Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower Review: Useful all year round

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A powerful fan and heater, the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower tin can be used all twelvemonth round. With a smartphone app giving a higher level of command than much of the contest, it’south a powerful product. In that location are a few rough edges, just if you’re looking for a heater that’s useful during the summer months, likewise, then this is a peachy option.


  • Powerful heating and cooling
  • Useful smart app and vocalisation control
  • Doesn’t have up much space


  • Doesn’t brandish fan mode on LCD
  • Could do with a lower fan speed


  • Great britain
    RRP: £199.99

Central Features

  • Oestrus style
    This fan has a thermostat, so it volition turn off automatically when the right temperature has been reached.

  • Smart features
    Connecting via Wi-Fi, this fan can be controlled via app, Amazon Alexa or Google Banana


Including many of the more advanced features seen in models from some of the bigger brands, but without the matching price, the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower is a useful product that y’all can utilise all year round.

A handy, if not a little basic, app offers a greater degree of control than a standard fan heater, and at that place’southward a remote command, too. Decent functioning in both cooling and heating modes makes this an constructive product even in larger rooms.


  • Sleek tower
  • Black or white color options

Available in both black and white, the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Belfry looks bully and unassuming. Since this is a tower model information technology’s tall, but it doesn’t take upward a lot of floor infinite at 1020 ten 230 x 230mm. That’southward quite a bit less space than you’d need for the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde, although that model comes with a bigger base to hold the boosted sensors and filters.

The other benefit of belfry fans is that they don’t have any moving parts on display. Here, both hot and cold air (depending on the mode you set) comes out of the narrow slit in the main column.

Princess provides a remote control in the box, which enables yous to adjust every feature. In that location are no controls on the unit itself, bar a power button – so don’t lose this remote. It’s only a shame and then that there’due south nowhere to store the remote on the fan’due south trunk when information technology isn’t in use.


  • Remote control
  • LCD shows current settings
  • The smart app delivers command via your telephone or phonation

Once you’ve plugged in the fan, yous can control it via the Climate app, bachelor for both iOS and Android devices. Just follow the prompts in the app to get the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Belfry continued to your Wi-Fi.

One time continued, the app covers all of the basics. In Fan mode, you can adjust the speed, in increments from one to 10. Switch to Estrus mode and y’all get 4 options, plus y’all can set a target temperature, too. Both heating and cooling modes support oscillation – and the sleep timer, which you tin can ready in one-hour increments up to 24 hours.

If yous’d rather utilise the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower as more of a smart thermostat, it’s possible to set schedules for when it will plough on and off. You lot needn’t worry as well much about the fan if you’re not in your dwelling, since it will plow off automatically if information technology’s knocked over or if information technology overheats.

Both heating and cooling modes back up Natural mode, which plainly adjusts fan speed up and downward to make air feel more like a natural breeze. In reality, I remain unconvinced that such modes feel any better to the Standard mode, which uses a constant fan speed.

Using the remote control, you lot can perform all of the same functions, bar setting a schedule. At that place’s a simple LCD on the front end of the fan that displays the settings, including the fan speed or heat way and target temperature. There’due south no indicator to prove that Natural manner is turned on, although you’ll know considering the fan speed becomes variable.

Changes made via the app are replicated on the LCD, and changes made via the remote are displayed in the app. Well, for the most function. Using the remote to switch between Cold and Heat modes didn’t ever update the app with the right settings.

One time the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower is connected to your Wi-Fi, y’all tin can use the Amazon Alexa and Google Banana skills. You can toggle the power and oscillate modes, and adjust fan speed, just y’all can’t prepare a temperature or switch between heating and cooling. Dyson’s smart devices offer far greater control.

Yet, in Alexa, the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Belfry appears as a proper device, so you can use it in routines.


  • Effective heating and cooling
  • Could do with a slower everyman fan speed

I put the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Belfry through my standard tests. Starting with the regular fan, I measured air speed at 3.08m/s on maximum setting from 15cm away, falling to 1.31m/southward at 1m. That’southward bang-up, although I accept tested more powerful fans.

On the lowest speed setting, I measured the fan at 1.31m/due south at 15cm, dropping to 0.4m/s at 1m. That’due south quite a high depression fan speed; a little more variation between minimum and maximum would have been welcome.

Switching to Heat mode, I constitute that the airflow measured from 15cm abroad was 40ºC in both the highest and everyman setting. There was a meaning divergence with air speed, moving from 1.9m/southward at the lowest to 2.45m/southward at the highest oestrus setting. With the highest setting, I could feel a column of warm air from across my test lab.

To prevent the ceramic heater from overheating, the minimum fan speed has to be loftier; that’s pretty standard for all fan heaters.

I measured noise at a maximum of 48.5dB on the minimum setting, upward to a more powerful 60.1dB on maximum – both measured from 15cm. Finer, this means that you will always hear the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower when it is turned on.

I measured power consumption at a maximum of 1983kW on Oestrus mode (in fan-only mode, power consumption topped out at just 28.8W). Given the average cost of electricity in the UK (18.9p per kWh), this means that the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Belfry will cost a maximum of 37.48p per hour to run. Notation that next to central heating, all electric heaters are comparatively expensive to run.

Of class, y’all won’t need to run this fan heater 24 hours per day, thanks to the accurate temperature sensor. One time the room was up to the set temperature, the fan drops to its cooling mode for a brusque while before switching the fan off. Once the ambient temperature drops below your set betoken, it turns on over again automatically.

Princess states that this model can handle large rooms of up to 50m2 in size. I found that in my office, which is closer to 30m2, this fan was sufficient to oestrus the room. It can fifty-fifty work well in conjunction with traditional heating, with that column of warm air making y’all feel more than comfortable.

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Should yous buy it?

If you desire a device that yous can use at any betoken during the year, this smart fan and heater works well in the summer and in the winter.

If you desire a device that can purify air, then consider alternatives. And if you’d rather have a silent heat-only device, and so an electric convection heater may exist a ameliorate selection.

Concluding Thoughts

A decent all-circular heater and fan, the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower tin can be used throughout the year. The Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde is more than useful overall, since information technology’s an air purifier, too. Dyson also offers a meliorate app, although its production is a lot more expensive.

At this price, the Dimplex MaxAir is a little more than powerful, although its smartphone app is much less useful, beingness Bluetooth-only. If you’re afterward something different, check out my guide to the best electrical heaters.

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What modes does the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower have?

Information technology can be set to Fan mode, bravado cool air only, or Heat mode, where its ceramic heater can warm up the room.

How much power does the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower use?

This model uses a maximum of 2kW of ability, which ways it’s suitable for larger rooms, or it can heat up smaller rooms fast.

Trusted Reviews test data

Compared to the Dyson, the Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower is noisier and less powerful, but there isn’t much in it, and the fan on review hither is a lot cheaper.

Sound (high)

Sound (depression)

Air speed 1m (high)

Air book 1m (depression)

Time to clear smoke

Air speed 15cm (low)

Air speed 15cm (high)

Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower

60.i dB

48.v dB

1.31 m/s

0.4 thou³/h

ane.31 thou/s

3.08 m/south

Dyson Purifier Hot+Absurd Formaldehyde

56.eight dB

39.26 dB

2.1 m/southward

639 sec

0.69 k/s

3.8 g/s

Full specs



Size (Dimensions)

Release Date

First Reviewed Date

Model Number

Remote Control

App Command

Number of speeds

Fan Type



Dark Mode

Heat fashion

Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower



230 x 230 x 1020 MM



Princess Smart Heating and Cooling Tower




Heater and fan


Up to 24 hours


Ceramic heater with thermostat


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