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PuTTY is one of the virtually sought Secure Shell (SSH) Clients in the globe. Also, it is a popular terminal client and communication software that is used to make remote connections. Information technology supports many iterations of the secure remote final. PuTTY is also a corking concluding emulator and supports emulation sequences from VT102, VT220 and xterm. While it is one of the oldest terminal clients, it is still widely trusted and used.

One of the downsides of PuTTY is that information technology does not support many of the modern features such equally a tabbed interface. Therefore, developers also sought for PuTTY alternatives for Windows.

All the same, PuTTY is an awarding for the Windows operating organisation and does not work on the almost widely used mobile operating system – Android.

Therefore, below was have listed the top 10 SSH clients or
PuTTY alternative for the Android operating organisation. PuTTY has diverse clients such as the cardinal generation utility – PuTTYgen, the SCP customer – PSCP, the SFTP client – PSFTP and Telnet client – PuTTYtel. As such, our listing of alternatives for PuTTY features applications that not only offer as an alternative SSH customer but as well covers the majority of the functions of the PuTTY components.

Before we get into details, it is necessary to understand what SSH is and its primary uses.

SSH is a standard cryptographic network protocol that is leveraged to operate network services over the unsecured network securely. SSH was designed every bit a replacement of Telnet – a protocol that offers bidirectional text-based interactions facility over the net.

With SSH, one can remotely access servers via SSH channels that assure consummate security. Also, users can likewise remotely access near of the devices on the same network. Moreover, the cryptographic network protocol is also used for port forwarding or tunnelling. It is common knowledge that SSH is the best for secure connections.


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    Best SSH Clients for Android

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      JuiceSSH – Best SSH Client for Android
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      Termius – nigh favourite putty for android
    • 1.3
      Royal TSD
    • i.4
      GSW ConnectBot
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      Far Commander
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      Mobile SSH
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Best SSH Clients for Android

There are tons of applications on Android that are first-class Secure Shell Clients besides as PuTTY alternatives. Yet, our list only features the best ten apps that tin can fit the requirement of virtually.

The list below covers both gratis and paid SSH customer applications. Most of the paid apps offer a trial version for a user to test information technology.

JuiceSSH – Best SSH Client for Android

JuiceSSH Logo

JuiceSSH is one of the best gratuitous PuTTY alternatives for Android. At nowadays, information technology is ane of the well-nigh sought SSH clients for Android. Also, the app supports Local Shell, Mosh and Telnet support, hence, commonly known every bit the all-in-one terminal client. Amongst its peak features is its minimal interface that is packed with features. The app is so powerful that users feel of having Linux final on your fingertips.

The app is free to apply, and most features are unlocked. However, sure advanced features are locked, and ane can only unlock them via in-app purchases. Some of these elements include dynamic port forwarding, team collaboration, post login script, synchronisation of multiple devices. The added perks of JuiceSSH is that it does not contain any advertisements.

The feature-rich final client allows users to assign identities such as usernames, the private key for multiple connections and passwords, for each of the private connections. The software is touted every bit the best and is most favoured by users. Even google fetches it equally the top consequence for the search query ‘SSH client for Android.“ The fact is mutual for search on Google Play Store.

JuiceSSH is sleek and modern SSH customer that offers a colourful terminal. Also, the app comes with a popup keyboard that includes shell characters. However, for users that desire to connect to an external keyboard, the app has programmed support. JuiceSSH offers various in-depth configuration power such as leveraging the volume key to change the font size or even choose the blazon of connection.

The app comes with inbuilt themes to choose from such as Molokai, 80s hacker, Solarized Dark and Light. More so, users tin fix a item script to run at login when creating SSH connexion.

Among its best features include support for third-party plugins, copy and paste in the center of sessions, back up for Android terminal, cardinal forwarding, and RSA key generator. Another secure feature is back up for two-factor authentication. Users tin secure their connections via Google Authenticator or any other third-party authenticator.


  • It comes with a modern and colourful terminal.
  • The app supports external keyboard.
  • It offers back up for tertiary-political party plugins.
  • Users can configure the majority of the settings.
  • It is an all-in-1 terminal application.


  • Advanced features unlock after in-app purchases.

Termius – most favourite putty for android

Termius Logo

Termius is unanimously the most favoured PuTTY culling for Android. The awarding is a sophisticated and comprehensive command-line terminal solution that makes remote access seamless. Remotely operating and accessing any device including Linux or IoT device is accessible using Termius. One can remote connections without whatsoever hassle from the comfort of their couch.

WIth Terminus, one tin access SSH, Telnet and Mosh. Users tin download the application for free from the Play Shop. The software has a beautiful, minimal and easy to operate user interface. To manage the server, a user only has to login past inputting the SSH command. Indeed, one can besides control the Android mobile telephone using a local concluding.

