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The Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer is a gaming speaker with an unconventional pattern, wrapping around your shoulders instead of your caput or Television receiver stand. Offering underwhelming audio and very few real-life employ cases, nosotros’re reluctant to recommend this over whatever similarly priced gaming headset.


  • Won’t press into your head like a headset
  • Decent audio quality


  • Can’t compete with audio quality of gaming headsets
  • Everyone can hear what you’re listening to
  • Long hair will go defenseless
  • Expensive


  • UK
    RRP: £159.99
  • USA
    RRP: $197.98

Fundamental Features

  • Industry-first design
    This is the industry’s first neck-type, four-channel speaker

  • Comes with USB-A and 3.5mm sound jack back up
    You can use the Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series 10 and S and Nintendo Switch


The Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer is an interesting device. Technically, it isn’t a headset, as information technology’s designed to rest on your shoulders instead of your head. It’s advertised as a article of clothing gaming speaker organization – and it’s the first of its kind, according to Panasonic.

With a name such equally SoundSlayer, yous’d expect this speaker system to exist laden with features, but once you get past the bizarre pattern, you’ll discover that in that location isn’t much to say hither.

I’ve spent near three weeks listening to music, watching Idiot box and playing games with the Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer, then here are my thoughts.


  • Designed to wear around your neck
  • Won’t press into your caput like a headset
  • Can connect to devices

The SoundSlayer’southward blueprint is definitely interesting, every bit it sits effectually your neck (very reminiscent of those neck pillows on long flights) while pumping out music and in-game sound furnishings.

Yet personally, I remain somewhat confused over Panasonic’south thinking, because I tin’t call back of many scenarios in which such a design would evidence beneficial over a gaming headset or soundbar.

However, ignoring the fact that information technology does motility effectually a piddling as y’all game, the SoundSlayer is comfortable to wear for long periods of fourth dimension, which is something that tin can be an issue with headsets. I’d say that the the SoundSlayer could be a swell solution for anyone who struggles with sensory issues – feeling like they can’t vesture annihilation on or over their head for long periods of time.

And as someone with minor hearing problems, I did bask being able to hear the audio clearly without information technology shooting directly into my ears, then could be a solid choice if you’re concerned nigh damaging your eardrums with all the bass that bigger headsets can emit.

Only the SoundSlayer isn’t an ideal choice for anyone with long pilus; my shoulder-length hair frequently became caught, impeding the audio. Now, my hair is a bit shorter and the experience is improved, so I’d either ensure you’re rocking a short cut, or go along long pilus tied back in a ponytail.

Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer 7

There are a few buttons on each side of the SoundSlayer that are easy to use and access. On the left, you’ll find the mute mic and audio button, equally well as the iii.5mm audio jack port. On the right sit volume buttons and the mute button.

In terms of connectivity, the SoundSlayer has an undetachable USB-A cable, while you tin can also attach it to the likes of your game controller with the an AUX cable. This means you can use the SoundSlayer with practically any game console, handheld device or PC, although there’southward sadly no selection for wireless connectivity.


  • Three gaming sound modes onboard
  • Voice mode makes it easier to hear friends
  • No high-end features such as Dolby Atmos

The Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer has three different audio gaming modes: FPS, RPG and Voice, with the latter useful for chatting with friends.

I used all 3 modes while reviewing the SoundSlayer, and I am remiss to say that they didn’t sound all likewise different. I played Call of Duty: Vanguard using the FPS manner, but I didn’t feel it really elevated the game. The audio was slightly more than focused on gunfire and explosions compared to the Phonation and RPG modes, but the experience was pretty much the aforementioned.

The experience in RPG fashion wasn’t much different, either. I played Brute Crossing: New Horizons, as well equally Deathloop on PS5, and both sounded good; simply it didn’t feel like tailored audio.

Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer

Voice style made the biggest impact out of the trio, every bit it better distinguished my voice from the games audio when information technology was on, making it easier to chat with friends.

At that place are a couple of other modes: Music, Cinema and Stereo. Yet, just as was the case with the gaming modes, it’s a struggle to make up one’s mind the difference – to the point where I stopped cycling through each fourth dimension I watched TV or listened to a new album, as I felt that my experience was exactly the same.

Sound and Microphone Quality

  • Bass quality sounds a piffling flat
  • 3D sound is poor compared to most headsets
  • Integrated microphone performs reasonably well

The Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer offers decent audio quality, merely I can’t help simply call up you’ll get meliorate quality by spending the aforementioned amount of money on a gaming headset.

The base audio is fine, albeit a niggling flat. Trying to locate my enemies through audio proved almost fruitless when playing Phone call of Duty: Vanguard and Deathloop through the SoundSlayer. This is especially frustrating when headsets such as the Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense are excellent in this regard, while still being cheaper.

Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer

Panasonic has played up the SoundSlayer’s 4-channel surround speaker in marketing, but it unfortunately does not offer the same immersive sound experience y’all’ll find with similarly priced headsets.

Overall, it was even, with no one speaker overpowering the rest. Y’all will accept to make sure your head is facing straight-on, though, every bit whenever I leant to the side or stretched my neck backwards, I’d get an earful of one speaker.

In terms of music, the SoundSlayer doesn’t offer punchy bass, not whatever separation of vocals, simply it delivers a pretty natural and enjoyable feel. The aforementioned can be said for watching Boob tube – information technology didn’t add annihilation special, merely neither did it sound awful.

Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer

The SoundSlayer’due south microphone works fairly well when you lot’re looking directly ahead, but if I moved my head and spoke while looking to the side, the microphone either cutting out or my vocalization became too tinny to be recognisable. The echo-cancelling microphones should also foreclose that horrible noise from occurring when two devices are placed too closely during a call.

This may sound obvious, but information technology’s also worth remembering that the SoundSlayer doesn’t offer a private listening experience. You could hear the audio from my games and music upwardly to 20ft away, which is something to proceed in mind if you don’t want to disturb others. Plainly, this rules out the SoundSlayer when y’all’re in public – which is a lilliputian annoying if you’re looking to game on the commute.

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Should you buy it?

If you can’t habiliment a standard headset:
The SoundSlayer allows yous to accept sound upwardly-shut without it going directly into your ears, which might be more than comfy for some people.

You desire quality audio without breaking the bank:
At that place are multiple headsets and speakers that offer immensely improve audio and features for less than the SoundSlayer.

Last Thoughts

The Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer wearable gaming speaker has some potential, since it could be a great solution for those who suffer comfort issues with standard headsets. However, at this toll and the quality of audio on offer, I’d recommend investing in a gaming headset, or even a speaker, ahead of the SoundSlayer.

How nosotros examination

We use every device nosotros examination for at least a calendar week. During that time, we’ll check it for ease of utilise and put it through its paces by using information technology in a variety of games, likewise as playing music in order to get the full experience.

We also check each headset’s software (if applicable) to come across how piece of cake it is to customise and prepare up.

Used as main gaming headset for at to the lowest degree a calendar week.

Apply with multiple games to exam audio.

Besides test the audio with music playback.

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Tin can y’all use the Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer with a Nintendo Switch?

Yes, the Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer is compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

Does the Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer offer surround sound?

Pansonic quotes a ‘surround sound feel’, although it isn’t the aforementioned environs sound you’d go from speakers or a headset.

Full specs

Great britain RRP

United states of america RRP


IP rating

Size (Dimensions)


Release Date

Offset Reviewed Date



Frequency Range

Headphone Type

Vocalization Assistant

Panasonic GN01 SoundSlayer





209 x 46 x 239 MM

244 G



USB-A, 3.5mm port


– Hz




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