Proscenic T21 Review: Ignore the smart, embrace the quality

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Smart features may sound like a must-have, only the Proscenic T21 demonstrates that app and voice control aren’t really necessary in an air fryer. The confusing layout and overload of buttons prove a fleck much, also. However, accept control of your cooking and this air fryer works beautifully, coming with a big v.five-litre basket that provides enough of cooking room for a whole family.


  • Cooks well
  • Good price
  • Clever basket design


  • Too many buttons
  • Smart features aren’t that useful

Cardinal Features

  • Capacity
    A single v.v-litre drawer provides enough space to cook one item for your entire family unit

  • Smart features
    There’s an app for remote command and yous can use Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, although using the latter can exist fiddly


Proscenic has been slowly expanding into new product categories, moving from vacuum cleaners and air purifiers to air fryers. The Proscenic T21 is the company’due south first smart air fryer, controllable through its app.

The main brandish on this air fryer is cluttered, though, and the app isn’t particularly useful. The default temperature selections are odd, besides. Withal, the quality of the actual cooking is very proficient, and the T21 offers decent value, too.

Blueprint and Features

  • So many buttons
  • Overnice drawer pattern
  • App controlled

The Proscenic T21 looks much like other air fryers with its large drawer at the bottom, just it’due south the command panel at the front that really catches the attending, mainly because it’due south cluttered with buttons. At that place are shortcuts for dedicated modes from chips, shrimp, pizza, chicken, fish, steak, block and bacon. Select whatever of these options and the air fryer volition automatically gear up the cooking temperature and time.

Proscenic T21 controls

Yet, the option of temperature can exist quite odd. For example, the setting for chips is 204ºC – I’one thousand not certain if selecting temperatures by the degree really makes that much difference.

If you prefer, you can set cooking temperatures and times manually using the buttons on the front end. Ultimately, this is far easier, particularly once you’ve become accustomed to how the unit works. A simpler layout, more akin to the Ninja AF300UK, would accept been welcome.

Temperature pick covers a range between 80ºC and 205ºC, and so you don’t get the full Max Crisp 240ºC temperature that Ninja’south fryers offer.

Proscenic lets you control the fryer using its smartphone app. This is a skinned version of the Tuya Smart Life app. From the app, you can select the same settings yous see on the front of the air fryer, plus at that place are dedicated recipes and a scheduling option.

Proscenic T21 app

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Skills are on offer, as well, and then you can use your vocalisation to select a specific program or start and stop the fryer. Both are fiddly in operation, so I gave up, preferring to utilize the physical controls on the front end of the unit instead.

Catch the handle at the front of the drawer and give information technology a yank (information technology’southward a little strong) to pull out the v.five-litre drawer. It’due south a pretty big drawer, letting you cater for the unabridged family with ease.

Proscenic T21 drawer

Rather than a crisper plate that sits at the bottom of the drawer, the Proscenic T21 has a lift-out crisper basket. This actually makes serving easier. I found that I could tip chips and other items directly out of the crisper basket.

Proscenic T21 crisper basket

There’due south a slightly annoying feature to the basket. If you set the T21 to melt, but then pull out the handbasket to add food, the air fryer turns off and wipes your settings. And then, add food commencement, and and then cull your settings.

In one case you lot’ve finished cooking, you lot can clean the drawer and crisper in the dishwasher, making clear-up a doddle.


  • Cooks very well
  • Plenty of room
  • Crispy results

I started off by cooking fries to see how well the Proscenic performed. I slightly adjusted the cooking fourth dimension for the chips plan, although I did stick with the recommended 204ºC temperature. At the end of cooking, my chips were nicely washed, with a very crispy border and a soft inside. These are some of the all-time chips that I’ve had from an air fryer.

Proscenic T21 chips

I did accept to remember to manually requite the food a shake function manner through cooking, though, since the T21 doesn’t accept an auto-remind feature.

Next I cooked a couple of sausages, reducing the cooking time from the oven instructions on the packet, and spraying them lightly with oil. Although they were cooked through, cooking wasn’t quite as uniform as I’d have liked: some more turning within the fryer would accept helped.

Proscenic T21 sausages

Finally, I cooked some frozen hash browns. Notorious for coming out soggy from the oven, in the Proscenic T21, the hash browns were nice and crisp, although non quite as good equally when I cooked them in the Ninja AF400UK, with its high-temperature Max Crisp mode.

Proscenic T21 hash browns

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Should yous buy it?

If you want a large(ish) air fryer that cooks well, then the Proscenic T21 is a smashing choice, even including some smart features.

If smart features aren’t a priority, and you’re looking instead for an air fryer that’due south more than straightforward to use, look elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

When I first saw the Proscenic T21 I was a little overwhelmed by how many cooking programmes information technology featured on the front. In that location are just so many buttons. However, ignore these and become used to the right temperatures and times to use for your food, and the T21 delivers very practiced results.

While the app control isn’t that useful, y’all’re not paying more for the feature, and this is a solid mid-range air fryer. If yous desire something different, check out my guide to the best air fryers.

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What smart features does the Proscenic T21 take?

You tin can control this air fryer using the app, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

How much food can the Proscenic T21 hold?

It can accommodate up to 5.5 litres of food, which is enough infinite for a family.

Full specs



Size (Dimensions)



Release Date

First Reviewed Date

Model Number


Stated Power

Number of compartments

Cooking modes

Total nutrient chapters

Special features

Proscenic T21



326 10 316 ten 314 MM

5.9 KG




Proscenic T21

5.5-litre drawer and crisper basket

1700 W


Air fry

v.5 litres

App command


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