Philips Hue Hub Vs Echo Plus

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When you lot buy Philips Hue calorie-free bulbs*, you may wonder if it is necessary to purchase a Hue Bridge* also. Yous will notice the answer in this article. Especially if you lot own an Echo Plus*, yous tin can salve yourself the toll of the bridge for now.

Is the purchase of a Hue Bridge necessary when owning an Echo Plus?

If you lot have an Repeat Plus, y’all do not necessarily need a Hue Bridge. Because the calorie-free bulbs can also be controlled with the mentioned device.

Go on in mind that if you don’t take a Hue Bridge, you won’t exist able to apply all functions to their full extent. However, yous can upgrade the organization at any time. The command of the light sources via the Echo Plus proves to be intuitive in any case. Y’all will exist able to learn how to use it in a short fourth dimension, even if y’all are a beginner. Only first of all, make yourself familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of Alexa control.

These Functions are Performed by the Repeat Plus

With the Amazon Echo Plus y’all tin salvage yourself the Philips Hue Bridge. Because a ZigBee Hub is integrated in this device. You lot have the option of connecting all the bulbs to the Echo Plus, which is controlled by Alexa. This can be easily done by voice command.

Many users similar to utilise the Echo Plus, because information technology also allows the operation of other smart home devices. So with this product, you get virtually everything from 1 source.

A Simple Setup

First of all, the light bulbs are a positive feature. The device automatically detects the bulbs and adds them. They can be controlled with the Hue Skill, which y’all tin download for costless. With this skill you have the possibility to ascertain dissimilar commands for each bulb.

Voice control is too simple and intuitive. With 7 integrated speakers, the Echo Plus recognizes your voice and commands from any direction. This also applies to loud ambience dissonance and commands from a greater distance.

Attempt Philips Hue Without Making a Major Investment

You should consider controlling Philips Hue bulbs with the Echo Plus especially if y’all want to go an overview of the functions of the bulbs first. This volition salvage yous a big investment and will not tie you downwards financially to the arrangement.

Some other reward of the Echo Plus is the fact that you can apply the device in many ways. And then yous accept the possibility to play music over it or to query it for the weather.

Where Do Users Have to Make Compromises?

Unfortunately, not all Philips Hue features are available through Echo Plus. For the beginner, this version nonetheless proves to be a good choice. It allows y’all to familiarize yourself with the bones features of the intelligent light sources – so you can encounter if the system meets your expectations and sometimes needs an upgrade.

Besides the Echo Plus is non quite cheap. So even with this device, you tin’t avert a larger output. If you still want to save money, you should check the prices of several dealers. Compare them so that you make a good long-term pick. But don’t but look at the cost – it’due south much more than important that you buy the Echo Plus from a reputable seller.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Echo Plus at a Glance


The Echo Plus is not only functional just besides serves for entertainment. So you can apply the device to listen to music or get information from Alexa vocalization service. Yous can also send messages through the device. All yous need is a working WLAN connexion.

Furthermore, the product scores with its wide diverseness of functions. For example, you can use it to control other smart domicile components. So if your dwelling is already equipped with smart devices, you should consider purchasing the Echo Plus.

In view of the broad range of possible uses, the purchase cost for the product is not too loftier. It therefore proves to be affordable for many users.


Unfortunately, the Echo Plus does non permit you to use all the features of Philips Hue bulbs. This is a disadvantage for you lot if you want to use the device simply to control the bulbs. In this case you lot might want to have all the options available. Also the toll is a chip too high in this respect. And then information technology is not worth buying the Echo Plus merely to control Philips Hue bulbs.

Hue Span: Advantages and Disadvantages


The Philips Hue Bridge is of course perfectly tailored to control the manufacturer’s intelligent low-cal sources. You can have advantage of all of its functions. The arrangement is besides easy to use. With only a few simple steps, you can make the desired settings.

Another advantage of the Hue Span is that you tin can always buy it after. This gives yous the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the intelligent low-cal bulbs at your leisure. On the basis of this, you lot will be able to brand a well thought-out conclusion.

The toll of the device is also kept within limits. The upgrade of the arrangement does not involve loftier expenses for yous.


The Hue Span is really only intended to command the light sources. So you tin can’t use it in whatsoever other way. Before you make a purchase, you should make sure that yous really need the Bridge and use information technology to its full extent.

If you already own an Echo Plus, yous should remember twice earlier ownership this device. It takes over many of the functions of the Hue Bridge.

You also need an RJ45 Ethernet jack and LAN cablevision to install and activate the Hue Bridge. This should exist available near the place where you desire to install the component. Alternatively, the bridge tin be connected via a router.

Farther Information

Where tin interested people buy an Echo Plus?

You can buy an Echo Plus today both in specialized stores and online. However, many people choose the second selection. Because here you accept a larger selection of dealers. Furthermore, information technology is easier to compare prices online. There are even so slight fluctuations in the costs of the Repeat Plus from unlike sellers.

In the specialized trade, on the other paw, you lot tin can enjoy personal advice. You can also ask questions about Hue Bridge. Many buyers see the opportunity to try out a product on site equally an reward. This is particularly useful if you desire to use the Echo Plus not just to control the smart home system, but also for amusement. This fashion y’all can get an idea of the sound quality.

What expenses are to be expected?

The price for the Echo Plus is inside the affordable range. It is in the iii-digit range and thus affordable for many buyers. Considering the wide range of functions, the cost of the device proves to exist quite reasonable.

