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Description of Individual Photo Vault

Lock pictures on your phone with Individual Photo Vault. Private Photo Vault is the #1 iOS photo safety app that is now bachelor on Android.
What makes Private Photo Vault swell?

Often, someone will ask to use your phone, and you lot will feel obligated to say yes. Then they will stumble through your photo gallery and see some photos that were meant to exist individual. Individual Photo Vault was designed for this exact purpose, to keep your private photos safe. Private Photo Vault is an entirely separate private image gallery that safely stores your photos so they tin but be accessed by you. Private Photograph Vault allows y’all to lock pictures in normal photograph albums as well as password protected photo albums (double layer password security). Creating your ain personal photo safe.
To lock pictures with Private Photo Vault:
ane) Setup account and create new pin
two) Go into the first private photograph album already created for you
3) Hit the plus button to lock pictures. These photos will exist removed from your gallery and locked safely in Private Photo Vault.
4) At present you accept a private photograph safe that only y’all tin can view
• Password protected app entry
   • Pivot Lock
   • Countersign Protected Photo Albums
     (Lock pictures in your private albums)
• Interruption-in Written report: Photograph + GPS

   Private Photo Vault’s break-in report will secretly take a photo and tape the device’s electric current GPS location whenever a wrong countersign is entered for the app. This will allow you to encounter anyone who may be snooping on your personal pictures.
• Decoy Password

Sometimes a nosy person volition beg you to see what photos you have in Individual Photograph Vault. In this situation, you can requite them your decoy password that opens upward to an entirely dissimilar ready of photos. This volition then make them lose their curiosity about what is in the app while your private pics are notwithstanding in there in your normal vault account.
PHOTO Management

• Create Secret Photo Albums right in the App
• Import/Consign safely from normal gallery
• Electronic mail Photos
• Text Message Photos
• Custom Album Covers to go along safe the contents of your individual anthology
Photograph VIEWING

• Private Paradigm Gallery
     Fully functioning image gallery with zooming, rotation, and panning
• Photo Slideshow
     Shuffle back up and timer from within the photo safe
VIDEO Support

• Import/Export videos safely from normal gallery
• Watch Videos
• Private Photo Vault is subconscious from your recently used apps list.
• Keeps photos safe and secure, abroad from prying eyes
• Creates a video vault that offers protection for your private videos
Q: Tin can I export my photos later hiding them with the app?
A: Of class, by striking the export push, any picture you lot have locked in the photo safe will be returned to where you originally imported information technology from.
Q: Is there a limit on the number of photos I can have in the app?
A: Nope 🙂 Private Photo Vault allows password protecting as many private pictures and videos as you lot have, so long as you yet accept gratuitous space on your device.
Q: Who tin can see my photos?
A: To requite y’all more than privacy, your photos are securely stored on your device and not uploaded to our servers.
Q: What is the difference between Individual Photograph Vault and an app lock?
A: Private Photo Vault creates an entirely split up photograph gallery that safely stores your photos. An app lock merely puts a password on your existing photo gallery.

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