Pubg Account Migrated To Another Version

In this commodity, you will learn how to fix the business relationship login issue in Pubg Mobile.

Here is what it shows on screen when trying to log in:

“Business relationship has been logged in with a newer version of the game. Delight update to the newest version.”

Business relationship login issue in Pubg Mobile

For the login folio to announced, y’all take to brand certain you are using the updated version of Pubg Mobile.

I’g not talking about the “update available” on Play Store or App Store, but the one within the app.

You must have encountered these kinds of updates after launching the game.

What’south the problem so?

Here’s the scenario, but just remember the usual process get-go: Launched the game > Update Required > Update Done > Login Appear > Successfully logged into the game through Google Play or whatever other login option.

At present when “account has been logged in…” appears on screen considering of these glitches:

  1. Launched the game > Update required > Clicked on update > Login appears without completing update (means non reaching upward to 100%)> “Account has been logged in…” is showing.
  2. Launched the game > Login screen appears (without any in-app update) > “Account has been logged in…” is showing.

Launching the app without any in-app update appearing hints to us that there’due south no update assigned past Pubg Mobile.

Information technology’s okay if no update is actually bachelor or needed just
if it does and even so not showing upon starting the app then it might exist considering of whatsoever bug.

Now, you have understood the actual point: for you to log in through your account, updating the app is important (the i within the app.)

Merely the “Update required” prompt is not showing anymore as you might have already reached the login screen that displays the “Account has been logged in…” message. What to exercise?

You don’t take to delete and install the entire game once more. There’s however something you lot can do to set it.

Check out this video showtime.

Tech of Channel/YouTube

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Fix Login Outcome in Pubg Mobile

Earlier heading to the solution, you might want to backup your OBB file and then that y’all don’t have to download it once again.

To back up, get to file manager (whichever you apply) > Internal Storage > Android > OBB. At this bespeak, locate
and re-create-paste it to another folder other than OBB.


Follow the steps to solve “Account has been logged in with a newer version of the game. Please update to the newest version.”

Step one:
Long press Pubg Mobile app and select
App info.

Step 2:
Go to

Pace three:
Click on
Clear Cache
Clear Data.

Here, go back to File Manager > Internal Storage > Android > OBB. You’ll observe there is no
file anymore. [Considering of step 3]

Now, go to the binder where you have taken the fill-in and
it once again (com.tencent.ig) to the OBB.

Stride 4: Run the
Pubg Mobile app
over again.

Step 5: Look for
to appear.

Footstep six:
Update the game up to
and try to log in.

Now, you’ll be able to log in through your account as yous’re using the latest version of Pubg Mobile.

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The “Account has been logged in with a newer version of the game” is showing up because yous’re not using the updated version of Pubg Mobile.

Fifty-fifty if there is an update bachelor on Play Store or App Shop, you still have to update the game within the app.

Update selection appears later on running the game for the start time after a fresh install or through regular in-app updates that show up later on launching the app. Only sometimes, due to some glitch, this in-app update does not show upward. And pubg app starts prompting the newer version notification when trying to log in through already created game accounts.

After updating the game from within the app, you’ll be able to log in with your account. I had this upshot back so too, this is how I solved the problem.

I hope you have found the guide helpful. You may also visit the Pubg Mobile assistance center for farther inquiry on this topic.

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