Phone With Fingerprint On Power Button

We understand that smartphones can be fragile and may need some care for handling. Notwithstanding, at that place are times when nosotros don’t pay actress attention to our phones that they may go through various damages. When we talk about telephone damage, a cracked screen is what comes to mind. However, you tin also harm the ability button of your smartphone without proper care. A damaged power push button can toll you some coin when you desire to get it repaired. No one can imagine using their smartphones without a ability button as a power button is 1 of the essential hardware buttons on your smartphone. So what do you practice if you lot have toplow on your phone without power push button? Well, it can be a challenging task to plough on your smartphone when your power push is unresponsive, broken, or completely damaged. Therefore, to help you with this upshot, nosotros have come up with some ways that you tin use to turn on your phone.

6 Ways To Turn On Your Phone Without Power Button

How to plough ON your Phone without Power Push button

Unlike Ways to turn on your phone without the Ability button

In that location are several ways that you lot tin can try to plough on your android smartphone when your power push button is damaged or unresponsive. We are mentioning some of the elevation means that android phone users can try.

Method ane: Put your telephone on charge or ask someone to telephone call

When yous accept to use your smartphone, but the power button is damaged, and thereby the screen would non turn on. In this case, yous tin put your smartphone on charging. When you connect your charger, your telephone will automatically plow on to prove yous the bombardment percent. Another style is asking someone to call you, as when someone calls you, your smartphone screen will automatically turn on to prove you the name of the caller.

However, if your phone has turned off because of cypher battery, you tin can connect it to your charger, and information technology will automatically plow on.

Method two: Apply the scheduled power on/off feature

With the “Scheduled ability on/off” feature, you tin can easily fix the time for your smartphone. Afterwards scheduling the fourth dimension, your smartphone volition turn on and off co-ordinate to your set up fourth dimension. This is an of import characteristic that could come in handy when your power button is broken because this manner, you would know that your telephone will turn on co-ordinate to the fourth dimension you are setting. For this method, you can follow these steps.

1. Open your
phone settings
past scrolling down from the top of the screen and clicking on the gear icon. This step varies from telephone to phone every bit some phones take the scrolling characteristic from the bottom of the screen.

Open your phone settings then tap on Battery and Performance

ii. From the setting, click on
and open the “Scheduled ability on/off” feature. However, this step will once more vary from phone to phone. In some phones, you may find this feature by opening the “Security app> Bombardment & Performance>Scheduled ability on/off“.

Tap on Schedule power on or off

3. At present, in the scheduled power on/off feature, you tin easily
prepare the on and off time for your smartphone.
Make sure yous keep a three-five minutes difference between the power on and off timings.

Set the on and off time for your smartphone

By using the scheduled power on/off feature of your smartphone, you would not be locked out of your smartphone as your phone will automatically turn on at the scheduled fourth dimension. Yet, if you do not like this method, y’all can try the next one.

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Method 3: Use the double-tap feature to wake the screen

Most of the smartphone have the double-tap characteristic that allows the users to double tap on the screen of their smartphone. When the smartphone users double-tap on the screen, the screen of the smartphone volition turn on automatically, and so if your telephone has this feature, then you can follow these steps for this method.

1. The get-go step is to open your phone
by scrolling down or upwards from the top or bottom of the screen as it varies from phone to phone and clicking on the gear icon to open settings.

ii. In settings, locate, and go to the ‘Lock screen‘ section.

iii. In the lock screen, plough on the toggle for the option ‘Double-tap screen to wake.’

Toggle Double-tap screen to wake | How To Turn On Your Phone Without Power Button

four. Finally, afterward you have switched on the toggle, you can try to double-tap the screen and see if the screen wakes upward.

Method 4: Use third-party apps to remap the power push button

There are numerous third-political party applications that you can apply for remapping your power push. This means y’all can remap and use your book buttons to turn on your phone. Follow these steps for this method.

1. The first footstep is to download an application called the ‘Power button to Book push‘ on your smartphone.

Power button to Volume button Application

ii. One time you lot have successfully downloaded and installed the awarding on your smartphone, yous have to click the checkboxes for the options’
Boot’ and ‘Screen off

Power button to Volume button Settings | How To Turn On Your Phone Without Power Button

iii. Now, you have to
grant permission to this application

for running in the background.

Grant permission to Power button to Volume button Application

4. After you accept granted permissions and enabled the app, y’all can easily turn off your phone by clicking on the notification. And similarly, yous tin can turn on your smartphone past using the volume buttons.

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Method five: Apply the fingerprint scanner

Another method that you can use if you are curious most how to turn on your phone without a power button is by setting your fingerprint scanner to turn on your phone. Here is how you lot can hands turn on a phone with a broken power button past setting your fingerprint scanner.

one. Open your phone

2. From the settings, ringlet down and locate the “Passwords and Security” section.

Passwords and Security | How To Turn On Your Phone Without Power Button

3. In the passwords and security section, click on “Fingerprint Unlock“.

Select Fingerprint Unlock

4. At present, go to manage fingerprints to add your fingerprint.

Manage Fingerprints | How To Turn On Your Phone Without Power Button

Kickoff scanning your finger by keeping it on the scanner at the back. This step varies from telephone to phone. Some Android smartphones have the card button as the finger scanner.

6. Once yous have successfully scanned your fingertip, yous can requite a fingerprint name in one case the pick pops up.

Naming the Fingerprint Scan

7. Finally, y’all can plough on your smartphone by scanning your fingertip on the fingertip scanner of your telephone.

Method half dozen: Utilize ADB commands

If none of the higher up methods are working for you and you lot cannot restart your phone with a broken power button, you tin use the ADB commands on your PC. ADB (Android Debug Span) tin can easily control your smartphone over USB from your PC. Still, earlier you lot proceed with this method, you take to enable USB debugging on your smartphone. And brand certain that your smartphone’s default connectedness mode is ‘File transfer‘ and not the “accuse only” way. Here is how you can use ADB commands to plough on your telephone with a broken power button.

1. The get-go step is to download and install
ADB drivers
on your PC.

Download and Install ADB Drivers

2. At present, connect your smartphone to your PC with the help of a USB cablevision.

3. Go to your
ADB directory, which is the place where you have downloaded and installed the drivers.

4. Now, you have to press shift and right-click anywhere on the screen to become a listing of options.

5. From the list of options, you accept to click on “Open Powershell window here.”

Click on the “Open PowerShell window here”

half dozen. At present a new window will pop up, where you have to type “ADB devices” to check if your phone’s lawmaking proper noun and series number displays on the screen.

In the command window/PowerShell window type the following code

7. One time the telephone’s code name and the serial number appears, you have to type “ADB reboot,” and press the enter key to proceed.

8. Finally, your phone will be get rebooted.

Nevertheless, if you do not see your telephone code’due south name and serial number after using the command “ADB devices,” then there are chances that yous have non enabled the USB debugging feature on your telephone.


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Nosotros hope the above suggestions were helpful, and you were able toplow on your phone with a broken ability push.
If you know any other means to turn on your smartphone without a power push button, you may let u.s. know in the comments below.