Prime Gaming: Everything You Need To Know – Updated January, 2022

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Prime Gaming is Amazon’s revamp of Twitch Prime. The gaming-related membership that it offers to subscribers of its Amazon Prime service.

Information technology’s essentially Amazon’s manner of giving dorsum to the gamers with a bunch of complimentary stuff. And information technology’s something you should definitely accept advantage of if you savor playing video games. Because there tin can be some pretty sweet rewards in there.

What is Prime number Gaming really though? In this postal service we break downwards the ins and outs of the service. What information technology costs, who has access, what the benefits are and more. Prime Gaming is not a new service. Non really. Fifty-fifty earlier its proper name change from Twitch Prime, it had been around for at least a couple of years.

What is Prime Gaming?

Prime gaming is Amazon’s gaming-axial offer for Prime membership subscribers. Before Prime Gaming it was known as Twitch Prime number.

But Amazon seems to take felt that more people were unfamiliar with Twitch than people that were familiar. Just almost everyone yet, knows what Prime number is in relation to Amazon. So dropping the Twitch and slapping “gaming” on the cease perhaps makes things a little more than clear.

With Prime Gaming, you lot get a series of rewards for various games. These rewards are rotating and are non always the same. And not all rewards stick around for the same length of time as others. But, the rewards are always something useful for some of the well-nigh popular games on all platforms. Including mobile.

To put it another way, Prime Gaming is a collection of perks for gamers that allow them to merits free in-game content for the games they know and love to play.

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What kinds of benefits does Prime Gaming offer?

There are two master benefits you get from Prime Gaming. Both are as exciting and span across a wide range of game types and cater to simply as wide of a range of players.

The first and about prominent set up of benefits is the in-game content. Amazon and Twitch (which is owned past Amazon) requite away a constantly rotating set of in-game content. It’southward different for each game, and the games included are always changing likewise.

You’ll see it in the grade of in-game currency, some of it being the normal currency y’all can earn by playing and some of it being premium currency that you normally take to pay for.

Sometimes yous get item boosts, XP boosts, and other aesthetic stuff. Such every bit in-game costumes or gear. Really, information technology varies. So information technology’due south best to keep checking to see what Prime Gaming is offering. A good proposition would be to cheque once a week to come across if there’s anything new.

In add-on to in-game content, Prime number Gaming will too requite away costless games. This is usually monthly. But it tin can’t hurt to cheque more often than once a month to encounter if whatsoever games take been swapped out.

Also, its worth noting that you tin just claim the free stuff for so long. And then make sure you lot pay attention to the times. Yous can currently claim new in-game content for Destiny ii. Prime Gaming is now offer a second month of in-game content for Genshin Impact, and League Of Legends: Wild Rift. Other in-game loot drops include packs for League Of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Apex Legends, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla amid others.

As for games, Prime Gaming subscribers get admission to all sorts of games. For instance, this Summertime yous could claim Battlefield V through Origin. At the end of July, Prime number Gaming gave away Battlefield 1, although that offer expired on August iv.

Currently, you can snag Control Ultimate Edition and Dragon Age Inquisition. Although those offers elapse on December 1 and November 30 respectively.

How much does Prime Gaming cost?

The service by itself costs absolutely nothing. And the reason for that is because a Prime Gaming membership is just an Amazon Prime membership.

Like service that amazon offers with “Prime number” in the proper noun, it’south part of the Amazon Prime number membership subscription. Which means if you subscribe to Prime number Gaming or to Amazon Prime, you’re basically subscribing to the other ane too every bit they’re merely different sections of the same subscription.

All that beingness said, subscribing to Prime number for these benefits is going to toll $12.99 a month, or $119 annually.

Is the in-game content cross-platform?

This will depend entirely on the game itself. But in some cases, yeah. It is possible. For instance, Destiny 2, DOOM Eternal, and Borderlands 3 are all games which were at one point included as titles that had rewards you could claim.

Destiny 2 notwithstanding is in fact, with more rewards coming every month for the adjacent twelvemonth. All three of these games allowed you to merits the content on any platform where you owned the game. Then if y’all own DOOM Eternal on Stadia also every bit on console or PC, then you could take claimed the rewards and used them on either platform.

That being said, not all games permit this. Some of the games included are mobile titles. While others are only available on PC or panel. With these titles the content you claim can only be used on the platform where the game exists.

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How do I know when offers will end?

Prime Gaming Offer Expiration

If you become to the page where all of the offers are, each offering has a engagement listed with information technology. So all you have to do is look at the card for the offers yous’re interested in, and it’ll be displayed at the bottom of that card.

Using Destiny 2 every bit another case, the current offer that is bachelor tin can be claimed until February 24, 2022. At which point it volition exist gone and a new offer will pop upward shortly later on for the new calendar month.

Make certain you take note of these dates so you don’t miss out.

Where tin can I merits the rewards one time I’m in-game?

Equally presently equally you claim the rewards on the Prime number Gaming page, you’ll be met with a larger popup carte du jour on the same page that will tell you where to claim the items in one case you’re in-game.

There’s not much else to it also that. Merely read where the items will be dropped off and one time yous launch the game, get pick them up and you lot’re good to go.

Practise the rewards ever expire?

Generally no. In most cases the in-game offers that pop up will exist yours to keep forever, or until you use the items if they’re consumables like XP boosts.

But in some cases the offers will be for items that just last for a certain period of time. Blackness Desert Mobile for example offered some rewards in the past that were only expert for a sure period of time. Which meant you had to use them before they expired. Or you would have just wasted some free stuff.

Information technology’due south also of import to keep an centre on this particular detail.

How do I play the games that I claim?

Prime Gaming Amazon Games Launcher

It used to be that games you claimed through Prime Gaming would exist installed directly to your Windows PC. If they were Windows games to begin with.

Now though, it seems as if y’all volition need to download and install the Amazon Games launcher. And any games you lot merits will be accessible through that launcher. Like to Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft Connect etc.

Are there any other benefits of Prime Gaming?

Yep. By being a member, you will besides get one costless subscription to a Twitch streamer of your pick.

For streamers on the Twitch platform, ane way they tin brand money is by having viewers subscribe to their channel. Which results in the subscriber getting some rewards for Twitch, like special emotes and more than.

Usually these subscriptions cost $5. But as a Prime Gaming fellow member you will go one of these $5 subs for free to spend how you like. You will become one per month to use on the channel of your choice. Whether it’s the same channel or not. If it’southward the aforementioned channel you will have to re-subscribe since it’s not tied to a payment method with auto-deduction set. So continue that in mind every bit well.

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