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Google Pixel 6 Pro: Release date, specs, everything we know

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May 2021 – October 2022

Nosotros’re notwithstanding a couple of months abroad from the release of Google’southward 2021 device lineup, just in the concurrently, leaks are coming out and Google has fifty-fifty announced some official details and shown off the design. Here’s everything we know most Google’south XL-sized Pixel half dozen Pro and then far.

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  • Release date: When does the Pixel 6 come up out?
  • What are the Pixel 6 Pro specs?
  • Is the Pixel 6 Pro the ‘40’ this yr?
  • What is the Pixel half dozen Pro price?

Release date: When does the Pixel 6 come up out?

On October 5, 2021, Google officially appear an issue where information technology intends to launch the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The pre-recorded upshot volition take place on October 19 at 10am PT and volition be streamed, simply Google hasn’t announced whatsoever form of in-person event, likely due to the rising number of COVID-nineteen cases in the Us.

As for the actual Pixel 6 release date, Google has yet to ostend that detail. Pre-orders will most probable open on Oct 19 post-obit the announcement, only shipments will likely non first for at least a calendar week or two. Oct 28 has been mentioned as a possible release date for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and retailers take since backed that up.

What are the Pixel six Pro specs?

In Baronial, Google officially appear that the Pixel vi Pro would be coming to market this Fall, confirming the name and some specs that the device will carry.

As we commencement reported earlier this year, the Pixel 6 Pro volition be using Google’s “Whitechapel” chipset which, now, is known as “Tensor.” The chip is Google’s starting time custom-designed SoC for smartphones and it’south optimized for Google’s priorities. Google has said that “Tensor” volition be competitive with other high-end mobile fries, but volition focus on AI tasks besides. Google’s Rick Osterloh said that the CPU and GPU will be “very competitive” with the “AI stuff” being “totally differentiated.”

Beyond the chip, Pixel half-dozen Pro is rumored to take 12GB of RAM to ensure great performance. The camera setup is also getting a revamp with three sensors on the Pro model including 4x telephoto for optical zoom and a new 50MP primary photographic camera. Charging is rumored to hit 33W and up to 23W for wireless charging on a new Pixel Stand, per a new report. UWB back up is also most guaranteed. The phone will also take an under-display fingerprint sensor as we heard in August, and as a leaked screenshot confirmed.

Is the Pixel half-dozen Pro the ‘XL’ this year?

With its 2020 Pixel lineup, Google completely skipped the “Xl” size, only that’s something the Pixel 6 Pro will change. According to one major and credible leak, the device will exist the largest Pixel phone ever with a vi.67-inch display. To put that in perspective, allow’due south expect at the dimensions of every Twoscore-sized Pixel telephone to date, including the rumored size of the Pixel 6 Pro.

  • Pixel 6 Pro
    — 163.nine x 75.8mm
  • Pixel 4 Twoscore
    — 160.iv x 75.1mm
  • Pixel iii XL
    — 158 x 76.7mm
  • Pixel 2 Xl
    — 157.nine x 76.7mm
  • Pixel Twoscore
    — 154.7 x 75.7mm

As a fun notation, the biggest telephone in Google’due south history is of like size to this device. The Nexus vi, literally codenamed “Shamu” equally a joke about its size, carried dimensions of 159.three x 83mm. That’s shorter than this upcoming release just considerably wider likewise.

All of that said, it’southward safe to say that this device will brand upwards for the lack of an Xl device in the 2020 lineup. Somewhat unfortunately, the “smaller” Pixel vi may besides be a bit of an Forty device, every bit one of our commenters pointed out with dimensions of 158.6 x 74.8mm, bigger than the original Pixel Forty.

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro explained

What is the Pixel 6 Pro cost?

How much will this toll? The Pixel 4 series is probably the best point of comparison for the price with that lineup starting at $800 for the smaller model and $900 for the Twoscore. Information technology would have stood to reason that Pixel 6 prices will be
in that same ballpark, if non higher given that Google was saying that the Pixel six series would exist a high-end “premium-priced product.”

No one was expecting, withal, retailer leaks that pinned downwardly a starting price of just $599 in the United States, and peradventure $898~ for the Pixel half dozen Pro’southward price. Leaks from Europe seem to hint at like prices in other regions.

Google keeps teasing the Pixel six Pro

Every bit the release appointment approaches, Google is standing to tease the release of the Pixel vi Pro and its little brother. In mid-September, Google released the first full advertizing virtually the Pixel half dozen that shows the phone in people’southward easily and keeps pushing Fabric You design in Android 12.

The visitor also posted to Instagram a picture of a agglomeration of Pixel 6 devices celebrating the Textile You expect of Android 12.

Google is clearly confident in these new phones, even telling suppliers recently to set up for shipment numbers that will be higher than 2019, Pixel’southward best year to date. The phone is reportedly being manufactured in China.

You can keep up with the latest news on Pixel half-dozen below with our constant and in-depth coverage.

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