Planet Buddies Volume Limited Headphones Review

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The Planet Buddies Volume Express Headphones combine adorable designs with a 85dB limit to protect your kids’ ears from hearing damage.


  • Volume limited to protect small ears
  • Fun designs
  • Affordable prices


  • Poor tonal balance
  • All the pairs I tested require a three.5mm jack
  • The multifunction button doesn’t piece of work with some devices


  • UK
    RRP: £nineteen.99

Fundamental Features

  • Volume limited
    The headphones max out at 85db to protect kids’ hearing

  • Playful designs
    Design options range from printed characters, to animate being ears, and drawings of characters that can be coloured and swapped in and out of the ear cups

  • Smaller headband
    The headband is small enough to fit a kid’south caput

  • Durable build
    The headphones are designed to survive drops and knocks


Planet Buddies is a brand that aims to educate children about endangered animals and the global issues that threaten them through their audio devices.

With the help of a handful of characters – including a penguin, an owl, a turtle, a whale, a panda and a tiger – Planet Buddies uses recyclable packaging to teach kids most these endangered animals, along with how we tin can all help protect the globe.

Simply, are its Volume Limited headphones any good? I tried three different Planet Buddies styles – Olive the Owl, Pippin the Panda and Colour and Swap to see whether they’re suitable for the little ones in your family.


  • The headbands are comfortable, adaptable and vary in size
  • The Olive the Owl and Color and Swap pairs fold up to fit in a acquit pouch
  • The Colour and Swaps are customisable and come with crayons and cards in the box

The Olive the Owls are the most depression-central pair of Planet Buddies headphones I tried as far as looks are concerned, with no ears or customisable ear cups in sight. Even so, the pinky peach shade was probably my favourite of the agglomeration, and the design incorporates many visual details, from the owls on the ear cups to the falling leaves dotting the headband.

The plastic headband is piece of cake to arrange to fit smaller and larger heads akin, and the padding on the band and ear cups made the headphones comfy – although I doubt Planet Buddies had my developed-sized head in mind when they designed the Olive the Owls.

The Olive the Owls fold up neatly to fit into the accompanying hemp carry pouch.

Planet Buddies bag

Information technology isn’t the softest carry instance around, and the printed logo looks a niggling cheap, but the material is eco-friendly and it does the job of protecting the headphones from scuffs when you’re out and near.

The Pippin the Panda headphones may not have the virtually compact design –they don’t fold up – but they’re certainly the cutest of the agglomeration.

Planet Buddies Pippin the Panda

The headphones are fabricated from black and white plastic, with blushing cartoon pandas embossed on both ear cups. The headband itself is wrapped in a soft felt fabric with tiny panda ears sticking up on either side.

Planet Buddies Pippin the Panda ear cup

The headband seems to offer the smallest fit of the iii headphones I tried, making me think they’d be meliorate suited for younger listeners with smaller ears. The ear cups are also the wrinkliest, making them appear very cheap – although this isn’t exactly surprising considering their £xix.99 price tag.

Unlike the other pairs, the Pippin the Pandas lack a carry pouch, with my best guess being because they don’t fold up like the other two headphones.

The Colour and Swap headphones are the best Planet Buddies pair for immature artists and kids who similar to limited themselves. This is because children tin actually have a hand in the pattern themselves.

Planet Buddies Colour and Swap colouring

With the Colour and Swaps, the rectangular ear cups feature a window where you tin slide in small cards to customise the look.

Planet Buddies includes 12 already-coloured cards, 12 cards with outlined designs ready to be coloured in, and a pack of four crayons, so kids can become creative personalising their headphones.

Planet Buddies Colour and Swap coloured

My biggest criticism here is the limited array of colours and the waxy texture of the crayons, but you can easily bandy them out for whatever other pens, pencils or paints you have at home.

Planet Buddies Colour and Swap

The headphones themselves are bachelor in vibrant pink/blue and blue/green colourways, with the same adjustable plastic band institute on the other headphones. The headband and ear cups are coated in a faux leather that appeared decumbent to creasing and dents, but is nevertheless soft and comfortable.

Planet Buddies Colour and Swap headband

The headband seems to be the largest of the three headphones, sporting a slightly looser fit compared with the Olive the Owls; only in that location isn’t a whole lot betwixt the two in this regard.

Planet Buddies Colour and Swap folded

The Colour and Swap headphones fold up and include the same hemp bear pouch equally the Olive the Owls.

None of the headphones include an IP rating for water-resistance.


  • Multifunction buttons on the wires of Olive the Owl and Color and Swap don’t support all devices
  • The Pippin the Pandas have no multifunction button
  • The Pippin the Pandas have an addition port for sharing music

The Olive the Owl headphones are wired, with a three.5mm jack cable included in the box. There’s a multifunction button that allows you lot to suspension/play, answer calls, skip tracks and call upon Siri or Google.

