Protect Your iPhone 13 with BodyGuardz Screen Protectors and Cases

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With a powerful A15 CPU, improvements to camera/video, better battery life, etc. Apple gives y’all more than reasons than ever to upgrade your existing device to the iPhone xiii lineup. Still, all your excitement can drain in the vein when you accidentally drop your shiny new buy. That’southward why it’due south of import to protect your iPhone 13 with BodyGuardz cases and screen protectors.

With every passing twelvemonth, Apple tree works towards improving the stability and rigidity of the iPhone lineup. However, information technology’s difficult to survive an adventitious drib from a adept pinnacle on a hard surface. Sure, the iPhone xiii is a joy to utilise with its original fit and end but then once more, you lot wouldn’t desire to risk a cute screen or on-device information with a hard fall.

BodyGuardz’s dedicated lineup of screen protectors and cases for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini are here to the rescue.

Who Is BodyGuardz and Why Should Y’all Buy Their Accessories?

BodyGuardz offers precise iPhone 13 cases, screen protectors, and covers to protect your expensive purchase from accidental drops and scratches. But then once again, in that location are dozens of third-party vendors on Amazon with alpine claims! What’s so special nigh BodyGuardz?

BodyGuardz’s entire lineup and non just one or two cases are built around sustainability. The Solitude and Ace Pro iPhone 13 cases are made from 100% bioplastics featuring ocean-reclaimed plastic from REPREVE.

Other iPhone 13 cases are manufactured using a combination of bioplastics and Trident Renew from Eastman (with 50% recycled content that tin exist recycled many times over without “downwards-cycling”).

The visitor takes a holistic, life-cycle approach to sustainability that includes soy-based inks, ocean shipping (whenever possible), and 100% recyclable packaging materials.

Information technology doesn’t end here though. BodyGuardz is introducing a first-of-its-kind eco-friendly screen protector. The company has always distinguished itself for making premium screen protectors and cases at value-driven prices.

While the rivals focus more than on unlike fancy patterns, BodyGuardz keeps it uncomplicated with an ageless pattern. Their entire instance lineup relies on better design and not decorations while keeping the slim and pocket-friendly approach in mind.

Let’southward look at some of the best cases and screen protectors from BodyGuardz.

BodyGuardz Cases


Bodyguardz Solitude iPhone 13 case

Solitude cases are some minimalist, fun, and sustainable cases for your iPhone xiii Pro. It keeps the back of the device visible to others and offers a strong grip and protection all effectually the phone trunk.

The textured edges on the side offer better grip and the raised bumpers effectually the corners can handle whatever shock from the surface. What’s more than? The Solitude cases are 100% MagSafe and Qi wireless charging compatible.

Go ahead and option one for only $24.95.


carve case for iPhone 13

Carve allows you to distinguish from some of the nearly stylish phone cases out in that location at a fraction of the toll. The sculpted edge offers a rounded look with a unique combination of matte and reflective surfaces. Metallic button accents add together a little something actress to the design. The non-slip grip provides its own form of driblet protection to go on with standard impact protection.

Become ahead and catch one for $29.95.

In the lineup, BodyGuardz has Ace Pro that’s fabricated from 100% bioplastics with a premium 12-ft drop rating; Rivet with three layers of protective materials; Bravo with rugged design; and Score with stylish design.

Check out all the BodyGuardz iPhone xiii cases here.

BodyGuardz Screen Protectors

Many rivals utilise plastic screen protectors during manufacturing and telephone call it twenty-four hour period. Well, that’south non the case with BodyGuardz. It uses constructed drinking glass that is more shatterproof than tempered drinking glass while still offering comparable touch sensitivity to true drinking glass.


eco screen protector for iPhone 13

The first-of-its-kind eco-friendly screen protector. At present, this is not but any random marketing fluff. It is actually certified by TUV Rheinland.


Does your daily road include a crowded omnibus or train? The SpyGlass screen protector for iPhone thirteen can protect you from those peeking over the shoulders.

Apart from that, BodyGuardz offers blue light screen protectors, synthetic glass protectors, and tempered glass protectors.

Find the entire BodyGuardz iPhone xiii screen protector offerings here. Also, bank check out BodyGuardz cases and screen protectors for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Reasons to Getting Cases and Screen Protectors for iPhone 13

  • It seems Apple tree is finally washed with its obsession with making its devices thinner. iPhone xiii is heavier and slightly thicker than its predecessors. It makes more than sense to invest in a slim iPhone 13 example and screen protector.
  • iPhones are never known for long endurance. Even with a thicker iPhone, we aren’t sure about better battery life every bit iPhone xiii does come with extras such as 5G, faster processor, and Always-on Display. Yous tin can pick a MagSafe-compatible example from BodyGuardz and extend the battery life.
  • The iPhone thirteen Pro Max comes with up to 1TB of default storage. Not many are fond of using cloud storage and it’southward important than ever to protect the on-device storage. You lot won’t want to lose them due to a broken iPhone on a hard surface.

What are you waiting for? Grab a screen protector and case from BodyGuardz and secure your device from vesture and tear.


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