Pay To Win Minecraft Servers List

Minecraft servers are a great way to play the game with friends! MinecraftTop has a wide choice of servers, ranging from SMP servers, space-themed servers, servers with earth maps, PVP game modes, servers with diversity, unique experiences, and servers with life plugins that add insane fun to discover the top Minecraft server. Here are the height xv Minecraft servers according to MinecraftTop!

#1 Advancius

Server IP: mc.advancius.internet

Bedrock IP:

Port: 19132

Looking for a Minecraft server that’s 100% pay-to-win free that is too a bedrock Minecraft server? Expect no further than Advancius Network! The expansive server offers 20+ different and amazing game modes, including hunger games and an exciting BedWars server, that are all lag-free and characteristic their unique 100+ free rank system. That’south correct, our unabridged rank system is free and designed to reward skill and difficult work! Whether you’re a competitive Factions player or just savor building amazing creations in our Creative Plots world, there’s something for everyone on Advancius Network. Advancius offers a loftier-quality Minecraft prison house experience. Plus, they host community events every weekend and then you lot can always accept something new to do while making sure that nosotros support each Minecraft version! Come join their welcoming customs today and run across what all the hype is nigh as one of the pinnacle Minecraft servers!

#2 Hexa-Network

Server IP:

Welcome to the Hexa Network! They’re home to a friendly and engaged customs, featuring Empires and Emperors – a civilization-building fashion game manner. They’ll soon be featuring a completely custom overpowered prison game mode, besides! The customs is ever growing, so whether you’re a seasoned histrion or just starting out, at that place’southward a place for you here. Come join and build an empire of your own! Thank you for choosing the Hexa Network, one of the superlative Minecraft servers.

Large ship in the water

#iii Virtualmc

Server IP:

VirtualMC Network currently offers servers hosted in the Singapore region. 1 of their more popular game modes is Lifesteal Hardcore, a semi-Vanilla/semi-Anarchy Survival Server that allows you to do whatsoever y’all want. It has vote crates, shops, economy, and PVP arenas for optimal gameplay. CrystalPVP is a KitPVP server that focuses on end crystal PVP + i.xviii Combat. It consists of multiple maps as well as amazing game modes. Survival MMO is one of the largest MMO Survival servers in Asia. VirtualMC is kind of a survival Minecraft server that consists of over 200+ plugins for modified gameplay without sacrificing the Vanilla Minecraft servers. Savor lots of content that information technology can offer while prioritizing server performance in heed. All of the servers offer a Singapore public IP, so anyone around the world can join in on the fun to see the best Minecraft server!

Large minecraft building at night

#4 Bamboorealm

Server IP:

Welcome to Bamboo Realm, a free Minecraft server! They are a 1.eighteen.two Minecraft Server with game modes such equally survival, OneBlock, and many more than to come in the future. Their primary objective is to provide players with the best possible experience by constantly adding new and exciting content. They accept a reliable staff team that is gratuitous to aid most of the time. If you experience whatsoever issues, you may create a ticket in their discord server and be assisted by a senior staff fellow member. In add-on, they have an all-encompassing knowledge base available to help you with any common problems you may come across. And so come on over and join the fun! Nosotros promise yous won’t be disappointed.
Bamboo Realm server logo in their server

#5 Clubsumo

Server IP: Mc.clubsumo.internet

Looking for a new free Minecraft server to call dwelling? Check out ClubSumo! Their community is based around the ClubSumo Minecraft servers, and they offering a variety of game modes for everyone to savor. In Factions, y’all can team upward with your friends and raid other players. In Survival, yous’ll demand to work together to stay alive. In Skyblock, you lot can show off your creative side by building the biggest and all-time isle around. No matter what you’re looking for, ClubSumo has something for anybody. So come on over and check information technology out! (This is a non-cracked Minecraft server)

ClubSumo's server spawn

#vi LandsofMinearchy

Server IP:

Lands of Minearchy is a Minecraft server network that has been in development for the past two years on this Minecraft server list. The server network currently consists of 4 servers: RPG, Skyblock, Minigames, and Hub. The RPG server is a custom-built map with custom mobs, items, classes, skills, mines, and quests. The Skyblock server allows players to build their ain houses and craft stations on their islands. The Minigame server includes games such as TNT Tag, Prophunt, Temple Run, Mini Walls, Splegg, Flop Lobbers, Quake, TNT Run, Block Party, Political party Games (multiple minigames in one), and more! The Lands of Minearchy servers are constantly being updated with new content and features. And then come bring together the fun, see what all the hype is about, and connect with the server’south role player base!