The multifunction button works with “most devices” – but, as it turns out, my Lenovo laptop isn’t i of those. I tried the headphones on a MacBook and they worked perfectly, so it depends on your tech. The multifunction button on the Olive the Owls as well lacks the volume buttons institute on the Colour and Swap headphones.

Planet Buddies Olive the Owl headband

It’s besides important to note that many smartphones these days don’t include 3.5mm jack ports, so you may demand an adapter with those devices. Luckily, Planet Buddies likewise makes wireless headphones for those who would rather ditch the cables birthday.

The Pippin the Pandas were the just pair I tested that lacked any multifunction push, but one interesting feature they did take was a second iii.5mm jack.

Planet Buddies Pippin the Panda side

The two ports, which sit on opposite ear cups, make it easier to heed to music with friends. But plug the Pippin the Pandas into a phone or laptop, and a second pair of headphones or earbuds into the Pippin the Pandas, to share music across both sets.

Like the Olive the Owls, the Colour and Swaps include a multifunction button on their wire, just this time the bar includes up and down volume buttons alongside the standard playback button. This makes the Colour and Swaps the most kitted out of the three.

Sound quality

  • Book is limited to 85dB
  • Warm and bass-heavy sound
  • The headphones lack dynamism

One of the biggest selling points for all iii pairs of headphones is their book-limiting tech.

The World Wellness Organization recommends an 85 decibel limit for kids anile 3 and over listening to upwardly to eight hours of audio a day. All three Planet Buddies headphones top at 85dB, helping prevent noise-induced hearing loss in children. If y’all’re looking for a like limit for adult ears, you can check our review of the PuroPro Hybrid ANC.

Planet Buddies Olive the Owl ear cup

The Olive the Owls pack 40mm drivers and surprisingly decent bass operation.

Coin by Lisa is a great example of this. The song’s thump of the bass isn’t lost on the Olive the Owls, and the soundstage is wide and spacious. It does seem that some dynamism is lost with the 85dB volume limit, just I dubiety this would bother most kids using these headphones for online classes and coincidental listening.

Stay by The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber offers a similarly low and spacious sound, with a clear stereo prototype and warm bass. The headphones definitely seem to lean more toward the lower end – in this example, the rails loses out on clarity and dynamism as the higher notes fall flat.

Similar the Olive the Owls, the Pippin the Panda headphones pack a 40mm commuter and are volume express to 85 decibels.

Planet Buddies Pippin the Panda headband

The audio quality is comparable to the Olive the Owls, besides, offering a bass-heavy, more than muted listening experience when compared with regular, non volume limited headphones.

That said, I did prefer the sound of the Olive the Owls; the larger ear cups did a ameliorate chore surrounding my adult ears, cutting out outside noises more effectively.

The Colour and Bandy headphones are the only pair of the three to include a 30mm commuter, which would explain why they’re slightly less bass-heavy compared with the Olive the Owl and Pippin the Panda headphones.

The audio is however similar to that produced by the Olive the Owls, with a sound that leans toward the low-stop and a spacious soundstage. Similar the other pairs, the Colour and Swaps also lack a lot of dynamism and are book limited to 85dB.

Planet Buddies Colour and Swap ear cup

I felt the Color and Swaps struggled to produce item and clarity more so than the other pairs – but, once again, these headphones are marketed toward kids, so I wouldn’t expect flawless audio.

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Should you buy it?

You demand a pair of headphones for your kidsThe Planet Buddies headphones are beautiful, affordable and volume limited to protect young ears.

Yous want corking-sounding audio
While these headphones past no means audio bad, they lack the tonal residue and dynamism needed to recommend them on their sound abilities lonely.

Final thoughts

Planet Buddies’ Volume Limited range of headphones offer cute designs and a book limiting feature to protect your kids’ ears.

While there are subtle differences between models – such as the additional iii.5mm port on the Pippin the Panda headphones or the book buttons on the Color and Swap – many of the features and sound quality are consistent beyond the range.

The biggest difference betwixt the three lies in the design, meaning the conclusion will probably come up down to which set your child likes the wait of the most.

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Are the Planet Buddies headphones wireless?

Planet Buddies do brand wireless headphones, but all iii pairs tested here are wired.

How much practise these headphones price?

The Olive the Owls and the Pippin the Pandas price £19.99, while the Colour and Swaps are slightly pricier at £24.99.

Why do I need volume limited headphones?

The World Health System recommends that children aged three and over limit their sound to 85dB and only heed for upwardly to 8 hours a day to protect their hearing.


United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland RRP


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Planet Buddies Volume Express Headphones


Planet Buddies




3.5mm jack

Olive the Owl, Noah the Whale, Milo the Turtle, Pepper the Penguin, Pippin the Panda, Charlie the Tiger, Colour and Swap Pink, Colour and Bandy Blue

– Hz


85 dB

Jargon buster

IP rating

An abbreviation for ‘Ingress Protection Code’, which lets you know to what extent a device might exist waterproof or dustproof.


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