Play A Sound Find My Iphone

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Phones have a style of vanishing on us. I infinitesimal yous are property it, and the adjacent, it’s just gone. Is it between the seat cushions? Could it exist mixed upwardly with the laundry? Who knows. You scour the house from superlative to bottom, earlier request someone to call your phone. What if it’s on silent mode?

Thankfully, with iPhone’s Find My Phone feature, yous don’t have to go through this drama. Apple has made it so that when you misplace your phone, it will play a audio that volition alert you to its location. This nifty characteristic volition spare you the hassle of a long search. Hither’s how to employ iPhone’s Find My feature to locate your smartphone and other Apple tree devices such as your AirPods or Apple lookout.

Find My App: Play Sound on iPhone

With your iPhone connected to the Find My app, you tin can instruct the software to play a sound to help you observe your phone’s location. The sound volition play even when the telephone is on silent or vibrate. This is how to play audio using the Find My app:

  1. Using whatsoever bachelor device, go to your iCloud account.
  2. Navigate to “Observe My iPhone,” so press “All Devices.”
  3. Select the device you want to play sound on and choose “Play Sound.”

Your iPhone will begin to play a sound shortly subsequently pressing the “Play Sound” button. The sound volition gradually increase in volume and keep playing for nearly two minutes. In that location will also be a Observe My alert flashing on the iPhone screen to make information technology easier to notice.

If your telephone is offline, the sound will play once it’southward connected to Wi-Fi. You will also get an email letting yous know that “Find My” has been activated.

Discover My App: Play Sound on AirPods or Beats

If you have misplaced your AirPods or Beats products, you lot can locate them using the Notice My network. You can play a sound from them whether they are in the case or non. The steps shown here volition walk y’all through the process.

For any iCloud platform:

  1. Log in to your iCloud business relationship and tap “All Devices.”
  2. Select the AirPods or Beats that you are looking for.
  3. Click on or select “Play Sound” to locate your device.
  4. If the AirPods or Beats are separated, tap “Mute Left” or “Mute Correct” to discover them 1 at a time.

On the iPhone iPad or iPod:

  1. Launch the Find My app and click on “Devices.”
  2. Printing the name of the AirPods or Beats product.
  3. Hit “Play Audio.”
  4. Select “Mute Right” or “Mute Left” to notice the earphones if they have been separated.

For the Apple tree Watch:

  1. Go to the Find My app and select your AirPods or Beats.
  2. Click “Play Sound.”

This method will work for watchOS 8.0 or newer.

On a Mac:

  1. Navigate to Find My app and tap “Devices.”
  2. Select the misplaced Beats or AirPods.
  3. Press “More Info” then “Play Sound.”

If the AirPods or Beats are online, they will play a sound that increases in book for two minutes. All the same, if they are offline, you will get a notification the next fourth dimension that your telephone is near them.

Find My App: Play Sound on Apple Sentry

You may accept forgotten where you placed your Apple sentinel. Fortunately, the Find My app audio feature can also be used to locate this device. Follow the instructions shown here to detect it.

  1. Open the Detect My app on iCloud.
  2. Ringlet to the bottom of the screen and tap “Devices.”
  3. Select your Apple tree picket from the listing displayed.
  4. Click “Play Sound” to consummate the process.

If your sentinel is online, you should hear a sound that will increase in volume for two minutes. Your timepiece should also light up with the Find My alert. If the watch is offline, you lot will see a notification that says “Sound Awaiting.” This means that the sound volition come on the adjacent time the device connects to the cyberspace.

Apple will send a confirmation email letting yous know that the Play Sound feature has been activated.

Ask Siri

Information technology’due south often easy to overlook Siri, but you tin can likewise use it to detect your iPhone. Telling Siri something like “Play audio on my iPhone” will cause your iPhone to produce a noise that will enable you to find information technology. For Siri to practice this, you lot must take first connected the device to your Apple product. Hither’south how to set up upwards Siri.

  1. Open Siri’southward dashboard and go to “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to “Siri & Search.”
  3. Press the switch at the top to enable “Heed for ‘Hey Siri.’”
  4. Tap “Continue” on the iPhone prompt.
  5. Speak the mentioned phrases into your telephone to calibrate Siri.
  6. Click “Washed” then “Hey Siri” to complete the process.

With Siri ready upwardly on your iPhone, you lot tin can now employ information technology to listen out for your misplaced device. Beginning past proverb, “Hey Siri,” and then instructing it on what to do. Telling it to “Play sound on my iPhone,” or asking it “Where is my iPhone,” should help you locate your device. You can even inquire Siri to increment the book if you lot tin hear your iPhone, only the audio is too low for y’all to figure out exactly where it is.

Finish Playing a Audio on Apple Device

If you locate your device before the two-minute window is upwardly, you can apply one of the following methods to turn off the sound.

iPhone, iPad, iPod

  • Tap the Power button or the book down push
  • Flip the Band/Silent push
  • Unlock the device and swipe to dismiss the Observe My alert
  • If the device is unlocked, click “OK” on the Find My warning

Apple tree Watch

  • Striking “Dismiss” on the Discover My alert
  • Tap the side button or Digital Crown

Mac PC

  • Press “OK” on the Find My alert screen


  • Identify the AirPods back in their case and close the lid
  • Go to the Find My app on iCloud and click “Stop Playing”


  • If they are earphones, return them to their case and close the lid
  • Tap the Power button

An Easier Manner to Locate Your iPhone

The Play Audio feature in iCloud Find My app can be crucial in any number of situations, whether you’ve accidentally dropped your iPhone under the seat of your car, stuffed information technology in the fridge with the groceries, or just left it on your desk at work. The beeping sound gets increasingly louder to let you to hear the alert even when your phone is cached under clothes or in a drawer. With the help of this guide, you should now exist able to use the audio characteristic to locate your misplaced Apple devices.

Have you used the sound feature to locate your iPhone, and did you detect the feature helpful? Let us know in the comments below.