Phone Cases For Pixel 2 Xl

Best Google Pixel 4 Twoscore Cases

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Pixel 4 XL
delivers all the benefits of the standard Pixel 4 — improved cameras, motility gesture support and tons of handy AI features — while offering a bigger screen and battery. It’s too more expensive than its little blood brother at $899. So, it’s incumbent upon anyone because Google’s larger flagship to choice upward a case.

That said, actually choosing a case for your new Pixel 4 40 might non exist so uncomplicated. And so, we’ve compiled the following roundup of outstanding Pixel 4 XL cases for your new device. From the clear to the bulky, hither are the best Pixel four Xl cases to purchase now.

1. Google Pixel 4 XL Instance

(Epitome credit: Google)

The official Google Pixel 4 Twoscore Case has a soft, knit fabric finish on the back, making it 1 of the softer and most fashionable options in this roundup. To proceed your Pixel 4 XL prophylactic, information technology besides has a soft microfiber lining and a cushioned blueprint. At $40, its toll is about boilerplate for the market.

2. Catalyst Bear on Protection

(Prototype credit: Catalyst)

Catalyst’due south Impact Protection’due south proper noun tells the right story about the case’s focus—protecting your device from a drop. The case comes with a 9.9-foot drop-proof rating, which ways your Pixel will remain safe, even if it’southward dropped at that altitude. And with raised bezels around the screen, even if you drop the case flat on its confront, the smartphone’south screen should be fine.

3. UAG Plasma Series

(Image credit: UAG)

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is some other pop selection for those who have concerns about dissentious their phones. It offers an armor shell and impact-resistant cadre and with oversized tactile buttons, it can keep the buttons on your telephone rubber. And even though it’due south on the bulkier side, UAG said that the instance will still work just fine with wireless chargers.

four. Speck Presidio Pro

(Epitome credit: Speck)

If you’re in the market for a thinner, simpler example, consider the Speck Presidio Pro. It has a elementary black finish and hugs the Pixel 4 to reduce its footprint and not take up likewise much room in your pocket. The case’southward surface has a Microban antimicrobial fabric and with x-foot driblet protection, your phone should be safe, fifty-fifty when it drops.

five. Olixar Canvas Wallet Case

(Epitome credit: Olixar)

The folks over at Olixar sell a Canvass Wallet Case that’due south designed to combine protection of your Pixel 4 XL with storage. The example has a folio design, so it tin protect both the smartphone’due south backplate and screen, and a born “viewing stand up” means yous can prop it up and sentry videos while it’s in use. The interior credit card slot can carry your credit card, ID, or even train tickets.

6. OtterBox Defender Series

(Image credit: OtterBox)

OtterBox is 1 of those companies that makes an outstanding case for anyone who’s worried about hefty impairment to their smartphone. And the visitor’s Defender Series for the Pixel iv XL is one of its tops. Indeed, the example comes with a solid inner shell and outer slipcover and covers every port and button to reduce dust intrusion and other problems. It even features a holster and kickstand, so yous can article of clothing it on your chugalug and use it while you lot lookout man videos.

7. Spigen Neo Hybrid

(Image credit: Spigen)

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case has a rough outershell to reduce chances of you property the telephone and having information technology slip out of your easily. It has a bumper pattern to protect the edges of the device and a beveled areas effectually the screen and rear camera, so you tin can proceed both of those (expensive) components safe. Best of all, information technology works with wireless chargers, so you don’t need to remove the telephone from the case to keep your handset bombardment level up.

eight. Gear4 Piccadilly

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Gear4’southward Piccadilly is a clear case design that allows you to see the Pixel iv 40’s design while you lot’re protecting it. The case wraps around the backplate and sides of the smartphone and has button covers to reduce damage. You lot tin besides balance easy with a beveled front that will protect your screen when y’all drop the smartphone flat.

9. Example Mate Tough Groove

(Image credit: CaseMate)

Looking for something a little more than stylish from a example maker? Consider the Example Mate Tough Groove. The example has an iridescent design and a grooved backplate that helps you lot hold information technology and reduce the chances of it slipping out of your mitt. Information technology boasts a lifetime warranty, which is dainty, and it’s wireless-charging compatible. All-time of all, information technology’ll protect your Pixel 4 XL when you lot drop it at heights of x feet or less.

10. Totallee Sparse

(Paradigm credit: Totallee)

The Totallee Thin is all about keeping the footprint of your Pixel four XL down, while withal protecting it from possible impairment. The case has a thin pattern of just 0.02 inches thick. And at 0.1 ounces in weight, it’south exceedingly lightweight. It’south bachelor in articulate, black, or white, and you tin add a screen protector to it to boost its effectiveness.

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