Lands of Minearchy Ships in the water

#7 SanctuaryMC

Server IP:

Sanctuary is an awesome Furry server fabricated up of the best and brightest developers and staff members from the Minecraft community which offers huge diversity. Their goal is to provide an fantabulous Vanilla+ feel for the customs, with claims & cake logging, homes, teleporting, warps, plus a view distance of 16 chunks with no lag always! They also have vote rewards, tweaked Ender Dragon drops, weekly events, and much more – come up cheque information technology out! Their Discord Server is LGBTQ+ and Furry friendly, with personality roles, pronoun roles, identity roles, and ping roles so you tin always customize your experience. Plus, there are tons of cool emojis, stickers, channels… you name it! They’re too role of the Assembly Network, and then yous can check out their partnered servers that besides have an LGBT-friendly Java community. Bring together them today for the ultimate Furry Minecraft experience! Express mirth and connect with this server’s diverse player base of operations!

Sanctuary MC Minecraft Spawn

#8 OmegaMC

Server IP:

Looking for a new challenge? Check out the custom-coded game modes at OmegaParkour! From Parkour to color-based guessing games, there’due south something for everyone. With new game modes being added all the time, you’re certain to never become bored. Come up on over and have some fun on one of the best Minecraft servers! Users around the world are playing their amazing game modes and enjoying their time here with the beloved community, so come up bring together the Minecraft server today!

Omega MC Minecraft Spawn

#9 Schway Hub

Server IP:

Schway Hub is the perfect identify to exam your Bedwars, PVP, Hunger Games, and Political party Games skills. With ane.8 PVP, you tin can exist sure that you lot’re getting the most accurate and updated practice possible. It’s a keen identify to see new friends and have a good time! What are you waiting for? Join the Schway Hub today with these incredible game modes!

Ocean scene made in Minecraft.

#10 Galaxyway

Server IP:

GalaxyWay is a Minecraft Network that allows players to feel true multiplayer. They aim to remove overpriced ranks and outright predatory loot boxes to offer players multiplayer in the fashion it was meant to exist played. GalaxyWay is a Minecraft Network with many great features! These features include: Minecraft java and Bedrock Cross-play, SMP, Recorded Youtube Events, Professional Administration, A Great Community, Semi-Vanilla with QOL Improvements, and Earnable Ranks. Join them today for an astonishing Minecraft experience! It’s i of the best Minecraft servers on this listing for game modes, with a Discord Server for more action!

Large 3D pixel art Ender Dragon

#11 SuperSkyblock

Server IP:

Looking for a custom map, lag-free, Skyblock server that offers more than just the standard experience? Then come up check out Super Skyblock! They have custom enchants, skill-based abilities, and hourly King of The Hill matches that are certain to go along yous entertained. Their friendly community of dedicated Skyblock players is always around to help out with tips and advice. So what are you waiting for? Join them today with their IP address and run into what all the hype is about!

Large Volcano Skull Map

#12 ImmortalRealms

Java IP:

Immortal Realms brings you to a whole new level of Minecraft play because of its wonderful features and countless fun gameplay! Explore and notice the majestic builds of the players! Build a team and encounter new friends in our friendly survival servers! They never limit creativity! They’ve been through many changes, but it’southward all worth it because they are finally here as an improved server with an active community waiting for you to join! What are you waiting for? Log in now and have a boom!

Large, dark, minecraft spawn.

