People Who Don’t Like Your Posts

Facebook has got so political.  We are either annoyed that our Mother-in-law never ‘likes’ our posts but she hits the push for everyone else or seriously hacked off that a facebook friend didn’t take the time to send a quick altogether message.  Facebook sends u.s. a reminder each mean solar day which means if nosotros are online there is but no excuse.

If we overthink facebook it can be all to easy to take things personally.  I read a condition last week that went something like this:

‘No matter how nice your pictures are or how existent your quotes are – there are some people who will never hit the like push merely considering it’s you!’

Granted some volition never engage because it is yous – who cares? It is not worth losing slumber over. If yous have 350 friends on Facebook and but fifty of them are actively liking your stuff then in that location are a few ways to wait at it.

  • People have missed posts

Those newsfeeds can get exhausting.  So much data.  Should nosotros simply similar everything?  We could sit there all day like a robot.

  • People don’t similar to hit the ‘like’ push button merely they notwithstanding love y’all

Over 40% of us exercise non like to actively appoint on social media.  It doesn’t mean people don’t relish seeing your stuff.  Some people just don’t similar to be seen to be on social media but secretly they beloved a proficient stalk.  They but prefer to remain anonymous about information technology.

  • People are too busy to engage

Life is busy.  As much as we all beloved to keep upward to date with what is going on there are days at that place simply isn’t time.  Possibly we showtime something and really enjoy it, then get interrupted and forget to get back and comment.

  • The stiff upper lip – are your posts besides taboo?

So many of u.s. like to avoid the big taboo topics and won’t hit like simply considering the topic makes us feel awkward or information technology doesn’t directly have an impact on our lives.

  • People are not interested in all of your posts

We don’t all like the same things – it keeps the earth interesting.

  • People are bellyaching you never engage with their updates

Some people will only like your updates if yous show an interest in theirs.  Also if people don’t striking like for you, they are less likely to get updates at the summit of their feed.

  • People don’t want to clog their friends newsfeeds with liking stuff

Instagram currently has a reputation for beingness tidier with the newsfeeds.  Although these days, with it being and so decorated on the platform, it can exist very piece of cake for your posts to get lost in the feed.  I have establish my ‘behind the scenes’ stories go more and more views each year, yet the feed is a whole different story.  Some of u.s.a. just don’t like clutter – online or off.

  • People merely like to engage with family and friends that they talk to and see often

Some may feel awkward showing an involvement in someone they don’t see that much

When it comes to our personal facebook profiles I think it is so important to just have fun.  If the whole ‘similar, dear, laugh’ thing is having an consequence on your cocky esteem then I would suggest you take a step dorsum.  Perhaps trim your friends down to the ones who actively engage with you.

As for facebook from a business signal of view, I find information technology fascinating to await at my viewing figures each month and how they change.


Facebook Likes

This mail had a huge reach of fifteen,429 yet only 1,100 clicked on the article from facebook and I got 32 likes.  Does that mean only 32 out of the i,100 enjoyed the commodity?  Non at all.  Lots of people afterward told me they did simply they didn’t all actively like or comment.

If you lot are edifice a business organization page on facebook then clearly you are extremely passionate about it and you want people to engage.    Something we should never practise though is take things personally.

I piece of work difficult, I try and put content out in that location that will assistance people.  Some pieces do phenomenally well and others don’t.  Rather than getting frustrated that I have spent hours writing something I actually desire people to see, I learn.  I monitor trends. If a slice doesn’t get much attending across social media but I strongly believe in it then  I ship information technology to people who accept a much bigger following than me and promise they will similar it.  Ane of those pieces was recently picked up by a company with over 100,000 followers and my statistics went wild.  People were commenting and sharing similar crazy.  The reason being that piece was blindside on for the target audition it was existence shared with.  So lots of people clicked on it and engaged.

I recently put the same picture on instagram and my facebook page.  Within 30 minutes I had xl likes on instagram nevertheless no likes on facebook.  This photo was a lot more relevant to people on instgram and so information technology got more engagement.  Let’due south confront it – that is why we use social media.  Nosotros desire to engage with people.  We want to be entertained and inspired.

If nosotros were to take the number of likes we get besides personally and over call back it then we would lose focus and it would be all too like shooting fish in a barrel to quit.  Facebook pages are peachy to spread  a bulletin and create awareness merely they exercise not define our success.  Then next time y’all feel frustrated by a lack of likes or comments think – don’t accept it personally.  Keep going and keep working hard.  Larn from it.  The more than I create content, which I will always do considering I love information technology, the more I am reminded of what is important.  Continue your intensions at the heart of it, deep down we all have skilful intentions.  Nosotros simply go sucked forth by life or hurt and we insubordinate.  As I will be exploring in my 2d volume. at that place are many ways to get back to that pure identify.  Merely it takes work.  Most importantly, don’t be and so difficult on yourself.  Yous are valuable.  You are and so much more valuble than any surface level postal service on social media.

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