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Meg Lords: Kingdom Conquest – Strategy State of war MMO On Pc

1000000 Lords: Kingdom Conquest – Strategy State of war MMO, coming from the MILLION VICTORIES, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest – Strategy War MMO on PC with Gameloop smoothly.

Download it in the Gameloop library or search results. No more than eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy 1000000 Lords: Kingdom Conquest – Strategy State of war MMO on the large screen for free!

One thousand thousand Lords: Kingdom Conquest – Strategy War MMO Introduction

Million Lords is a mobile strategy MMO unlike any other with an emphasis on the art of war and real-time conquest.

Play in solo or with your friends, meet other players and class a clan to have fun conquering the world by their side!

Progress and secretly develop strategies together, lend a hand to your clan mates and plan your battles to prove that your clan can go the most powerful of the world!

After the decease of the great Lord Almaty, his 4 Lieutenants started the 1,000 Kingdoms Legendary State of war for the male monarch’s throne… Every bit a governor in this medieval fantasy world, create your nation, recruit knights and lords to defend your cities, and let the conquest begin!

In this real-time strategy game, merits territories in the competitive battleground of the Iii Lands realm and raise an army to attack, conquer and defend your territories.

Choose your hero, lead your conquest, specialize your armies, expand your kingdom, make alliances, build an empire, and get a legend!

“Elementary, Like shooting fish in a barrel, and highly Addictive RTS!”

– Concluding Score: nine/x –

Don’t spend hours upgrading buildings and manually enrolling troops!


► Online multiplayer war

Team up with your clan to conquer the world, using military tactics!

► Original RTS Gameplay

Comport out real-fourth dimension conquest operations on a unique PvP battleground fabricated past an independent studio.

► Ballsy RPG skill tree

Choose between 10 talents to strengthen your Lord conquest power and achieve greater heights in this RTS battlefield quest!

► 100+ craftable equipments

Prepare to adjust your strategy in existent fourth dimension in this state of war MMORTS!

► And much more to discover!


Meg Lords is all most metropolis conquest, warfare, kingdom empowerment and tactical alliances with others!

Chat with other players, find loyal allies and join forces!


– Choose and change your specialization skills to create your own epic lord and kingdom, ready to face the enemy armies!

– Start conquering cities and defending your territory! Gather as many troops of knights as possible to wage state of war against other warlords and become the world’due south strongest Lord.

Plan tactics and well-timed invasions to conquer every nation!


– Every month, a player is crowned the mightiest Lord of the Kingdom, and it could be you! Stand up out and emerge victorious of this PvP entrada!

– Commencement fresh at the get-go of each battle season: keep your items, war alliances and try to brand your way dorsum to the pinnacle!

– In that location are leagues of different levels for every kind of thespian. Accelerate your strategy and work your way up to accomplish the highest one!

In this multiplayer online real-time strategy game, become the Kingdom lord and pursue the existent-time conquest of the globe by conquering every nation.

Conquer with your hero to expand your kingdom beyond all expectations: the but border is your determination in this MMORTS of total conquest & strategy. Attack and conquer new regions by displaying your tactics in an endless real-time strategy conquering war!

Download this MMO based on real-fourth dimension strategy & conquest for free, and begin your conquest!



Bring together THE WARLORDS’ Quango:

You will not forget this unique grand strategy war multiplayer game of real-time conquest: invasion, conquering, cooperating, striking down your foes or letting them live, the choice is yours!

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