Philips PerfectDraft Review: Pub perfect pints at home

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Does what it says on the keg: the Philips PerfectDraft delivers pub-quality beer, perfectly chilled in the comfort of your ain home. Incredibly simple to employ, this motorcar chills kegs and maintains the perfect force per unit area, giving you beer on tap when you desire it.

At that place’s a growing number of beers available, although the range is weighted towards lagers and IPAs, and so this may not be ideal for ale drinkers.


  • Very simple to utilize
  • Professional person results
  • Good selection of kegs


  • Large
  • Not for ale drinkers

Key Features

  • Beer option
    Beer comes in 6-litre kegs, with more than 40 types available.


Drinking beer out of bottles or cans just isn’t the same as getting a fresh pint in a pub. With the Philips PerfectDraft, yous get to replicate what you go far the pub from the comfort of your own home, selecting from a growing range of 6-litre kegs.

It’s very simple to use and gives y’all professional results, but the kegs are skewed towards beers improve served at colder temperatures (lagers and IPAs), so this car may not be ideal for ale drinkers.

Design and features

  • Kegs clip but into place
  • Car automatically cools
  • LCD shows amount left and freshness

Although the Philips PerfectDraft is available from quite a few sources, it’s best value at BeerHawk. Given that the kegs all come from BeerHawk, too, it makes little sense to buy this motorcar anywhere else. Retrieve of this, then, equally a system for beer much like the Nespresso sheathing system for java.

Here, the auto is designed for PerfectDraft kegs, of which in that location are at present 40+ options bachelor. Each keg takes half-dozen-litres of beer, which works out at just over ten pints. Given that each keg keeps its freshness for 30 days once opened, this is a practiced compromise: large enough book to give you a beer on tap without hassle; small plenty volume that you don’t have to over-beverage to empty out the machine.

There’s a growing selection of beer available, from the bog-standard brands (Bud, Brook) to some finer choices, including Schneider’due south Bayrish Hell, Lowenbrau and Goose Isle Midway IPA. Although in that location are a couple of stouts, some wheat beers and stronger beers, the selection is more aimed towards beers that are all-time served at lower temperatures.

Philips PerfectDraft kegs

This is largely because the PerfectDraft machine cools kegs to 3C, and there’s no selection to select different temperatures. Depending on your tastes, then, the PerfectDraft car may not be for you lot. I recommend checking out the choice before yous brand an lodge.

Prices range from but under £thirty to just over £40 a keg, which works out at a starting price of effectually £2.eighty a pint. That’s not the cheapest that y’all tin can get beer, but you should factor in the £5 refund yous get for returning each keg. This appears every bit a credit on your BeerHawk account, then you can use it towards time to come purchases. This arrangement means that you’re as well doing good, as returned kegs are refilled and reused.

When yous become a keg, yous undo the top and fit the plastic spout. With a new spout for each keg, you ensure that the beer coming out is make clean and uncontaminated.

Philips PerfectDraft spout

Then yous open the motorcar, clamp the keg into place and close the front. With the power on, the PerfectDraft will then lower the temperature of your beer to 3C. From fresh, that can take upwards to 12 hours, but you lot can pre-chill kegs in the refrigerator to give them a headstart.

Philips PerfectDraft keg in place

On the front of the PerfectDraft is an LCD, which shows how many days of freshness are left (counting down from 30) and a status brandish that shows how much beer is left. The latter is particularly handy, as you tin encounter when you’re depression and pre-arctic the adjacent keg.

Philips PerfectDraft display

There’s a compressor pump that pushes air into the keg (this doesn’t touch the beer, which is held in an aluminium bag) to maintain the perfect pressure. It means no messing around with CO2 gas canisters, every bit with the Klarstein Skal Beer Dispenser. Although the Skal uses supermarket kegs, it’south fiddlier to install them and, as well equally installing the CO2 canister, needs to be filled with water.


  • Slightly foamy
  • Mostly very quiet
  • Dispenses excellent beer

Pouring a beer is as easy as sticking a glass under the spout, at a 45-caste angle, then pulling the tap fully open. If you don’t fully open the tap, then the beer comes out very foamy. Even fully open, beer tends to come up out with quite a bit of head, and so you may need a small rest before fully filling a glass.

Philips PerfectDraft froth

In that location’s footling noise while the auto pours, bar that compressor kicking in to maintain pressure level in the keg.

Results are excellent overall. Far colder than beer from a bottle, both the Schneider’southward lager and IPA I tested had that proper ‘pub’ taste to them that’s far superior to what yous get from a bottle. It felt as though I’d just popped down the pub and come back with a drinking glass of ice-common cold beer.

Philips PerfectDraft final pint

In terms of maintenance, there’s very little to do. If y’all spill beer into the drip tray, and then y’all should clean this out; when you switch kegs, the baste tray can exist put into the dishwasher. Philips recommends that you likewise wipe down the inside of the machine weekly to remove the condensation.

Equally this PerfectDraft cools your beer, at that place is some noise. When the car is on total cooling mode, the fans are quite audible in a quiet room, but a conversation or TV drowns out the noise. When the machine is in its low-power state in that location’south just a gentle noise of fans. Your boilerplate fridge is much louder in my experience.

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Should you buy information technology?

If your want perfectly conditioned beer delivered to give you the same quality pints that you’d get from a pub, and then this is the machine for yous.

Ale drinkers and those that like a much wider selection of beer brands and styles may find this machine a picayune too limiting.

Concluding Thoughts

There are plenty of machines out there designed to requite that pub-like experience at home, such as the Fizzics DraftPour, which uses soundwaves to add microfoam to beer poured from a bottle or can. None deliver quite the aforementioned experience equally the Philips PerfectDraft. Perfectly chilled and expertly delivered, it gives you lot the same quality of beer as yous’d wait from a decent pub.

It is quite big and the range of beer may not suit everyone, but for those that desire the purest beer experience at abode, there’south a lot to similar here.

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Tin can you swap kegs with PerfectDraft?

You can swap kegs before emptying one, but it’south not recommended. Once yous’ve opened one, it’s best to finish.

How long does a PerfectDraft keg last?

Information technology lasts 30 days in one case opened, although you should employ a keg before the best before date.

Total specs

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