Popularity isn’t always a sign of a shine-functioning internet phone service.

Accept Google Voice for instance. Information technology’south one of the almost well-known options on the market, and yet users often report multiple issues per month. If you rely on the platform to manage all your business phone calls and text messages, Google Voice not working can reflect poorly on your brand.

As a professional or a minor business organisation owner, you lot need to be enlightened of all the roadblocks you may face (and if they can even be solved) before you lot choose your phone service. While y’all may be drawn in by how Google Voice works free for individuals, the service could terminate up costing you if information technology creates poor client experiences and inefficiencies inside your team.

So what Google Voice issues do users face? And since Google doesn’t even offer customer support, how tin can you address them? Nosotros’ll help you lot troubleshoot nine mutual problems on the app, then explicate how switching to a Google Voice alternative like OpenPhone can be a i-step remedy for all your GV woes.

9 common Google Voice issues

Google Voice doesn’t have a flawless track record when it comes to VoIP calls — far from it. Only entering “Google Voice not working” on a Google search brings up a number of complaints, questions, and articles about known (and sometimes unresolved) bug.

If yous’re currently using Google Vox and are having problems with crucial business concern phone features, you’re not the only one.

We’ve identified nine common issues with the cyberspace telephone service below.

ane. Unable to admission Google Vocalization account

At minimum, your Voice over Cyberspace Protocol (VoIP) service should exist i you tin can access. But if you’re running into errors with Google Vocalisation, this could be an net connectedness issue. Or, you lot may need to go into your Google Play Shop or App Store to update to the latest version of the Vocalisation app.

You can too run across issues if you are trying to have more than one Google Voice number on your phone.

Otherwise, in that location is a pesky state of affairs in which you or your team members may non be able to access Voice through your Google accounts.

If you’re using Google Vocalization for Google Workspace, admins really need to assign each user a Google Voice license before assigning phone numbers (and each number can only be assigned once). When admins forget to turn on Google Voice for each individual account or accidentally re-assign a telephone number, this could crusade issues that squad members tin’t fix on their own.

Though it’s a fairly piece of cake fix — licenses and phone numbers can be managed through the “Users” section of the Google Admin console — getting started with Google Voice for business organisation can be a huge hassle.

2. No ringing for incoming calls

You’ve made information technology into Google Vox. So, why aren’t you actually getting alerted when you have incoming calls or SMS messages? A long list of missed calls or voicemails is never a good sign for client satisfaction.

Open up the app settings to run across if you’ve toggled on “Do non disturb” mode (and turn information technology dorsum off if so).

Google Voice not working: Having Do not disturb mode enabled can prevent incoming calls

If not, tap on the “Calls” department of your settings to encounter if you’ve accidentally turned off phone call answering on the web, Android device, or iPhone.

Google Voice not working: Fix issue not receiving incoming calls by going into Voice settings

But even if all your settings are perfect on the browser, Google Vox volition nevertheless instantly mute audio after you stop interacting with the platform for a while — fifty-fifty if y’all’re simply on the next tab over! The only set up is to spring back on the tab and click around for effectually x seconds.

Google Voice won’t reliably work in the background. On busy workdays, when you’re completely focused on tasks outside your business concern telephone app, y’all may forget to tap into the platform and finish up missing a slew of calls.

3. Can’t make international calls

Got a global team or international clientele? Y’all need an net phone service that lets you seamlessly make international calls. With Google Vocalization, at that place are a few issues yous tin can see.

Beginning, free accounts cannot make whatsoever calls or texts exterior of the Usa While y’all can purchase calling credits (non possible via the app for iPhone users), you’re only allowed to accept $70 max in your business relationship.

If yous update to Voice for Google Workspace, you may pay equally much every bit $xx per user per month and still only be able to send texts within the US. That’due south on summit of the other texting limits for Google Vocalization.

Google Voice also states that users may take issues with international calls on their phone if some other app conflicts with the service. However, information technology doesn’t specify what apps tin cause these issues, so information technology’ll take some trial and error to effigy out which app is at fault — if another app is even the issue.

You may likewise need to effort restarting the Google Voice app in case it’s only a glitch.

