Pixel 3 Xl Camera App Crashing

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Irritate by Pixel 3 app crashing and freezing issues? Here’s how to fix the camera keep crashing on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Forty. Several users reported
suddenly app stopped working
stuck with the screen
or phone screen stops responding issues. Most of the users are facing app freezing problem on the Camera app,
Messengers, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat app. This type of problem occurs considering of continuous playing games or watching videos on your device.

Accept you been ever facing this blazon of upshot in your Google Pixel 3 & Pixel iii Xl? If yes, don’t exist panic, here are the possible solutions to gear up Google Pixel 3 Xl camera crashes and freezing issues.


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How to Fix Google Pixel iii Camera App Crashes or Freezes

First of all restart your device if you lot’re Google Pixel 3 frozen even screen on, press & concord the power push button and tap restart button to reboot your Pixel 3 phone. Now bank check fix the issue. If not, utilise below-given troubleshooting ways.

Check arrangement software update

Make certain you Pixel 3 device updated to latest organisation software. It will useful to set pocket-sized bugs and improve Pixel three functioning.

Settings > System > Avant-garde > System update > Check for update

After updates your device, restart your phone and check fix your issue or not.

Check app updates

If a detail app related issue in your device, check for app updates on your phone to ready your problem.

Play store > Three horizontal lines (Bill of fare) > My apps & games > Update all

Articulate the Photographic camera app enshroud to fix app crashing issues on Pixel 3 40

Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > tap Photographic camera app > Storage > Clear enshroud

Force stop apps on

Pixel 3and three 40

Several apps are using more information on groundwork process, so sometimes app crashing or freezing problem occurs in your phone. To fix this problem, close apps you’re not using from your phone.

Settings > Apps & notifications > App info or See all apps > tap photographic camera app > Forcefulness terminate

Enable Safe Manner to check if tertiary-party app causing the trouble

To check the third party downloaded app is causing the issue or not,
enable condom mode
on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL using beneath given settings.

Step 1:
Press and concord the power button on your Pixel 3 40 & Pixel 3.

Pace ii:
Long printing “Power off” button until view “Reboot to safe mode”.

Footstep 3:
Press “OK” to kicking into safe way on Pixel iii & Pixel 3 40.

Now, wait until restarting your Pixel 3 device.

Stride iv:
You can view the “Safe mode” icon on bottom left corner of the screen

Now, open up the camera app and check the consequence occur. If you can’t establish whatever issues, it ways downloaded third party apps causing the trouble in your phone. Restart your telephone to exit safe mode on Pixel 3 to notice app causing problems. Later on disable rubber mode, remove third-party apps one by 1. And find the app that causing issue. After remove the app that’southward causing the trouble, you can reinstall the other apps that you removed.

Uninstall app & reinstall again to prepare app crashing bug on Pixel 3

Play Store > Three horizontal lines > My apps & games > Tap app > Uninstall

Now reboot your Pixel 3. Later restart device, again download and install the latest version of apps in your device and check app crashing or not. If yous however crashing apps in your phone, factory data reset your device.

If none of the higher up-given methods fix the Pixel three app crashing and freezing problem, manufacturing plant reset settings in your device.

Factory Reset

3 XL

Before the factory reset your Pixel 3 and Pixel three XL,
back up & restore data
to other devices or desktop safely. It will remove all your phone internal storage and other important information from your device.

Settings > Organisation > Avant-garde > Reset options > Erase all data (Mill reset) > Reset phone > Erase everything

Now check gear up your Pixel app crashing and freezing issue.

And that’due south all. I hope one of the above-given methods helpful to fix app crashing issues on Pixel iii XL. Practise yous know any alternative methods? Feel free to share with us in below comment box.

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