Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater review: Smart and stylish

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A regular convection heater inside, the Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater stands out through its smart blueprint and corking bear upon-screen controls on the front end. Information technology’s also a smart production, letting you control the heating via the app, Alexa or Google Assistant. For a smart product, it’due south well priced and able to warm smaller rooms without the demand for boosted heating. If you don’t desire smart features, there are cheaper products available.


  • Smart features
  • Neat looks
  • Warms well


  • Fiddly to adhere legs

Cardinal Features

  • Estrus
    A convection heater, this model is silent in operation and turns off when the set temperature is hit.

  • Smart features
    Connecting via Wi-Fi, you can control this heater with the app, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.


If you’ve got a cold room that needs a bit of a boost, the Princess Drinking glass Smart Console Heater is a smart way of calculation comfort. Wall-mountable or freestanding, this plug-in heater has smart controls so that you can remote command it from your phone or employ your vox.

Information technology’s silent in operation, warms upwardly quickly and is easy to use. For smaller rooms and occasional use, it’s a well-priced heater.


  • Smart, modernistic expect
  • Freestanding or wall mounted

The product name tells yous everything you lot demand to know about this convection heater. It has a thoroughly modern finish to information technology, with a glossy glass front end, and is available in both black and white. In that location are two power versions available, as well: the 1500W version I have here (suitable for upward to 20m2 rooms) and the 2000W version (upwards to 25m2).

Out of the box, the panel heater tin either be wall-mounted or it tin can have anxiety screwed into place and so that it can be gratuitous-standing. With the latter, the feet are fiddly to spiral into place and the instruction manual doesn’t tell yous which way round they should get; it but says that if the heater is tilting, you’ve got them on incorrectly.

Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater feet

There’due south a physical switch to turn the Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater on and off.


  • Total controls on device
  • Smart app control
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support

With the power on, you take to utilise the standby push button on the front to toggle the rut on and off. There are then controls to switch between the two heat modes, a timer and controls to set the thermostat, with the target temperature clearly displayed on the forepart LCD.

Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater controls

Once the temperature has been reached, the panel heater shuts down until the temperature falls, then the heat kicks back in.

Overheat protection stops the heater from getting too hot, and tip-over protection cuts ability if kids or a pet knock over the radiator.

If you want more than control, so you lot need the HomeWizard Climate app, which you utilize to connect the Princess Drinking glass Smart Panel Heater to your Wi-Fi network; information technology’s the aforementioned app as is used for the Princess Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower.

Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater app

From the app, you can prepare the rut mode (high or low), temperature target and toggle standby fashion. The app besides gives you schedules, and so you tin can set the Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater upwards to piece of work much similar a smart thermostat.

With the app connected to Wi-Fi, you can use the Amazon Alexa or Google Banana skills to turn the heater on and off with your vocalization. You can set a target temperature with your vox, but you lot can’t toggle the ability mode between Low and High.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Front doesn’t get besides hot

Turning the Princess Drinking glass Smart Panel Heater on, I measured it at 1517W when using the higher heat mode, and 764W on the low fashion. It’s useful having two heat modes, equally the lower one saves coin and is more useful when you lot want to have the border off a cold room. The higher setting is for when it’s really cold.

With the Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater on maximum setting, I measured the center of the console at 58C and the top at 78C, with the controls sub 25C. That’south good, equally you lot won’t burn yourself if you demand to adjust the temperature and don’t desire to utilize the app.

The existent heat is at the back, with the top of the grill measuring 125C. That’s hot enough to burn y’all, so avoid touching this area.

Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater top

There’south no fan in this model, but warm air rising causes air movement, which I measured at 0.52m/s. It’s plenty of a breeze to gently warm a room through, even if it’south non immediately felt in the way that a fan heater’s directional blast is.

My room was at 18C before I turned the heater on, rising to 21.3C afterwards, which certainly adds to comfort in a room heated past radiators. In small to mid-size rooms, there’s plenty power for this to be the only heater you need.

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Should you purchase it?

If y’all want a silent and smart heater for a small room or office, and so this flexible convection heater is well priced.

Dumb convection heaters are a lot cheaper, while a fan heater with a cooling mode for summertime may prove a better investment.

Final Thoughts

Designed for well-insulated rooms or occasional use, the Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater is a stylish way to add a flake of extra heat to room, or for adding comfort to an part room. It’s stylish warms upwards well and has a useful app for smart control. If you want something a bit more immediate that y’all can employ during the warm months, the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower may be better option, or you tin can cheque out alternatives in my guide to the best electric heaters.

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Does the Princess Drinking glass Smart Panel Heater have a thermostat?

Yes, you can prepare the target temperature from the command panel on the front of the heater.

What smart features does the Princess Glass Smart Console Heater have?

It connects to Wi-Fi and can be controlled via the app, Amazon Alexa or the Google Banana.

Total specs

Great britain RRP


Size (Dimensions)

Release Date

First Reviewed Date

Model Number

Remote Control

App Command

Fan Type


Heat mode

Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater



760 x 90 ten 380 MM



Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater



Convection heater



Jargon buster

Google Banana

A vocalisation assistant which is Google’southward take on Amazon’s Alexa.


Amazon’s smart voice assistant


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