People Spent More Time on Mobile Apps Than Watching TV in 2022: Report

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Analyst firm App Annie released its “Country of Mobile 2022” study that paints a picture of the app economic system across iOS App Store, Google Play, and 3rd-party Android app stores in Mainland china and worldwide. Information technology shows that people spent a record three.8 trillion hours on mobile apps during 2022.

According to the study, consumers spent $170 billion on mobile apps last year, a 19 per centum year-on-year (YoY) increment. A record-setting 230 billion apps were downloaded in the same timeframe. Emerging markets such as India, Peru, Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Republic of indonesia, and Egypt were identified equally the chief drivers backside this statistic. Withal, the growth rate for app downloads recorded a reject from seven percent in January 2022 to 5 percent in the entire year.

The broader mobile app market recorded a 23 pct YoY increase in spending. Past 2022, the total consumer spending is forecasted to surpass $350 billion, accelerated by the Beijing Olympics and the Us midterm election.

The report also shows that consumers spent more time on mobile apps than watching Boob tube in some cases. Co-ordinate to App Annie, the average American watches Telly for hours each day, but in 2022, they spent 4.1 hours on mobile apps. Again, users in emerging markets like Brazil, Indonesia, and South korea topped the statistic, spending over five hours on mobile apps in 2022.

The business firm surveyed 10 markets – Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, India, Japan, Turkey, Singapore, Canada, the US, Russia, the UK, Australia, Argentine republic, France, Germany, and People’s republic of china. Its written report concludes that, on average, people spent 30 percent longer on their smartphones than in 2022.

Understandably, people spent much of this time on social media and video-sharing platforms. The report notes that Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube were and then pop that consumers spent seven out of every 10 minutes using these apps. App Annie says that TikTok recorded a stellar ninety percent more usage time globally in 2022 in markets as well China.

In 2022, developers released 2 million new apps and games on the App Store, while over 21 million were added to Google’s Play Store. Afterward accounting for the apps removed from these app distribution platforms for diverse reasons, the App Store has 1.8 meg live apps while the Play Store lists three.six one thousand thousand live apps.

Additionally, the report highlights the following points:

  • Consumers spent $16 billion on gaming apps.
  • Shopping apps hogged over 100 billion hours globally in 2022, an xviii percent YoY increase.
  • Over 1 billion finance apps were downloaded in Republic of india alone, helping total downloads for the segment accomplish 5.ix billion worldwide.
  • Netflix is on the route to 1 1000000 downloads in over lx countries in 2022.
  • Meditation apps saw a 27 percent YoY uptick in consumer spending.
  • Consumers worldwide spent north of $4 billion on dating apps in 2022. Most of the spending was recorded in the Us, the U.k., China, and Japan.

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