Ps4 Add On Cannot Find Application

Are you bothered past PS4 cannot access organisation storage issue? If this issue happens, there should be something wrong with the hard bulldoze of your PS4 arrangement. To get rid of cannot showtime the PS4 cannot access system storage issue, y’all can read this MiniTool commodity to get some solutions. Hope they can help you out.

PS4 Cannot Access Arrangement Storage

If you are a PlayStation4 (PS4) user, you are definitely non willing to come across this situation: PS4 cannot access organization storage. When this issue happens, yous will enter Safe Mode with the error bulletin every bit:

Cannot start the PS4.

Cannot access system storage.

Press the power push button for 1 second (until the arrangement beeps) to plow off the PS4.


This ce-34335-8 safety fashion error message indicates that at that place is likely an issue with the hard bulldoze of your PS4. You are unable to open PS4 commonly, allow alone play games with it. And so, is there whatsoever way to fix this outcome? It depends on the actual situation you are facing.

In this postal service, we will walk yous through these 4 fixes which have been proven to be effective:

  • Fix ane: Reinsert the Hard Bulldoze
  • Fix 2: Employ CHKDSK to Fix Errors or Shield Bad Sectors
  • Set three: Recover Information and Format the Drive to Normal
  • Fix four: Supercede the Corrupted Hard Bulldoze by a New One

You can effort these four solutions 1 by i to discover out the suitable way for your own situation. Here, these solutions can also get ce-34335-8 PS4 Slim stock-still.

Fix 1: Reinsert the Hard Drive

If the hard drive works well for a long time, and cannot start the PS4 cannot admission system storage upshot happens suddenly, y’all tin can consider whether the cablevision connection of the difficult drive is loose. Thus, you can reinsert the hard drive of your PS4 to have a effort.

1. Plough off your PS4.

2. Unplug the power cord

three. Remove the difficult drive cover.

For different versions of PS4, the ways to remove the difficult bulldoze embrace vary. Hither, dissimilar ways to remove the hard drive cover for different PS4 versions are mentioned in this mail: Replacing Internal Hard Drive on PS4. But visit it to find the proper way accordingly.

4. Remove the difficult drive from the PS4 system.

5. Reinsert information technology into the PS4 organization.

If this PS4 system storage issue persists, at that place could exist some errors or bad sectors on the hard drive. In this situation, you need to run CHKDSK to fix the upshot. See the next part to get the detailed steps.

Fix 2: Employ CHKDSK to Fix Errors or Shield Bad Sectors

You need to use your computer to run CHKDSK. Thus, you however need to remove the difficult drive from the PS4 system and connect information technology to your computer.

So, follow these steps to fix the issue:

1. Press the
keys at the aforementioned time to open up the

ii. Type
into the search box, and and then press the

3. Later entering the cmd.exe interface, blazon in this control line:
chkdsk *: /r /f. Here, * stands for the drive letter of the alphabet of the target HDD.

4. CHKDSK will begin to cheque the specified hard bulldoze. If there are errors, it can fix them; if there are bad sectors, it tin can shield them only recover the readable information.

5. When the process finishes, remove the hard drive from your estimator and insert it to your PS4 system over again.

half-dozen. Reboot the PS4 to run across whether cannot showtime the PS4 ce-34335-8 issue disappears.

Fix 3: Recover Information and Format the Bulldoze to Normal

While, if this result notwithstanding appears after using the second solution, the hard drive could exist corrupted and needs to be repaired. Go to bank check whether you lot tin can open the hard drive successfully on your calculator.

Perhaps, you just receive a message saying that you demand to format the disk earlier you lot can use information technology. In this situation, we are afraid that you have to format it to have a try.

As well, you yet need to use your computer to format the hard drive. Nevertheless, if y’all need to keep the files on the drive, you’d improve recover them in accelerate.

Recover Data from the Corrupted Hard Drive

Referring to information recovery, it is a good option to use a third-party costless file recovery tool to do the chore. MiniTool Power Data Recovery can be your all-time choice.

This data recovery software is reliable and harmless because information technology will non influence the data on the hard drive. It is powerful since it tin rescue your lost and deleted data in different situations. It can also help you lot recover data from a corrupted hard bulldoze.

If it is the showtime time for y’all to use this software, yous can try its trial edition and see whether it can find your needed files from the damage hard bulldoze. You tin press the following button to go this software.

Gratis Download

After removing the hard drive from the PS4 system and connecting information technology to your calculator, yous need to follow these steps to restore information from the PS4 hard drive.

one. Open the software.

two. This software volition list all logical drives it can detect. You lot need to detect the continued PS4 hard drive and click the
push to start scanning it.

select the target drive to scan

3. When the scanning ends, you can see the browse results. By default, the scan results are listed by path. You tin can aggrandize the path to observe your needed files. On the other hand, you can click Type to make the software show the browse results by type. You lot tin also use the
feature to find your files by proper name.

scan results

4. If yous are sure you lot tin apply this software to discover your needed files and you want to use it to recover the found files, yous can use an advanced edition to practice the job. After upgrading the software, y’all tin select the files yous desire to recover and click the
button to select a location to save them. You should not save them to the original location because the bulldoze is inaccessible.

