Play Nintendo 64 Games On Iphone

If you lot want to play archetype games like Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario 64, y’all have to go yourself an emulator. Rather than searching the market place for a working N64, if you tin can secure an efficient emulator, information technology will enable you to play your favorite N64 games on a modernistic device such as a laptop or fifty-fifty an iPad.

Even so, emulators are not nevertheless. Some emulators work on multiple devices. Others are only uniform with particular systems. You have to ensure that your emulator of choice matches the platform you lot desire to use.

Is N64 Emulator Available for iOS Devices?

N64 Emulator iOS programs exist. They are easier to find these days than they were a few years ago. Simply you cannot download them from Apple’southward App Store. Apple does not officially back up N64 Emulator iOS programs. That existence said, they be. If yous tin sideload them, y’all tin apply them to play archetype N64 games on iPhones and iPads.

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Listing of Best Working Emulators To Use for iOS?

If you need an N64 Emulator for your iOS devices, you take several options to choose from, including:

1. Delta

If you used and enjoyed the GBA4ios emulator, Delta is even better. It doesn’t but emulate the N64. You can also use it to play Nintendo DS, NES, SNES, and Game Male child games. Besides syncing your data (to Google Bulldoze and Dropbox), the emulator works with various wireless game controllers (Xbox One, PS4, MFi).

If you want to use keyboards, it supports them also. Of form, you tin do without these external devices altogether. With Delta, yous can create and customize touchscreen controls.

Download Instructions: Use Tutu App to utilize Delta on iPad and iPhone

2. Retro Arch

Retro Arch ios

Retro Curvation works on everything from iOS to macOS, Linux, and even Windows. This is why it is so popular. Information technology is compatible with all the major operating systems. If that wasn’t impressive enough, y’all can apply the aforementioned emulator to play games from multiple consoles.

It has an bonny interface with simple settings that are piece of cake to navigate. Admittedly, information technology is a little confusing for people that are new to emulators. Fortunately, because it is popular, the emulator has a big community of fans that can guide newcomers where necessary.

Download (iOS eleven and later) [64bit]

Download (iOS ix and subsequently) [32bit]

3. N64iOS Emulator

N64iOS Emulator

This emulator volition work on iOS 10 and eleven. If y’all tin can successfully download and install the program, you will find that it supports both N64 and GBA games. The emulator is stable, capable of loading games quickly, and assuasive yous to play them without crashing. You tin can employ information technology on both iPhones and iPads.

iv. Provenance


You need a computer to install this emulator. Only it is worth the effort. The fact that it is so old means that it is more stable than some of its competitors because the developers take had plenty of time to eliminate the program’s weaknesses.

Information technology will play Atari, Sega, Sony, and Nintendo games. You tin can actually use information technology to play games from thirty systems but these are the most notable names. Provenance stands out because information technology doesn’t stop at assuasive gamers to save at whatsoever point.

Y’all can also record your footage for other people to run across. You don’t accept to worry about accessing your data. The emulator keeps it all in the cloud, simplifying the procedure of retrieving save files and loading specific save points. If you want to use a wireless controller (MFi, Steam, iCade), the emulator won’t stop you.



If y’all want to play N64 games but you have failed to find an N64 console and cartridges, the emulators in a higher place are the best alternatives. Even if you lot can find an N64 console and cartridges, they are not cheap.

The supply is low and the demand is high, which is why some sellers have decided to hike the prices. For that reason, yous are better off using one of the many N64 Emulator iOS programs on the market.

With an emulator, you can play all your favorite N64 games for complimentary (if you lot can discover the Roms). Of all the options in a higher place, Delta is the standout for many people because information technology is very easy to use. But if y’all prefer a versatile emulator, Retro Arch is superior in that regard. At the end of the 24-hour interval, if you lot know what you lot’re doing, it doesn’t matter what you lot choose. Many gamers have used all these emulators to successfully install and play the about popular N64 titles on the market.

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