Termius does more than facilitate remote access; the application is also a great file transfer client. The program comes with a built-in file transfer protocol dubbed – SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). As such, file transfer, file management and file admission are effortless on the server.

Besides, the SSH client supports multiple visual themes. As such, the particular feature is one of the most highly-touted on many forums. Some other efficient is that it facilitates the direction of various connections via a tabbed-interface, hence, saving fourth dimension and endeavour. Termius is 1 of the few SSH clients for Android the provide the tab support. Furthermore, users can even organise connections with labels.

Termius supports motorcar operating organisation recognition for Raspberry Pi OSes , and Ubuntu. Other features that the application packs are port forwarding for dynamic, remote and local clients, in addition to the cryptographic algorithms such as chahca20-poly1305, ed25519 and ECDSA.

Termius has ii versions – the bones free one and the other offers monthly and annual subscriptions. In the free iteration, many of the advanced features locked. But the best role of the gratis version is that it does not display ads. The features that are only bachelor in the paid version include fingerprint protection, final tabs, AWS EC2 integration, and SFTP back up.


  • It comes with a friendly and hand-crafted user interface.
  • Users can create a group to outline themes.
  • It comes with a dark mode selection.
  • It comes with diverse colourful built-in themes and fonts.
  • Termius allows the option to ‘tag’ to better organise connections.
  • It is permanently advertising-gratuitous.
  • Premium accounts will have two-cistron authentication.


  • The software is free merely non open source.

Regal TSD

Royal TSD
Royal TSD Logo

Royal TSD is an eminent Android secure shell client pick. The commercial application provides easy and secure access to remote systems past enabling users access to Royal TS/Ten documents. One of the significant advantages is that it is a multi-platform application, hence, making it straightforward for users switching between multiple operating systems.

Users can open documents from Google Drive, OneDrive or any other cloud provider. I can besides transfer the files via USB or email. As such, it is not necessary to connect to a remote desktop anymore. RoyalTSD is updated regularly, and the concluding update was on Apr xviii. 2019.

Majestic TSD uses third-party applications to make the SSH connexion to the remote machines. It is more than advantages equally the bulk of the third-party apps transfer the pre-configured login credentials so that one tin car-login to remote hosts. More so, users tin configure all the parameters to exist passed to these third-party applications.

The application best adjust those that repeatedly need to access remote systems with various protocols. Usually the software is leveraged by professionals such as system engineers and developers.

The app has 2 iterations – lite version and full edition. The full version is approximate to $seven and permits full admission to all management connections. Besides, it also allows users to run PowerShell scripts on multiple remote machines simultaneously. The PowerShell script volition offer ‘Quick search’ functionality. With the script, results are displayed on a grid or text. As well, it provides group and cavalcade ordering functionality.

In the low-cal edition of the app, 1 tin but launch remote connections. When the application works in conjunction with the Royal Server, so users can examine event logs, manage virtual machines and even restart services.

The app saves time and energy every bit with one click users proceeds admission to everything. Also, i can run simultaneous commands on multiple systems.

The virtually meaning benefit of the application is that information technology supports various terminal connections, few of which are on our list of top x PuTTY alternative for Android, such as ConnectBot, Admin Hands and JuiceSSH.


  • The app is updated regularly.
  • Information technology offers a tabbed interface.
  • Purple TSD is a multi-platform application.
  • Information technology offers credential management.
  • RoyalTSD is commercial software and offers in-depth customisation options.


  • The application may seem difficult to utilise for first time users.

GSW ConnectBot

GSW ConnectBot
GSW ConnectBot Logo

GSW ConnectBot is one of the most powerful, robust and like shooting fish in a barrel to utilise SSH client for Android. Georgia SoftWorks adult the application. The software is designed such to benefit bot industrial and administrative environments. However, GSW ConnectBot is mostly leveraged for industrial environments and is piloted on various scanner guns.

The software comes with a make clean and straightforward user interface. The applications derive its user interface from the popular secure shell customer application – ConnectBot. Reportedly, GSW ConnectBot is the most reliable and SSH client that is mostly used by professionals.

The reason for its top-notch security is the team professional and skillful technicians that support the software 24×vii. More so, it is touted that the application offers the strongest encryption available for SSH client in the commercial market. One of the biggest perks of the program is that it has robust features that are highly reliable for industrial environments.

Another pregnant element of the awarding is that information technology is uniform with various hosts. The software also allows the administrator to preconfigure host shortcuts so that ane can initiate the program in screen lockout every bit per the required work surround. Thus GSW ConnectBot’southward feature set is one reason that information technology the ideal alternative of PuTTY for Android.

More so, users do not need an internet connection to leverage virtually of the management capabilities. As such, the software at no cost exchanges information or machine interactions with any third-party applications.