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When your needed files are rescued by this MiniTool information recovery software, you can feel free to format the hard drive to get rid of PS4 cannot access system storage effect.

Format the Difficult Drive to Its Normal State

Here, you tin can employ MiniTool Partition Wizard, a professional person partition manager, to format the faulty PS4 hard drive with ease.

Format Partition
is a costless feature in this software. You tin can printing the following push to download and install it on your estimator to format your PS4 hard bulldoze.

Free Download

1. Open the software to enter its main interface.

two. Right-click on the partition of the target bulldoze and cull the
characteristic from the popup menu.

choose Format

three. A small window will pop up and y’all tin can define the
Partition Label,
File System
Cluster Size
for the partition.

  • Here, since PS4 needs to utilize FAT32 or exFAT partition, please select the proper file system for the sectionalisation co-ordinate to your actual needs.
  • If you lot choose a incorrect file system, you may receive the error message like
    The USB storage device cannot be used. The files arrangement is not supported. Then, you need to catechumen the file system to a proper one.

4. Then, press the
button to go dorsum to the main interface.

define the partition

v. Printing the
button to relieve all the changes.

Fix 4: Replace the Corrupted Hard Bulldoze past a New Ane

If formatting the drive doesn’t let you become rid of PS4 cannot access system storage issue, information technology is quite possible that the disk is physically damaged and y’all need to replace it by a new one.

For some reasons, y’all may need to update your PS4 difficult drive. Visit this post to learn what you tin practise: ii Solutions to PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Without Data Loss.

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Suggestion: Support PS4 Regularly

To avoid data loss effect caused by unexpected accidents, nosotros suggest backing up data saved on your PS4 arrangement storage regularly. Moreover, backing up PS4 data is especially useful when you need to supervene upon the hard disk, transfer ownership or replace your PS4 arrangement. It is a useful skill you should master.

How to Back upward Your PS4 Information

Unremarkably, information technology is suggested backing up the data to a USB storage device. Thus, you can set up a FAT32 or exFAT formatted USB device with plenty costless space to salvage the data needed to be backed up. If at that place is no enough space, you can choose not to back upward application information.

Of course, you can use other types of external storage devices. Only, please make sure that the destination device is formatted with FAT32 or exFAT.

If y’all have an account, yous tin can back up files from one console and and then restore information technology to a different console. While, if yous don’t ain an account, you tin can merely restore data to its original console that has created the fill-in.

In the post-obit content, we will walk you through the steps to support PS4 data in detail.

ane. Sync your Trophies.

Trophies are not included in the backup data. Thus, you need to sync it manually. Get to
Sync Trophies With PSN
to do the job.

2. Connect the USB drive yous want to utilise for information backup via 1 of the PS4 USB ports.

3. Become to
Support and Restore.

iv. Cull the
Back up

5. Ostend the data you would like to back up.

  • Here, if you don’t desire to dorsum up the Application Data, you will need to download and reinstall it when you lot restore the data on your PS4 organisation with the backup file you have created.
  • Please brand sure that
    Saved Data
    is checked. Thus, you volition not lose any game progress when you want to restore the information to a new bulldoze.

half-dozen. Click on the
button to continue.

7. The proper name of the backup file is given by default. But, yous can give the fill-in a descriptive proper noun in the

8. Click
Dorsum Upwardly
to start the backup process.

nine. Remove the USB drive from the PS4 organization when the fill-in ends.

After backing up your PS4, y’all will not worry about the data loss result caused by dissimilar situations like cannot start the PS4 ce-34335-eight mistake message or something else.

Bottom Line

PS4 cannot admission arrangement storage? Don’t worry. You can get a proper solution from this post.

Should you have any questions when dealing with this ce-34335-8 safe way PS4 system storage issue, please feel free to contact u.s. via
[email protected]
or permit united states of america know in the comment. You tin can also share your suggestions with us here.

PS4 Cannot Access Arrangement Storage FAQ

What to do when ps4 says Cannot Access System Storage?

  1. Reinsert the difficult drive to run into whether your PS4 tin kicking normally.
  2. Run CHKDSK to fix the institute errors or shield the found bad sectors on the hard drive.
  3. Format the hard drive to its normal country.
  4. Replace the damaged hard drive with a new i.

How do I get to System Storage Management on ps4?

Yous can go to
Settings > Application Saved Information Management > Saved Information in Online Storage > Download to Arrangement Storage.

How do you gear up your ps4 when it says Cannot start the ps4?

  1. Concord the ability push to turn off the PS4.
  2. Remove the difficult drive from the device.
  3. Plow the system on.
  4. Plough off the organization.
  5. Unplug the power cable.
  6. Wait almost 20 minutes.
  7. Re-install the hard drive and kicking into Safe Mode.

    How practise you difficult reset a ps4?

    1. Sign into PS4.
    2. Go to the
    3. Deactivate the PlayStation.
    4. Sign back in using your user business relationship.
    5. Go to
      Settings > Initialization.
    6. Select
      on the
    7. Plough your PS4 off completely.
    8. Agree down the power button until you hear ii beeps.
    9. Select the reset option you want to use to reset your PS4.