The Philips Hue Bridge is slightly less expensive than the Echo Plus. You accept to reckon with double-digit spending here. Even so, the production merely functions as a cardinal control element for the light bulbs. So you can’t use it for anything else – like the Repeat Plus.

Information technology’s up to you which version of the calorie-free bulb control you lot choose. Even so, if you want to save money when buying, compare the prices of several dealers. Go on in listen that there are now different versions of the Hue Span available. Furthermore, there are production packages that contain the intelligent light bulbs in addition to the Bridge – ofttimes articles of this type are available at a lower overall toll.

Which option is the right choice?

Whether y’all prefer an Repeat Plus or a consummate Philips Hue organisation is up to you. Information technology’southward best to brand the conclusion based on your user beliefs. If you’re looking for a system to keep you lot entertained in your own home, Amazon is the better selection for y’all. It’s the aforementioned way when you lot’re looking for a product that can be used to control other smart dwelling components.

Nevertheless, if it is more than important to you that all the features of Philips Hue bulbs are available to you, yous should consider purchasing the Hue Span. This also applies if you are not a fan of voice control.

In instance of doubt, you should seek advice from an skilful. He can give you lot useful tips based on your preferences.

This is what the experience of the users says

When it comes to buyer criticism, information technology is extremely positive with regard to the Hue Bridge. Many users praise the like shooting fish in a barrel treatment of the arrangement. They too draw it equally a skilful introduction to the smart home concept. Co-ordinate to users, setting upwardly the Bridge and making the initial settings is likewise quick and takes only a few minutes.

The Repeat Plus is also well received by customers. Users especially praise the articulate audio output and the excellent sound of the speaker. The quick and easy setup of the device is besides positively mentioned in this instance. The Repeat Plus is intuitive to use and is a nifty aid in everyday life. By the way, the device also reacts to a suffering response for most users.

Related Questions

What is the treatment of Philips Hue low-cal bulbs?

The Philips Hue lamps are easy to handle. It doesn’t affair whether you control them with the Hue Bridge or the Amazon Echo Plus. You volition find your way effectually in no fourth dimension. The systems recognize the lamps automatically and yous can make private settings for each light. When it comes to command, the Hue Bridge is of course ahead of the rest. After all, that component is designed for simple and intuitive handling of the lamps. And then if you are looking for the choice that gives you the easiest control, the Hue Bridge is the correct choice.

What is the privacy policy of Echo Plus?

Many users have privacy concerns with Amazon’s smart speakers. Yet, these concerns are unfounded. And then yous can deactivate the microphone on that device at whatsoever time. The recorded conversations can be accessed via the Alexa app and can be permanently removed. You also have the option to accept a conversation deleted by the voice service immediately after ending it.

What is the range of the Hue Bridge?

The Philips Hue Bridge has a range of up to 100 meters. However, very thick concrete walls and steel fences can become a problem in this respect. Y’all tin can recognize a malfunction by difficulties in switching the low-cal bulbs on and off and a delayed reaction time of the movement sensors. If you want to maximize the range of the Hue Bridge, you should place information technology in a key location in your home. Place the commencement light at a distance of up to x meters from the control unit of measurement. This way, you lot can aggrandize the radio connection continuously.

Also make sure that at that place are no large steel elements or besides thick physical walls betwixt the individual lamps. In case of doubt, information technology is worthwhile to test the connection and thus the functionality of the bulbs in betwixt.

How can the Hue Bridge be controlled?

The lamps communicate with the bridge via ZigBee. You tin can control the component via the Philips Hue smartphone app. Yous can also use vocalisation control. However, you can besides do without the Bridge completely.

Is it possible to connect the Hue Bridge with WLAN?

Currently, the WLAN connection is not standard on the Hue Bridge. You have to connect the device to an RJ45 Ethernet jack with a LAN cable. Alternatively you can connect the organization to a router. However, this is a disadvantage if there is no such connection available at the desired location.

A practical alternative to the LAN connection is a repeater. With it you lot have a repeater at the place where you want to attach the Hue Bridge. Y’all can use either a WLAN repeater with an Ethernet socket or a powerline adapter with an Ethernet socket. Merely keep in mind that you lot will have to look additional costs for both solutions.

If connecting the Hue Span is besides circuitous for y’all, you should consider the Echo Plus. Here yous just demand a working WLAN connexion to control the lights.

Decision – relieve yourself the purchase of the Hue Bridge with the Repeat Plus

If you lot already own an Echo Plus and want to try out Philips Hue bulbs, y’all don’t have to buy the bridge right away. Because the Amazon product has a built-in ZigBee Hub, yous can use information technology to control the intelligent light sources.

If yous are faced with the determination to buy the Bridge or the Echo Plus, your selection depends on the desired application of the product. If you’re looking for an item that tin can be used to entertain and command other smart home devices, the Echo Plus is the better choice. If you’re looking for a production to operate the smart light bulbs on your own, you can go straight to the Hue Bridge, which has the reward of giving y’all immediate access to all the system’s functions.

If you lot are not certain about your choice, you should have a consultation. An skillful tin assist yous with your choice and ensure that you make a well-considered choice.

Attention: When installing electronic equipment, please be sure to find the manufacturer’southward rubber instructions. You have to take care of your ain safety. The information on this site only helps you to acquire.

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