The GSW ConnectBot team updates the software regularly and ensures that users are not using the cryptographic algorithm that is found vulnerable. Therefore, the programme leverages the latest cyphers that are tested to contain no weakness or vulnerability. The team makes sure that the all-time of the best is only released for commercial deployment.


  • GSW ConnectBot can run multiple sessions simultaneously.
  • User can configure screen size.
  • It offers in-depth configuration choices.
  • An active squad technician backs GSW ConnectBot.
  • It meets the requirement of both industrial and commercial operations.
  • It is touted as the almost secure shell customer that comes with world-form encryption.
  • GSW ConnectBot offers a free 30-day trial.
  • Information technology comes with the Automatic Login feature if one uses in synchronicity with the visitor’south server.


  • It is very costly and is all-time suited for big corporations. The price starts from $7 to $vii,500 based on the requirement of the users.


ConnectBot Logo

ConnectBot is all the same another Android SSH customer. It is an open up source application that is entirely free. The source code of the program is bachelor on GitHub. Besides, the app has no ads or in-app purchases locked behind subscription plans. The best attribute about the software is that it offers an first-class feature fix that is customizable. It is a perfect application for users that are looking for PuTTY culling.

The plan is designed such that it tin transform any Android device into a uncomplicated and straightforward secure shell client to facilitate remote server connection.

On the downside, the application wasn’t updated regularly and had been idle for a few years in terms of development. All the same, as part of its plan to develop and revive the software, the team behind the application take launched a renewed version.

The new version welcomes many new features such as ‘material design’ that considerably upgrades the advent of the app. The upgrade has come with comeback to its IPv6 support and fixing minor bugs.

As to customisation, users have freedom and numerous options when creating an SSH host. Every bit such, one can customise font size, keyboard button configuration and SSH auth agent. Also, users can access control key, office keys, pointer keys by leveraging the special keys options in the app. The app is commonly touted for managing public keys.

Even though ConnectBot does not pack with features such equally Termius, simply it compensates information technology by being completely free.


  • ConnectBot is open source and available for free.
  • It offers in-depth customisation.
  • The squad behind the program recently updated tuhe program


  • It is a unproblematic program and lacks some of the advanced features that its counterpart posses.

Far Commander

Far Commander
Far Commander Logo

Far Commander is instead a new secure vanquish client for Android that is straightforward to employ. Information technology is arguably one of the best PuTTY alternatives for Android device. 1 of the virtually significant advantages of the application is that users tin can create specific commands and then group them as per the requirement. One tin can employ the software equally an SSH customer for essential remote connections.

Far Commander is a free application that does not contain any advertisements. However, the app has in-app purchases and reasonably rely on donations. The software is updated regularly and was last updated on 21st Apr 2019. As to the permissions, the awarding requires an internet connexion so that the app can connect to servers.

It is ofttimes touted equally the ane-click application that makes it very piece of cake to use. Ane can also make apply of pre-configured commands in multiple SSH sessions simultaneously with just a unmarried tap.
More than then, users can even label the SSH servers into diverse categories. Far Commander makes information technology so easy to use the last. Also, with just a single tap, users can gain access to Raspberry Pie, Linux Server or other devices that are bachelor in the home automation system.

One of the meaning advantages of using Far Commander is that it permits users to fill-in all the categories of SSH servers and custom commands, configurations, and even server information. The only downside is that it lacks many of the avant-garde features.


  • Information technology is an essential application that is all-time for new users.
  • Far Commander has a backup office.
  • It is effortless to utilise that one can remotely admission machines with a single tap.
  • Personalise SSH commands by categorising and assigning labels.
  • It provides instant access to frequently used connections.
  • Users have the liberty to modify the text size of the concluding.
  • The app is updated regularly.


  • Far Commander lacks advanced features.

Mobile SSH

Mobile SSH
Mobile SSH Logo

Mobile SSH is essential and easy to utilise SSH client that comes with a simple user interface. Indeed, the app does non rank loftier in terms of providing a great user feel, but it one of the closest terminal clients to the earth’s near favoured and favourite SSH customer for Windows.

The reason it is similar to PuTTY is that it backend library is based on PuTTY and OpenSSH. It is derived from OpenSSH and PuTTY. Using the awarding is very piece of cake, and information technology supports numerous SSH sessions simultaneously.

I has to enter the secure shell details and click on the connect button. It besides supports one of the first public-key cryptosystems dubbed Rivest–Shamir–Adleman (RSA) fundamental authentication. The RSA authentication arrangement is popular among users for secure data transmission.

It is touted that the software was developed in a bid to spread the use of OpenSSH on Android devices.

MobileSSH comes in ii versions – basic and paid. Also, the free edition contains advertisements. Some of the features, such equally back up for multiple SSH sessions, are locked backside the pro version that comes at an affordable cost of $2.99. The professional version is bachelor as an contained awarding on the Play Shop.

