Pair Oculus Quest 2 To App

Similar to creating your Facebook account, you will have to create a VR profile once y’all take signed in. Click on ‘Continue’ and enter your unique username that you volition exist using for your Oculus Quest two games and apps. You are free to add together your profile if you wish to. Once you are washed, click on ‘Continue’, and you should attain the next page that consists of your privacy settings.

You should exist able to see a disclaimer that states none of your Oculus activity will be shared to Facebook without your explicit consent and permission. Regardless, y’all may cull otherwise. Signal your preferences and fix them for your Oculus friends. This option will let you lot to customize and determine who will view your activities on the Oculus app.

Adjacent, y’all can choose how visible your Facebook profile will be and indicate who volition be able to encounter your Facebook proper name on your Oculus profile. Keep in mind that if you take used a moniker while creating your Oculus account, users can see your Facebook name.

Once you have completed your privacy settings accordingly to your preferences, tap ‘Continue’. Do non worry about this, every bit you can also adjust the settings once more if you change your mind.

Pairing Your Oculus Quest 2 to Your Phone

When your settings and preferences have been fix, you can move on to pairing the Oculus Quest 2 with your phone. Earlier continuing, y’all must ensure that your telephone and

are continued under the same Wi-Fi network and router for this process to work.

This phase will crave you to indicate which Oculus headset y’all will be using with the app. Tap ‘Quest 2’ and brand sure your Bluetooth and headset are switched on, and your phone should automatically start pairing with your headset once it has been identified.

Withal, if your telephone unexpectedly cannot pair with your Quest ii, you lot will demand to consummate the pairing process manually. Kickoff, you will have to put the headset on, and y’all should exist able to come across the unique v-digit pairing code generated on your LCD brandish. Proceed to enter the lawmaking on your telephone, and y’all’re complete with the pairing procedure!

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