4. Major sound quality
issues with Google Voice

When you lot’re choosing your VoIP service, quality is key. Unfortunately, Google Voice doesn’t have a reputation for groovy sound quality. A slew of users study sounding muffled or distorted on calls — which is definitely bad for business. Later repeating “your audio is breaking upward” for the hundredth time, your clients may really break up with your brand for skilful.

Bold that you’re non facing whatsoever Wi-Fi or mobile data problems of your ain, this is a Google Vox problem that users alone can’t fix.

But with no client back up for costless users, getting help may not be every bit possible equally y’all’d hope. With no one to inquire, information technology’s hard to say if what you’re experiencing is an cyberspace connection issue, a platform issue, or something else.

5. Google Vocalization loading boring on your browser

One perk of Google Voice is the ability to admission your telephone from any computer or mobile device. The problem is, users written report issues when accessing the platform via a browser on vocalization.google.com.

“For the concluding calendar month or and so, the Google Voice website acts similar I’m on dialup. Even when I blazon text messages, the characters have 1-ii seconds to echo to the screen.” (
Reddit inquiry

“Very slow to load into the browser.” (
Review on GetApp

In that location are a few potential causes that yous can check:

  • Poor internet connectedness
  • Incompatible browser (must use Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Browser non updated

Y’all can also effort a reboot if you experience Google Vocalization not working on your browser, or double check Google Voice’s system and browser requirements. However, if none of these are at error and wearisome loading is a consistent issue, there’southward unfortunately not much that can be washed on your part.

Switching to a Google Voice alternative like OpenPhone may be your best bet.

6. Google Voice number disappeared

We admit, this upshot may sound a little weird. Simply it’s true: These days, even your Google Voice number can ghost y’all.

In that location are more means this tin can happen than you retrieve. It makes sense for VoIP services to revoke admission if you neglect to pay, only Google will even take dorsum your phone number in the following instances:

  • You don’t brand a telephone call, send a text, listen to your voicemail, or open the Voice app on an Apple or Android phone in half dozen months. You’ll merely have 45 days to repossess the number before it’due south gone for good.
  • You port in a number but don’t pay a $twenty fee to keep your Google-provided number every bit a secondary number within 90 days.

For business concern owners, the risk of losing a telephone number is never ideal, even if information technology’due south easily avoidable. This issue is pretty much unheard of with nigh legitimate paid internet phone services.

7. Can’t port phone number

Google Voice states that it’s able to port telephone numbers, but users may actually encounter a number of porting issues on the platform. For example, Vox does not support porting for Canadian or price-free numbers. And y’all’ll become stuck if you don’t pay a $20 porting fee per number. The procedure doesn’t make information technology easy either, as users report:

Porting a number is super hard, there is zero customer support.” (
Review from G2

“Shifting numbers you are already using was non very user-friendly for me.” (
Review from GetApp

A polish transition of all your concern phone numbers into Google Voice isn’t possible for every company, fifty-fifty when it should be.

viii. Not receiving voicemail transcriptions

If you’re not getting voicemail transcriptions, y’all wouldn’t be the offset. Some users report issues with both delivery and transcription quality. There could be a few reasons for this:

  • Y’all turned off “Get voicemail via email” in your settings.
  • You’re looking for voicemail transcriptions via text (the Voice app permanently disabled this feature).
  • Your caller’s audio quality was poor, and Google couldn’t decipher the message.

Even if your issue is resolved, go on in listen that Google Vocalisation is all the same pretty limited when it comes to options for receiving voicemail transcriptions. Google Vocalism alternatives like OpenPhone support more integrations, assuasive yous to get transcripts on more convenient channels.

9. Unable to brand voice calls on Hangouts

Did y’all choose Google Phonation as your business organisation phone service due to its integration with Hangouts? Google has bad news for you.

First, Hangouts will exist going to the growing Google Graveyard this year (RIP).  Second, some users are already unable to make Google Voice calls via Hangouts. This is a known issue that will non exist fixed.

Using Google Phonation ways you’ll have to switch between two different platforms to message your squad and manage phone calls. Or, if you want to employ Google Voice for both your team and customer communications, things might get a little messy.

The platform doesn’t offer a great way to organize your inbox or contacts — largely considering the Google Voice app wasn’t originally built for business concern employ.

A Google Voice culling that’s created with business needs in listen (similar OpenPhone) can help y’all achieve much smoother communication direction.

