Pixel 6 vs Pixel 6 Pro: What’s the difference?

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Google’s unveiled its latest range of Pixel vi phones in October 2022, simply with 2 models to choose from, which one is right for you lot?

The Pixel six range consists of the Pixel 6 and the Pixel half-dozen Pro. Both phones are powered by Google’s first Tensor chipset and avowal a range of advanced mobile photography skills, but there are a number of boosted features packed into the Pro model to justify the bound to a more loftier-end cost tag.

If you’re stuck between the two Pixel phones, look no further. We’ve cleaved downward all the key differences between the Pixel half dozen and the Pixel half-dozen Pro, including price, design, camera, specs and battery life.

Pixel half dozen vs Pixel 6 Pro

Pricing and availability

The Pixel half dozen and the Pixel half dozen Pro launched in October 2022. Prices for the Pixel half dozen start at £599/$599, while the vi Pro will set up yous back at least £250 more than at £849/$849.

The Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s first high-end smartphone in a few years, with 2022’s Pixel 5 costing the same as the half-dozen at £599/$599 and no Pro model having launched that yr.

Google Pixel 6 homescreen
Pixel 6

Design and display

Both phones in the Pixel 6 range sport a new three-tone blueprint with a horizontal black camera module taking up space in the upper quarter of the telephone and a bold pop of color at the top.

Each Pixel besides comes in iii colours. The Pixel 6 is bachelor in Sorta Seafoam, Kinda Coral and Stormy Black, while the six Pro comes in Cloudy White, Sorta Sunny and Stormy Black.

A fingerprint-resistant coating has made its mode to both devices (though we plant this to exist somewhat of an exaggeration, equally we noted in our reviews) and are water and dust resistant up to IP68.

Both phones characteristic Always-on OLED displays with HDR support and contrast ratios of >ane,000,000:1, but the 6 Pro’due south screen is bigger and more advanced.

The Pixel 6 includes a 6.four-inch display with a FHD+ (1080 x 2340) resolution and a smooth 90Hz refresh charge per unit, while the 6 Pro has a 6.seven-inch display with a QHD+ (1440 10 3120) resolution and an even faster 120Hz variable refresh rate.

Pixel 6 Pro back visor
Pixel 6 Pro


In previous Pixels, Google has placed a large amount of focus on its camera and mobile photography features, and the Pixel 6 series is no exception.

The Pixel six and Pixel 6 Pro actually feature similar camera arrays, but where the Pixel 6 has a dual photographic camera consisting of a 50-megapixel (f/ane.85) wide angle sensor with OIS and a 12-megapixel (f/2.ii) ultra-wide angle sensor with a 114-degree field of view, the 6 Pro has a triple camera set-up.

The Pixel 6 Pro features the same 50-megapixel wide angle sensor and 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle sensor, along with an additional 48-megapixel (f/3.v) telephoto sensor.

The 6 Pro also includes a larger 11.one-megapixel (f/ii.2) front camera with a slightly wider 94-degree field of view compared with the Pixel 6’s 8-megapixel (f/ii.0) front camera.

Regardless, the two phones feature the same extensive array of photography features, including Portrait Mode, Super Res Zoom and Dark Sight.

The two phones also include a handful of new tools, such as the Magic Eraser to remove unwanted objects from your shots, Face Unblur to sharpen up faces, Existent Tone to better represent a range of skin tones and Motion Mode to innovate more movement to activity shots.

Google Pixel 6 back showing cameras
Pixel 6

Specs and features

The Pixel six range is the offset line of Google smartphones to feature the brand’southward own Google Tensor chipset.

The 5G chip powers the line’south new image processing features, the all-solar day adaptive battery, the Alive Translate auto-translation feature and offers built-in protection with the Titan M2 security coprocessor.

While both phones pack the same chipset, the Pixel half dozen pairs information technology with 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB of UFS 3.ane storage, while the 6 Pro offers 12GB RAM and upward to 256GB of storage.

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Both phones come up running the latest version of Google’south operating organization, Android 12, with its new Material Yous theme out of the box, and both also take reward of a range of sound features, including stereo speakers, 3 built-in microphones and noise suppression.

Yous can see a full breakup of the specs in the comparison tabular array below:

Pixel 6 vs Pixel 6 Pro specs


U.s.a. RRP





Screen Size

Storage Chapters

Rear Photographic camera

Forepart Photographic camera

Video Recording

IP rating


Wirless charging

Fast Charging

Size (Dimensions)


Operating Organisation

Release Date

First Reviewed Date



Refresh Rate





Pixel six







6.4 inches

128GB, 256GB

fifty MP

8 MP



4614 mAh



2.nine x 0.4 x half dozen.2 INCHES

207 Grand

Android 12



1080 x 2400


xc Hz


Google Tensor


Stormy Black, Sorta Seafoam, Kinda Coral

Pixel 6 Pro




vi.seven inches

128GB, 256GB

50MP + 12MP + 48MP




5003 mAh



3 x 0.4 x 6.5 INCHES

210 Thou



1440 x 3120


120 Hz

USB Type-C

Google Tensor


Stormy Blackness, Cloudy White, Sorta Sunny

Pixel 6 Pro lead
Pixel 6 Pro


The Pixel half dozen is powered by a 4614 mAh battery, while the Pixel Pro has a larger 5003 mAh bombardment. While this should theoretically allow the half-dozen Pro to last longer than the Pixel 6, the half dozen Pro also has the strain of the higher 120Hz refresh rate to bargain with, which is likely to drain the battery slightly faster than the half-dozen’s 90Hz screen.

We found that, while both phones were capable of lasting a full day and running for a long fourth dimension on standby, the batteries tuckered significantly faster when faced with video recording or gaming tasks.

Thankfully, both phones also include Extreme Bombardment Saver modes, which Google claims can extend the battery life to up to 48 hours when needed, likewise as fast charging capabilities for both USB-C charging and wireless charging.

Both Pixels also characteristic Battery Share, meaning yous can use your telephone to juice upward other devices than support wireless charging, such as your earbuds.

Google Pixel 6 front image
Pixel 6


The Pixel 6 brings with information technology a refreshed design in an eye-catching assortment of colours, the smart new Tensor fleck and plenty of interesting photographic camera and software features all at a mid-range price.

However, we awarded the 6 Pro a higher score thanks to the display’s variable 120Hz refresh rate and the triple camera on the back, making information technology the stronger choice for those happy to spend a flake more than on their side by side Pixel.

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