Philips Tv Will Not Turn Off

While you idea to spend your evening in front of the TV, the latter decided otherwise. Indeed, y’all notice that your Philips Tv refuses to plough on despite your numerous attempts to start it. Unfortunately, this trouble is relatively mutual on electronic devices and more particularly on televisions. But before imagining the worst, know that there are solutions to revive her. So,
what to do when your Philips Boob tube no longer turns on?

First, learn the different checks and manipulations that you lot can practise on your own to try and plough it back on. Then find out who to turn to if, despite your best efforts, your Philips Tv doesn’t turn on.

What to practise when your Philips Idiot box no longer turns on?

Bank check the status of your remote

First of all, recall to check that your Philips Telly no longer works just because of your remote control. Particularly if the red standby light on your TV is on as this indicates that your Philips TV is powered.

To verify that the problem is non due to a
faulty remote control, try turning on your device using the Power push located on the dorsum or under the Television screen. If this works, and your Philips Television receiver turns on once more, the problem is with the remote control. Try to change the batteries first. If that doesn’t work, so you volition demand to supersede it.

        : If your Philips Television does non take a Power push, you lot tin examination if the remote control is working by checking that information technology emits infrared signals using your smartphone. Detect out the exact procedure by reading our article: my Philips remote command no longer works, what should I exercise?

Reset Philips TV

your Philips Tv set no longer turns on
, kickoff endeavor to
beginning in standby mode
. To do this, proceed equally follows:

  • Turn on your Philips Television set with the Power push button located on the back or nether your TV screen.
  • Wait 2 minutes for the Boob tube to restart. If naught is displayed, press the “Standby” button on your remote control.

If that doesn’t work, get to
resetting your Philips TV. To do this, proceed equally follows:

  • Unplug the power cable of your Philips Boob tube from the wall outlet as well as all other accessories that are continued to your Idiot box
  • Expect ii minutes
  • Reconnect the power cablevision
  • Try to turn your TV back on with the “Standby” push on your remote control.

If that doesn’t piece of work, go to the next steps.

Check the power of the Philips TV

your Philips Boob tube does not turn on overnight, it is very likely that a
problem in the feeding process
either at the origin. And then proceed to the following checks and operations to try to plough it back on:

  • Bank check that your Tv set connections are properly connected
    at the TV power supply box and at the wall outlet. Also make sure that the cables are not damaged (burnt, damaged, deformed, etc.).
  • If your Philips Goggle box is plugged into a ability strip, unplug the. Multiple sockets tin can cause voltage problems and interference preventing the proper functioning of electronic devices.
  • Bank check the condition of the socket
    because the latter’s ability supply may be defective and therefore insufficient to turn on your TV. In that location are two solutions for this:

    1. plug your Idiot box into some other outlet. If it turns on again, the socket is defective. You will then demand to contact an electrician.
    2. plug another working device into the outlet that powers your TV. If the device does not plow on, the socket is defective. You will need to contact an electrician.
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If later all of these steps your Philips Goggle box still does not turn on, go to the last pace to attempt to revive information technology.

Check the condition of the television components

        Be aware of the risk of electric shock when treatment your Goggle box. Plough off the power by unplugging your Tv set from the wall outlet or by turning off the circuit breaker connected to the device. If you are non skillful in handling, phone call in an expert.

Information technology is possible that
your Philips TV no longer turns on because ane of its internal components no longer works. Indeed, the electric and electronic components of televisions are relatively fragile. Over time, they tin deteriorate or burn out. Many parts may accept died and be responsible for the failure of your Philips TV: fuse, capacitor, resistor, transformer etc. Ordinarily these are fuses and capacitors. Fortunately, with some electronics skills, they can hands be changed.

Cutting off the power when they detect a voltage problem to avoid dissentious your device. It therefore happens very frequently that they burn out. are located on the power supply board. You will therefore have to disassemble your Philips TV to proceeds admission to it. Once you have found the faulty fuse, you will need to replace it on your own or by calling an expert. Important note: always replace the defective fuse with another fuse of the aforementioned amperage and voltage.

permit to stabilize the electrical current and to smooth the variations in a ability supply. Unfortunately, capacitors tend to age badly and swell over time. They cease up breaking down and blocking the power of your Philips Idiot box which will therefore no longer turn on. These components are also located on the ability supply board. You tin can test them with a multimeter. If one of them is defective, supersede it or call an expert.

If after having tested all of these checks, your Philips Telly notwithstanding does not work and you have not found the fault, then you will need to call for professional service.

Who to contact when your Philips TV no longer works?

When unfortunately your
Philips TV no longer turns on
and that all the steps seen previously did not requite any result, your last option will exist
contact a professional person competent in repairing televisions. Several choices are available to you.

Offset of all,
check that your Philips TV is not under warranty. This information can be found on your buy invoice in example you purchased it from a professional. If you have recently purchased your TV or have opted for an extended warranty, you may non be charged for the repair or replacement of the device. This will of grade depend on the origin of the failure.

If your Philips Boob tube is not under warranty, you can contact one of the post-obit services:

As a outset footstep, you can contact Philips customer service. You accept the possibility of contacting them by phone for a personalized service or of proceeding direct to a repair or exchange request.

You tin too contact the after-sales service of the store where you bought your Philips TV or that of a store specializing in the sale of TVs.

Finally, you can contact an electronic equipment repair service, which is often faster in the process only slightly more expensive.

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