. Then, select the “System” option.
  3. Finally, select the selection “Reset to Factory Defaults”, and your TV will revert to its factory settings.
factory reset insignia tv

If in that location is a disconnect between the TV and the remote, this should fix it.

Annotation that yous volition have to sign in to your streaming services again after the reset.

Culling Reset Option

If you don’t have a remote control app on your phone, if your TV has no buttons, or both, you aren’t out of options.

The simplest manner to reset your Insignia Smart TV is past holding the power button for 10 seconds, or until the screen changes.

It’s a lot like resetting your iPhone – hold downwards the power button, wait, and everything should go dorsum to normal!

three. Re-Pair Your Insignia Remote

Sometimes your Insignia remote will stop working because information technology simply stopped pairing correctly with your Boob tube.

If that’southward the case, just re-pair your remote and you should be back in business organization.

Hither are three different ways to re-pair your Insignia remote:

1) If you lot accept an “enhanced” Insignia remote, merely popular off the back of the remote and
below the batteries yous should see a pair push button. Press and hold that pair button and it should reconnect to your TV.

If you don’t take a pair push button, endeavor pressing and property the dwelling button on the remote for 30 seconds. Make certain you lot are point the remote at your Television and belongings the button downwardly for the total 30 seconds!

three) Finally, if neither of those options worked,
endeavor pressing and holding the back push button, the left navigation button and the bill of fare push
at the aforementioned time for 30 seconds. Once again, make sure you are pointing your remote at the TV.

repair your Insignia remote

4. Bank check Your Insignia Smart Idiot box Receiver for Blockage

If at that place is something getting in betwixt your remote and the receiver on your TV, it won’t work at all – fifty-fifty though there is nothing incorrect with your system!

About TVs have receivers that are harder to meet than they were on your old CRT television, blending into the frame of the TV.

That can get in hard to know where to point the remote, and hard to know whether or non a slice of home decor is blocking the receiver.

Before you blitz to the conclusion that your remote is broken beyond repair, check to make sure nothing is blocking the receiver on your Idiot box!

Sometimes, it’south that simple – a candle, knick-knack, or slice of holiday decor has plant its way betwixt your Boob tube and the remote. All you take to do is remove it, and you’re on your way!

five. Purchase a New Remote

This is probably the concluding thing you wanted to hear, but buying a new remote is sometimes your best selection.

Sometimes, the problem with your remote is due to an internal component breaking, shorting out, or otherwise failing – and it becomes unfixable.

If water gets inside the remote, if information technology’due south dropped also many times, or if it’due south somehow exposed to extreme rut, TV remotes tin break across repair.

The bad news is that this is the just solution that will piece of work sometimes, even though it’due south the merely solution to an Insignia TV Remote event that isn’t free.

Simply, that’south the manner the world works – sometimes, at that place is no fashion to avoid spending coin.

The good news, though, is that Insignia TV remotes are very, very inexpensive. You can grab i on Amazon for betwixt

$8 and $20
, depending on the Tv y’all own.

Nosotros Hate to Say It, Simply… Have You lot Checked the Batteries?

Okay, okay – you probably wouldn’t be looking for answers for your broken Insignia TV remote if you hadn’t already checked the batteries.

But, just in case you’ve jumped to conclusions almost your remote, information technology’south important to mention that the beginning thing y’all should do when your Insignia Idiot box remote isn’t working is to cheque the batteries!

The batteries may be dead, they may have come up loose from their housing, and the housing may fifty-fifty be corroded like a motorcar battery! Corrosion in a Television remote is rare, but it can still happen.

If you’ve had your Idiot box for more than than a year, the batteries in the remote may have already died. So, swap them out for some new batteries earlier you start troubleshooting more deeply.

Culling Solution: Use Your Smartphone

Insignia, Roku Television receiver, and Amazon Burn Television set each accept their own mobile app that allows y’all to control your TV from your phone. These apps are available for both iOS and Android/Google Play Store.

All yous need to do is download the app and make certain both your phone and Tv are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This can be a great solution for people who don’t want to spend money on a new remote or are in a compression cannot look for a new remote to come up in the mail service!

Below, you’ll notice links to each app:

Wrapping Upwards: How to Fix an Insignia Remote That Won’t Piece of work

If your Insignia TV remote isn’t working, you don’t have much to worry about. The solutions are easy to implement and often free (except for buying a replacement).

If your remote is broken beyond repair, you lot still have the option of using a free app to command your TV.

Which solution from our list did the trick for you? Do you lot have any advice for other readers with this problem? Leave your thoughts in the comments section beneath!