#13 Etherlands

Server IP:

If you’re looking for a new Minecraft server to call home, Etherlands is a perfect choice. Between their unique portal between survival multiplayer and truthful land buying, Etherlands offers an experience you lot won’t forget! You can participate in competitions to win cash prizes by farming potatoes, building towns, and playing with friends! Build, create, destroy, explore and discover Etherlands in a limitless world of challenge. Survive the nighttime, establish towns, and unleash your creativity. View your country on all four sides with our exclusive 3D renders, viewable on their website. Come up on over and bank check them out! They are waiting to welcome you to the Etherlands community! (Non-cracked server)

(Supports version i.nineteen)
Demonstration of districts in Etherlands

#14 ForaySMP

Server IP:

Foray SMP is a community of Minecraft gamers that are dedicated to building a chill and fun environment for everyone. They offer a defended server with great plugins including quests, jobs, dungeons, fishing, and more to enhance your experience. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to conversation and hang out or somewhere to showcase your builds, Foray SMP is the place for yous! Come join the server today, and meet what all the fuss is about!

(Supports version 1.19)

Foray SMP Minecraft Spawn

#15 Astrocraft

Server IP:

Come up bring together a public server with the latest version at AstroCraft! They’ve got a complete redesign for Flavor viii with new OP pickaxe upgrades, like shooting fish in a barrel rank-ups, cells, custom enchants, achievements, and more! You can also compete to become the best player on the server, with rewards similar monthly and seasonal payouts to Paypal and Buycraft. Join today to feel unique gameplay and an amazing community!

(Supports version i.19)

Astrocraft server Blimp

Bonus servers


Server IP:

MCHub is a smashing identify for Minecraft fans of all ages to play survival Minecraft. With iv different game modes, there’south something for anybody! Whether yous’re into Prison, Minecraft Skyblock Minecraft servers, Pixelmon, or Survival server, there’due south tons to do on MCHub, dissimilar other cracked Minecraft servers. The server offers unique features for all three game modes, similar a Pixelmon server, which includes backpacks and backpack enchantments, enchantment gemstones, individual mines, cities, gangs, robots, casinos, and lucky crates with daily, weekly and monthly giveaways! We suggest players join in one.19 for the highest quality experience with the daily scenic events on demand. However, if you don’t enjoy ane.19, they also support some of the primeval versions of Minecraft. Come on over to MCHub and accept some fun with an intermittently growing player base of operations!

(Supports version one.19)


Server IP:

Whether you’re into Pixelmon, Survival, Skyblock, Factions, Creative, Prison, or something else entirely, they take you covered. The server’s goal is to provide the best possible gaming experience for all of its users! They offering aught lag, plenty of custom content, FPS games, a competitive spirit among the community, and Minecraft PE with whatsoever server version. Join today and discover a complex gaming community with sectional content! You won’t be disappointed.

(Warning: Y’all volition need the technic mod pack to join their Tekkit, FTB, or Pixelmon servers.)

(Supports version 1.19 to play vanilla servers and Minecraft games/minigames servers)


Server IP:

AkumaMC offers insane fun that comes from their daily events, tons of competition, amazing features, and most chiefly, the rewards. Your experience is their #ane priority, and they always strive to continue enhancing it on the daily basis. The server’s histrion base is intermittently growing since it was first released. Their thrilling events are a blast for all types of players, from the casual role player who just wants to have some fun to the hardcore competitive player who wants to rank up. They have tons of competition for everyone, with competitions happening daily and prizes that are worth fighting for. Akumamc offers a huge range of features designed to enhance your experience and brand playing on AkumaMC even more fun. The rewards are something that everyone can enjoy while the base of operations is intermittently growing, and then what are you waiting for? Join AkumaMC today and beginning your adventure!

(Supports version ane.19)

Conclusion for best Minecraft servers

If you’re looking for a fun and unique Minecraft server experience, be certain to cheque out the servers listed in this article. Whether you lot’re looking for a competitive environment or a more than relaxed one, there’s sure to be something that appeals to y’all on this server listing. Log in now and see what all the fuss is most!

(Some servers require the technic mod pack to join, so be sure to check their website if you take trouble getting into their server.)