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How to play games on Netflix

Netflix isn’t just for video anymore

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Despite its name, Netflix isn’t simply well-nigh films and Television anymore – information technology’due south as well getting into games. As a consequence, Android users can now download a selection of games to play on the Netflix app.

Five are available at the time of writing, with more expected to be added over time, and we’ll run you lot through how to access them below.

Note however that if you’re on iOS so you won’t be able to access games on Netflix withal – the service is in the works for iPhones and iPads, but there’s no news on exactly when it will launch.

When information technology does launch, the implementation might also be slightly different to on Android, with games possibly having to exist downloaded individually from the App Store, rather than them being hosted on the Netflix app.

How to access Netflix games on an Android telephone or tablet

Accessing games on Netflix is simple, then but follow these steps to go your game on.

1. Sign up for and launch Netflix on your device

This is probably obvious, merely to play games on Netflix you need a Netflix account and an active subscription. So if you lot don’t already have one so sign up, then open the app on your phone or tablet.

2. Look for the games row or games tab

If you’re on an Android phone and so you should come across both a dedicated games row and a games tab on the Netflix home screen, while on Android tablets there will exist a games row along with a games selection in the categories drop downward.

3. Select your game to download and play

Then just tap the game that you’re interested in to download it (if you lot haven’t already) or to play it if you have.

The download process involves get-go tapping ‘Go Game’, then ‘Go to Google Play’. Then y’all actually install the game from the Play Store itself – but tap ‘Install’ on the store page that appears.

The Netflix games logo

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What to do if you can’t see the Netflix games tab

While the procedure for accessing games on Netflix is simple, at the time of writing the games section isn’t visible for everyone. That’s considering Netflix is gradually rolling information technology out, merely you don’t have to wait for information technology to show up – you can find the games bachelor for download on the Play Store too.

The bachelor options include Stranger Things: 1984
(opens in new tab)
, Stranger Things 3: The Game
(opens in new tab)
, Shooting Hoops
(opens in new tab)
, Teeter Upwardly
(opens in new tab)
, and Menu Boom
(opens in new tab)
. Once downloaded in this style you’d launch them similar any other app or game – so yous wouldn’t have to enter the Netflix app. All the same, y’all will withal need a Netflix account.

Everything else yous need to know almost Netflix games

Beyond the in a higher place, it’due south worth noting that Netflix games don’t cost any extra – they’re included in your standard Netflix subscription, and are bachelor on all Netflix price plans, so you don’t demand the iv-screen Netflix Premium subscription.

There are no adverts or in-app purchases either, and every profile on your account volition exist able to access the games (except for kids’ profiles). Some games will as well be bachelor offline, and so you lot can play even without an internet connection.

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