Phasmophobia More Than 4 Players Mod

Phasmophobia More than Than 4 Player Co op (Game Modification)

Yes you might have googled on how to play phasmophobia with more than 4 players. Well i didnt do so… And then i started to go to piece of work and change the game a bit.

After i made the modification i started to google who had already made such a modification, (this was because i noticed a couple lobbies with more than than 4 players). After finding someone else’s project on github i was able to see what they made their mod do. I personally wasn’t really a fan of it. Their modern changed the core of the game (by beingness able to add more ghost’due south, change your name & colour, hunting delays etc.) This is quite funny ofcourse, but that defeats the spooky purpose of this game.

My modern is basically vanilla + 8 players and no cheats 😉 With more then 8 players the game becomes unstable and no fun anymore. i wouldnt even recconmend more than and so vi tbh.

it was quite easy to modernistic, like any other unity game. Thank you programmer for using photon! similar i exercise in my games.

Allow’s Offset

Let’due south go and showtime hunting ghost with all of your mates. Phasmophobia is nonetheless in development and will receive more than updates. And so lets beginning check if you take the same version as the modified file.
For this commencement phasmophobia. in the main carte you should meet a server version on the bottem-left

This version should be 0.174 similar shown in the picture:

Phasmophobia – More than 4 Player Co op

If all is good then yous may go to through with the installation process. just make sure you lot dont install the mod if your version differates from the ane in the picture (0.174). Sick update the guide when the game updates.

People have reported that mods for phasmaphobia could corrupt/damage your save-file. My mod doesn’t touch the relieve-file handler. Use it with caution and at your own chance

Please also note that the loading time increases when starting the game with more and so 4 players. Delight exist patient, fifty-fifty though your game looks like it’s non responding.

Installation & Download Link

Installing the modernistic is actually simple. so lets go!

Right click Phasmophobia in your steam library and go to properties

Phasmophobia – More Than 4 Role player Co op

Get to “local files” and click on “browse local files”

Phasmophobia – More Than 4 Player Co op

Note: if you messed up your game install then just click “verify the integrity of the game”.

An explorer window with the local game files will now open.
Now navigate to the “Phasmophobia_Data” folder

Phasmophobia – More Than iv Player Co op

At present navigate to the “managed” folder

Phasmophobia – More four Player Co op

Hither you can replace the “Assembly-CSharp.dll” with the modded file yous’ve downloaded from the link

Phasmophobia – More than Than 4 Player Co op

!! Exist certain to backup your original “Assembly-CSharp.dll” file past copying information technology to another location or irresolute the proper noun extension like i did!!

Note: i besides added the one that comes with the game, just so you lot have an second fill-in.


Download link:

Dont worries, the download push looks like a scam lol. I’ll become that changed before long

Phasmophobia – More Than four Thespian Co op

You will have to excerpt “phasmomod.rar” with winrar/7zip or whatever other archiving software.

Then extract the contents to the folder i mentioned higher up (“..\Phasmophobia_Data\Managed”)

Phasmophobia – More 4 Actor Co op

Starting a Foyer and Checking If It Works

You lot tin can detect a sign on the main menu showing you that the mod works. This is a simple text side by side to the server version. This besides works equally a reminder you still accept the mod installed.

Phasmophobia – More Than 4 Actor Co op

Please don’t endeavour to join 4 player lobbys that arent modded and full. It wont work..
Information technology might show similar there is place for 8 players, simply the server volition decide that you are not allowed to join.

When starting a foyer make certain to select a map showtime and so invite your friends with the code. (or when the foyer is open to the public make certain you change the map earlier you have more than four players).
this is but to foreclose your game from crashing, this was the only bug i could find that would crash the game

What also could happen is that the lobby screen glitches (visually), and so over again commencement prepare everything upward (items,map) and then invite your friends.

Kicking players is laggy. the lath only has place for four entitys then kicking player five is close to impossible…

the ready and starting time buttons are a bit bewitched. They should however work


Ok so the core of the game is not designed for more then iv playes. some things work better then others.

A funny glitch is that you can make a picture of one of your friends (that is not fully registered to the game) and information technology will become evidence every bit a dead body.

I tried to alter the vestibule to add more items, but later on that try the particular spawner pooped it’south pants. I dont desire to change everything to make that work correctly. Information technology’s not my game and i already think it’s not very overnice of me for releasing this mod.

I didnt put destine of work in this mod, there are allot more talented modders then me and so keep your eyes out for other options.

I hope we will soon meet more updates of this great game! And (maybe) even upping the players size for aviary. Since that map is bully to play with 6 gamers.

My friend contacted the developer via discord and this was his response:

Phasmophobia – More Than 4 Player Co op

My friend didnt ask anything most sharing information technology. I will contact him besides. Probably going to exist a chip hard since his inbox is pretty total i guess…


Discord Update

A new post appeared on the discord server of Phasmophobia:

We are aware that there has been a number of games that take been using third party tools (cheats) to alter the game.
This includes changes such as increasing player limits, changing AI behaviour and simply increasing money or level.
We cannot back up this as information technology is causing a number of issues beyond the game, including the corruption of saved games and destabilizing the servers for other players.

Nosotros strongly advise you to not bring together any of these games as they can damage your save or game files, too equally disrupt the game for others.

The easiest fashion to determine if a lobby is a “modded” is, if it has more 4 players. Other signs tin besides be unusual AI behaviour, teleporting, or even multiple ghosts.
Some of these users have been challenge to be developers with admission to tools. No member of staff will be using such tools in the public branch of the game and all testing is washed on individual beta and programmer branches.
Anyone using such cheats are not developers or members of staff.

Nosotros are currently looking into ways to combat this but until then delight avert joining such games so your files are not corrupted and the servers tin function normally!

Im just sharing the information, to give you an indication. Please note that savegame corruptions mainly happens when relieve-game information is being edited. My mod only changes the way the server and (clients) work.

Im even so waiting for a reply from the developer, as it is not my intention to ruin annihilation. The only reason i made this mod was that my v friends can play this game with me on the bigger maps.

And i wanted to share it with others who walk against this limitation…