Google Voice not working for you?
Switch to OpenPhone

Screenshots of the OpenPhone mobile and desktop apps

Despite its popularity, Google Voice is riddled with issues that business concern owners can’t afford to deal with. Google Voice not working at a disquisitional time — for instance, during a phone phone call — can lead to your brand losing a sale and losing trust.

Luckily, Google Vocalisation isn’t the simply VoIP service around. In fact, VoIP providers like OpenPhone are specifically built for business use, which means y’all won’t but eliminate Google Voice problems. You’ll likewise get a number of features that Google’s telephone app tin’t provide.

Here’southward how switching to OpenPhone can aid you overcome Google Vocalisation’s nine major problems for businesses.

1. Easy setup and access

Though Google Voice access issues can be pretty hands fixed, the VoIP service leaves your team members far also susceptible to lost or delayed admission. Plus, setting up Vocalisation for Google Workspace isn’t exactly intuitive.

Having to assign licenses before telephone numbers is an unnecessary step — one that OpenPhone eliminates.

With OpenPhone, adding a team member is like shooting fish in a barrel. Merely invite squad members via electronic mail, assign a number, and they tin take!

Unless you lot purposely head to the members section of your settings to remove team members, your employees volition never get booted for something as fiddling as lack of licensing when they already have an account.

Plus, since users can share telephone numbers, there’southward no risk of locking users out of their accounts when you lot double-assign a number.

ii. Rings on every incoming telephone call (when you lot want them)

Incoming call notification

As much as nosotros’d honey for yous to, nosotros know you’re not going to actively use OpenPhone (or whatsoever VoIP app) every second. If y’all’re not on a sales or client support team, you may non leap on your business organization phone app at all unless y’all get a call or text. And OpenPhone won’t strength you to.

OpenPhone won’t cease alerting you nigh incoming calls just considering you’re non clicking effectually the platform, then you’ll never have to break focus just to interact and avert missing calls.

If you choose OpenPhone, we actually volition put a ring on information technology.

Of grade, yous tin always gear up business hours to avoid getting calls at the wrong times. Only let us know when yous’re actually working, and we promise not to wake you in the middle of your sweet dreams.

3. Seamless international calls

OpenPhone offers free, unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS in the United states of america and Canada with all plans starting at only $10 per user per month. It’due south affordable, and all users can make international calls at very low rates.

What’s more, yous can become a US number (or Canadian number) even if you lot’re living abroad and avert paying international calling fees.

4. Crystal-clear audio quality

Unlike Google Voice, which lets down users when it comes to sound quality, OpenPhone offers top-notch audio for both incoming and outgoing calls. Take it from our users:

“The call quality is terrific and the features offered are awesome too. Also, over the terminal year, they have continued to make improvements that simply make the app improve.” (
Review on G2

“The design is clean and the call quality is impressive. Would recommend.” (
Review on Production Chase

“I as well feel high call quality using OpenPhone versus the competition.” (
Review on G2

If you exercise run into issues, you tin run through OpenPhone’s transparent VoIP troubleshooting guide or contact the back up team direct.

5. Fast-loading web app

If you lot’re using Google Voice considering of its cross-platform compatibility, the good news is, you tin yet get this perk when y’all switch to OpenPhone — only you won’t have new wrinkles by the time the platform’s done loading on your browser.

Cloud telephony: OpenPhone Uptime

With a solid uptime tape for the website (along with all iOS, Android, and web apps), OpenPhone is a service you can rely on, and ane that offers back up if you practice meet issues.

vi. Phone numbers you lot won’t lose

“I lost my number. Can I accept yours?” is a cheesy pickup line at best and a genuine question after a nightmarish Google Voice state of affairs at worst. Your business concern phone service should never cancel your phone number but because yous’re not using it — even with detect.

At OpenPhone, we know a consistent phone number is crucial for a adept customer feel, and to avert updating all your online business pages at once. Nosotros won’t retract your business number unless y’all purposely delete it from your business relationship (or cancel your subscription). And to brand sure you lot don’t practice so on blow, we’ve even labeled this function of your settings the “Danger Zone” and require you to physically type “delete” before your number goes away. ⚠

7. Simple and gratuitous porting procedure

When Google Vocalism (or another cyberspace phone service, for that matter) isn’t working out, we desire to brand all your worries become away. That’south why nosotros make porting your phone number to OpenPhone as easy as possible.