The pro version has an intuitive interface and offers few configuration options. More so, the team behind the software updates the app actively. All-in-all it is a elementary but powerful terminal client for Android devices.

The barebone app offers Telnet and SSH1/SSH2 access to various networks. Moreover, it supports a wide range of terminal emulators such as IBM 5250 and 3270 and VT100.


  • MobileSSH is the closest culling to PuTTY.
  • It is simple and straightforward to apply.
  • Pro iteration has a lot of advanced features.


  • It lacks advanced features.
  • It does not take whatever configuration options.


Termux Logo

Termux is a versatile and comprehensive SSH on an Android app that supports a laudable array of connection options. It is an Android terminal emulator and a Linux surround awarding that does not require the phone to exist rooted.

Users accept first to install Termux and then run the following command – ‘apt install inetutils’ that in return will let utilising SSH, Telnet, and RLogin. The awarding packed with features, from the basics to the near advanced. Although, it might seem to overkill the additional features can come in handy at times.

The best part of the advanced awarding is that it is costless to use and is advertizement-costless. More and then, the app has no in-app purchases. One can enjoy the full liberty of all features for costless.

User has to install the boosted base packages via the APT package manager. 1 of the reasons the app is popular among users is that it supports a comprehensive Linux package collection. Information technology is one of the best terminal emulators for Android and is second to none when information technology comes to features.

Later on installing Termux, users will gain admission to Linux beat, in which 1 can add or upgrade or remove the built-in packages. I of the meaning advantages is that it offers the same user experience as a computer; hence, connecting to a server is the same as on a computer. As such, i can leverage the entire power of the command line.

Across its power to connect to an SSH, Termux can execute the Linux commands directly equally it provides admission to the Android shell. The application syncs well with diverse command-line utility, compilers and command languages. Few of those are bash, Unix-similar operating command system- grep and compiler systems – GCC and Clang. Also, it facilitates editing files with Nano and Vim.


  • Information technology has a wide range of features and is packed with some of the most advanced features.
  • Linux user will feel correct at habitation.
  • Information technology offers in-depth configuration options.
  • Termux is very secure equally users can access remote servers using the SSH client through OpenSSH.
  • Latest versions of Python, Perl, and Ruby are all available.
  • It supports keyboard shortcuts and all mouse functions.


  • Users must be comfortable with control-line interface and commands.
  • One must have principal know-how of the Linux beat.


SerialBot Logo

SerialBot is easy to utilise and straightforward terminal application for Android devices. The PuTTY alternative for Android facilitates terminal emulation for SSH, Serial & Bluetooth last sessions, RLogin, Series Connections and Telnet. The terminal awarding provides integrated support for RS232 series connections. It supports VT100 terminal emulation.

On almost cases, users leverage SerialBot to connect to industrial equipment and router panel ports.

The application is built past a global cloud-based communication solutions visitor – Cloudstore. The company offers various cloud-based products. It is famous for developing the serial port application for iOS platform dubbed equally getting Console. It is also the maker of the widespread serial-over WIFI or Bluetooth Adaptor – Airconsole.


  • The awarding is optimised to utilize Airconsole adaptor.
  • SerialBot connects via Bluetooth.
  • Users can console into switches and routers wirelessly.


  • Users have reported the app to crash due to bugs.
  • SerialBot it not regularly updated.


SSHDroid Logo

SSHDroid is a smashing SSH customer and an ideal PuTTY alternative for Android. The application is designed to serve non only concluding connections just also WinSCP, Secure File Transfer Protocol, and Cyberduck.

Akin to most of the software on the listing, SSHDroid comes with a basic (free) version and professional (paid) edition. The software locks various avant-garde features such as Wi-Fi autostart whitelist, advertizing removal, home screen and lock screen widgets, and shared key authentication, behind the pro iteration.

Nevertheless, the gratis edition offers secure SSH connections for Android. As it supports SFTP, users tin can leverage the software for file transfers. Users are non required to root the phone to use the application; it is an optional pick. One of the drawbacks is that the squad behind the app does non actively update the application.


  • It supports Android 5 and does not work with root.
  • The user interface is clean, mod and easy to use.
  • It offers shared-central authentication and WiFi autostart whitelist.


  • SSHDroid advanced features are simply bachelor in the pro version.
  • It is not updated regularly.

There are many other bachelor in the marketplace such as OrangeSSH Customer, AndFTP and SSH/SFTP/FTP/Telenet Advanced Client – Admin Hands.

Nevertheless, the above-listed are the
superlative 10 PuTTY alternatives for Android. Virtually of the applications have an intuitive user interface that makes it piece of cake to utilise. More than so, the applications are a mix of both free and paid iterations, therefore, offering the user the complete freedom to choose. The listed apps not just covers about of the PuTTY functions simply likewise add on it.

Source: https://www.puttygen.com/putty-for-android