Problem Reading Battery Meter Pixel 4xl

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I had a 50% battery issue last June. I asked Google if I brutal underneath the extended warranty. I did not. I had UBIF supplant the battery and paid out of pocket.

Phone was working fine, until this past weekend. I’ve received a message “Problem Reading Your Battery Meter”. This pops up a ? on the bombardment icon. The phone sometimes gives me a normal battery meter and I can charge for a bit. Other times, I can’t get it to charge at all. The telephone has ran dead a couple of times already. When it’s dead, I’ve been able to plug into power and the black screen will sometimes prove ? on the bombardment, and others it volition outset charging. Once I reach ane or ii%, I can then power upwardly the telephone. Sometimes, it charges completely. Other times, it will bounce back and forth between question marking and charging.

I am not sure if this is a battery issue or motherboard. I read about a like issue on the new Pixel 6 that was related to the Programmer OPTIONS > ANIMATIONS settings. I did have the animations ready to .5. I tried irresolute back to default and it seemed that made a difference for ane charge bicycle. After that, back to the behavior described above.

I’m at a loss. The phone has worked just fine for me. If it’s a motherboard outcome, those are going for around $500. At that price, I might besides become a new phone. A new bombardment is $100, merely I’ve got no guarantee it’s a bombardment issue. Has anyone ran into this? What was the prepare? Thank you!

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I had a 50% bombardment effect final June. I asked Google if I barbarous underneath the extended warranty. I did not. I had UBIF replace the battery and paid out of pocket.

Take information technology back to UBIF and accept them diagnose (costless). Worst case is they confirm the MB and you will know for sure. There are billions of chitty chinese bunk batteries in the supply concatenation.

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In my case, it was the motherboard pivot connector. I read that this is somewhat a common trouble. Started with the same message as you and the ? only most of the problem did non show and the phone charged fine. As time went on, the problem was happening more frequently to a point that it was all the time. When the ? sign appears, the phone does not charge so I had to utilize information technology for a week plugged in. Y’all tin can apply it plugged in, but when yous unplug it, it will shut down.

I took it to a good repair store and they showed me under the microscope that in fact the MB connector was wrecked. So, equally I am in republic of chile, because of cost of repair (better bite the bullet and purchase a pixel 5a 5g for a trivial extra money) I lost my phone over a 7usd desperately soldered by factory slice.


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Today I took the phone into my local uBreakiFix. They had the telephone for well-nigh four hours. Their website was having problems so I saw no status of my repair. They texted my married woman that the telephone was completed. I went in and they said that they were able to get Google to replace the battery free of accuse. The phone is showing battery percentage correctly now.

What’s strange to me is that I contacted Google chat a week or ii agone asking if this would fall under the Pixel extended warranty, and they said information technology would not (I gave them my IMEI). So why is it suddenly covered when UBIF asks them? What’s even stranger to me is that when I took the telephone to the same store (and I believe even the same tech) back in June, they said that the battery _was not_ covered past the extended warranty. I had to pay $100 (+ tax) back in June 2021 to get the battery replaced. So, either UBIF truly did put in a new battery free of charge, or the connector was loose on the electric current battery and they just popped it back in. I estimate we’ll see in fourth dimension.


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I’m having the same issue with the “?” Showing up. I’ve got an appointment with ubreakifix this afternoon. Sure would be nice if this falls nether the extended warranty. I will update after today with what ubreakifix says.


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I’grand having the same issue with the “?” Showing up. I’ve got an appointment with ubreakifix this afternoon. Certain would be nice if this falls under the extended warranty. I will update afterward today with what ubreakifix says.

And so what did they say?


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It was covered 100% past Google. Information technology was the battery that had gone bad. Information technology’due south a known issue and google will supplant the bombardment free of charge.

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