If y’all want to port your number from Google Vox, for example, all yous need to do is:

  • Create an OpenPhone account.
  • Unlock your Google Voice number. (Note: Google charges a ane-time $3 fee to transfer your number abroad from Google Voice.)
  • Submit your porting asking through the OpenPhone app.

Switching from nigh other VoIP services is even simpler and only requires 2 steps: creating your OpenPhone account and filling out the form.

OpenPhone won’t charge you any porting fees. And to give you something else to gloat, OpenPhone supports Canadian and price-free numbers, as well.

8. Reliable voicemail transcriptions

Screenshot of an OpenPhone voicemail transcription

Your team members aren’t e’er in a place where they tin can accept concern calls. Only even in the middle of a loud music festival, a voicemail transcription can assistance them determine the urgency of a call or remind them to call up later.

Missing voicemail transcriptions can atomic number 82 to unhappy clients and missed opportunities.

Luckily, it’s not an issue with OpenPhone. Once you’re on your OpenPhone Admin Dashboard, it only takes a minute to go voicemail transcripts (and the voicemail sound) via Gmail, other email providers, and even Slack.

All users get voicemail transcriptions texted to them through the OpenPhone app.

Plus, since OpenPhone offers pristine sound quality, you lot may even get more than reliable and authentic transcripts than on Google Phonation.

9. Effective team communication tools

Screenshot of OpenPhone team communication

With Google Voice not working on Hangouts, you may exist seeking out a platform that allows you to streamline your squad and client communication — and do so well. Await no farther than OpenPhone.

OpenPhone is built with a dedicated section for all your squad members. You can easily keep track of your internal communications and reach out to the correct person fast. Only tap their names to beginning conversations and interact!

Plus, you can organize your business contacts based on everything from company to role, so you lot tin easily search for clients when it’s fourth dimension to reach out.

Using OpenPhone is a lot less hectic than Google Vocalism. While Google Vocalization spreads your calls, text messages, and voicemail across three dissimilar inboxes, OpenPhone uses one unified inbox.

If you practice want a dedicated team messaging platform, feel free to use Slack. OpenPhone allows you to see voicemails, texts, and missed calls on the platform when you integrate your account with Slack, so you lot’ll still get a fairly streamlined experience.

Desire fifty-fifty more peace of mind? Instead of sending popular features to a graveyard like Google does every single year, OpenPhone is constantly adding new features to help yous ameliorate your internal and external communication — many of which are suggested past business organization owners like yous!

A foolproof set up for Google Voice not working: Making a switch

Screenshot of the call screen in the OpenPhone app

Google Vocalisation non working tin exist a costly result if you lot’re using it equally your business phone. When seeking a VoIP service for professional use, using a platform that’s built for reliable team and client communication can help you stay organized and efficient, without whatsoever reanimation.

OpenPhone fits the neb. With international call capabilities, excellent sound quality, and more must-take features, OpenPhone tin can make your team manage calls and texts improve than e’er. And y’all won’t take to spend extra simply to port phone numbers when you make the switch.

Want to test out the platform before you commit?
Start your costless trial of OpenPhone today.


Why doesn’t Google Voice work on Hangouts/Google Meet anymore?

A contempo update to the Google Meet (formerly Hangouts) app removed support for 3rd-political party backups, which means your Google Vocalism messages and phone calls won’t sync upwards with your Hangouts app anymore.

Why is my Google Voice non ringing?

Offset, cheque the “Do not disturb” toggle in your Google Voice settings. Adjacent, confirm that the “Calls” section of your settings has all phone options turned on. Tap around within the “Calls” section for 10 seconds to make sure everything is working properly. Finally, confirm you are signed into Google Vocalisation make sure that the “Calls” section has all phone options turned on by toggling each option. Tap effectually within the “Calls” section for 10 seconds to make certain everything is working properly.

Why can’t I make international calls using Google Voice?

In order to make international phone calls, you have to have a Google Vocalism number with the required plan. The basic free Google Vox account can only text and call domestically. In-person calls and texts are no problem, but international calling features require an upgraded subscription for at least $16/month per user. The other option is the more expensive Google Voice for M Suite (which likewise ways making Android apps) which doesn’t mention anything nigh international options without additional purchases.