Panasonic’s flagship LZ2000 OLED now comes in a massive 77-inch size

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A new yr, another CES and some other launch of a Panasonic flagship OLED TV. The Japanese electronics make has announced the LZ2000, and for the first time, its top OLED model is bachelor in a 77-inch version.

The LZ2000 takes the baton from the JZ2000, furthering its ambition to be an all-in-one organization with its integrated Dolby Atmos sound organization and high-performing OLED panel.

The headline is the new 77-inch model, dubbed the ‘Master OLED Pro – Cinema Size’. The 55-, 65-, and new 77-inch model all use the latest generation of the visitor’s Master OLED Pro console, delivering “more than effulgence to ameliorate picture quality processing”. Panasonic claims the increment in mid-level brightness produces more pop with HDR content and improved accuracy in the reproduction of details in brighter areas.

The flagship OLED is over again color-tuned past Hollywood colourist Stefan Sonnenfeld, who has worked on recent projects such as Disney+’s Dopesick and The Book of Bobba Fett, while also lending his talents to upcoming films such as Michael Bay’s Ambulance and Top Gun: Maverick.

The LZ2000 continues to support a broad range of HDR formats with Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Vision, Filmmaker Mode, HDR10+ Adaptive, and HLG Photo looking to refine the visual fidelity on any source plugged into the prepare.

Subsequently introducing Auto AI manner in 2022, Panasonic has tweaked it with its latest flick optimisation characteristic. Using advanced sensors, the LZ2000 can notice the ambience room light colour temperature and arrange the epitome to deliver “a natural experience” throughout the day. It works with the HCX Pro AI processor to adjust tones in “the most realistic style”, able to deliver, for example, a more comfortable night-time viewing experience without the viewer having to alter the settings.

The Motorcar AI way can also auto-discover what you’re watching to automatically optimise picture and sound “more seamlessly”.

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Improvements can be plant in the sound performance, with directional sound introduced to the LZ2000 in improver to the 360° Soundscape system. The system features up-firing, side-firing and front-firing speakers to produce a broad Dolby Atmos soundstage, with Panasonic claiming the speaker assortment offers more precision and ameliorate clarity.

The loudness and directionality of the speaker system can be adapted through iii modes: Pinpoint, Area and Spot. Pinpoint directs sound to a specific indicate; Area allows the audio to be shifted to conform a group of people while Spot boosts the volume in one particular area while still make information technology audible for anyone else in the room.

2021 saw Panasonic make confident strides in the gaming infinite and information technology’south bringing more than improvements to the LZ2000. The Game Control Board apes the likes of LG’s Game Optimizer by collecting the relevant gaming settings and overlaying them on the screen, accessible past only a click on the remote. Modes inside this new feature include the Dark Visibility Enhancer (to get in easier to encounter what’south in the darker parts of the prototype), HDR Tone-map (to decide whether the Idiot box or console is adjusting the HDR performance), besides equally customising input lag and VRR settings.

Panasonic also says the input lag for 60Hz games has been reduced with its new `60Hz Refresh Style’. HDMI two.1 features such as High Frame Rate (HFR) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) are supported at 120Hz in 4K.

My Home Screen is upgraded to 7.0, with support for the major video streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Prime number Video, Apple Television set+) and improvements to accessibility such every bit vox control, sound descriptions, sound dialogue enhancements and hard of hearing subtitle features.

No release engagement or price were mentioned merely the LZ2000 tin can be expected to break cover after in 2022. Considering how fantastic the previous models have been, we’re hoping for another terrific set from Panasonic.


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