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Difference Between Raspberry Pi vs Assistant Pi

Raspberry Pi is a series of small unmarried-lath computers, with a low price that can plug into a computer monitor or Boob tube and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is developed in the Great britain by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote bones information science teaching in schools. It does non include peripherals like a keyboard etc., but some accessories have been included in many official and unofficial bundles. Banana pi, a competitor of Raspberry Pi, is a new single-board computer with a much faster processor and RAM power. Raspberry Pi highly influences the hardware design of Banana Pi. Thus, Assistant Pi is uniform with Raspberry Pi boards. It tin also run on various operating systems like Raspbian, NetBSD, Android, Debian etc. It uses Allwinner SoC (System on a scrap) and covered by a Linux-sunxi port.

What is Raspberry Pi?

  • Raspberry Pi is a capable little device that would enable people from all walks of life to explore informatics and to acquire how to program in languages like Python. Information technology is supposed to exercise everything you would expect from a desktop computer to do, ranging from browsing the net and playing definition video, making spreadsheets, word processing, and playing games. Raspberry Pi has a modest size and accessible price; thus, it was chop-chop adopted by figurer enthusiasts for a project which requires more than a bones microcontroller.
  • Although Raspberry Pi is slower than a modern laptop or desktop, it is still a complete Linux calculator that can provide all expected functionalities at a low-power consumption level. The foundation behind Raspberry Pi is a registered educational charity based in the Britain whose aim is to accelerate the education of children in the field of computer science and related subjects. Raspberry Pi was designed for the Linux operating organisation, and many Linux distributions have a version optimized for Raspberry Pi.
  • Two of the most popular is Raspbian, based on the Debian operating system and Pidora, based on the Fedora operating system. A good practice to select the operating system for Raspberry Pi would be the one that most closely resembles an operating system user is familiar with, in either desktop or server environs.

What is Assistant pi?

  • Assistant pi provides an open up-source hardware platform that was produced to run Elastos.org’south open up-source operating organisation. It is a dual-core Android 4.2 production that is better than Raspberry Pi. Information technology is highly efficient with several Linux distributions in the marketplace like Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse and images that run on Raspberry Pi and Cubieboard. It consists of a Gigabit Ethernet port and a SATA socket. The size of Banana pi M1 is about the same size as a credit card. It has the potential to run the games smoothly as information technology supports 1080P loftier definition video output.
  • The GPIO is uniform with Raspberry Pi, and it tin run Raspberry Pi images directly. Several versions of Banana pi are available in the market similar Banana pi M1, Banana pi Grand+, Assistant pi Pro, Banana pi G1, etc. All versions come along with the enhanced capabilities like operating arrangement support, available RAM, GPIO capabilities. Assistant Pi is affordable with extensible configurations. Its loftier performance is driven by Allwinner SoC and 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM. It is highly versatile and compatible with the Raspberry pi paradigm. It is for anybody who wants to play and create with computer technologies instead of simply being a user of electronics.

Head To Caput Comparison Between Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi

Beneath are the top differences betwixt Raspberry Pi vs Assistant Pi

Raspberry pi vs Banana pi Infographics

Key Difference between Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi

The Key Differences Betwixt Raspberry Pi vs Banana Pi are explained in the below-mentioned points:

  1. Raspberry Pi depends on MicroSD and USB for storage, whereas Assistant pi is fitted with a SATA port, which allows a faster selection for connecting mass storage devices like difficult drives.
  2. Video processor in Raspberry Pi is more advanced than Mail GPU in the Banana Pi; anyone planning on using HDMI out for media streaming Raspberry might be a improve option.
  3. Raspberry Pi has the largest post-obit of any single-board computer, whereas Banana Pi is ranked way below Raspberry pi in the following alphabetize.
  4. The number of guides and tutorials bachelor, including software available for Raspberry Pi, is innumerable, whereas Banana pi’s guides and tutorials are express in number as compared to Raspberry Pi.
  5. Raspberry Pi model 3 has on onboard 2.4 GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi which works out of the box, whereas Assistant pi, nearly models have onboard Wi-Fi.
  6. Software support for Raspberry Pi is excellent, whereas Banana Pi has limited software support and not at par with Raspberry standard.
  7. Despite having Google back up, Raspberry Pi is facing some issues to become fully Android compatible, whereas Banana pi is perfectly supportive of the Android operating system.
  8. Raspberry Pi 3 comes with a quad-core processor with 1 GB RAM, whereas Assistant pi M3 has an octa-core processor with 2GB RAM.
  9. Raspberry Pi 3 has four USB connectivity ports, whereas Banana pi M3 has only iii USB ports, amid which 1 is used for OTG connection.
  10. Raspberry Pi 3 uses an external Micro SD card for storing the operating system and the other information, whereas Banana pi M3 has 8 GB eMMC onboard storage.

Raspberry Pi vs Banana Pi Comparing Tabular array

Below is the topmost Comparison

 The Basis Of Comparison Raspberry pi Banana Pi
Processor ARM Cortex A7-900 MHz – quad-core Allwinner A20 – Cortex A7 -ane GHz – dual-core
USB four x USB two.0 two x USB 2.0, 2 x MicroUSB
GPIO xl pin expansion header 26 pivot expansion header
Network ane x ten/100 Ethernet ane ten x/100/1000 Ethernet
Dimensions 85.6 ten 56 x 21 (mm) 92 ten 60 (mm)
Audio 3.v mm three.five mm, on-board microphone input
Video 1 x HDMI – 1.3 or ane.4 i 10 HDMI, ane 10 blended


Raspberry pi ‘due south blueprint is revolving around its budget-friendliness and ease of use, which is the prime number reason for its huge demand in the market. Widespread support of other software only compounds the usefulness of the device, with lots of data nearly writing and compiling software, hardware built for Raspberry Pi. While the same information also exists for Banana pi, it is not nearly as mutual, which is catchy since Assistant Pi is harder to gear up than Raspberry Pi.

Anyone who is used to the quality of Raspberry Pi might not be very impressed with Banana pi ‘south await and feel at commencement glance. Since the CPU generates the oestrus of any components, a user needs to take its location into account when building it into projects or putting together a case for information technology. At the same time, Banana Pi has a notable improvement over the older versions of Raspberry Pi, simply yet, the newer hardware revision renders the performance boost mostly negligible. Also, Banana Pi’s lack of support, with a higher price tag, makes it difficult to recommend over Raspberry Pi Model B.

But if someone has priorities like congenital-in Wi-Fi or mass storage through SATA, Banana pi would be an ideal option. Nonetheless, both Raspberry Pi vs Assistant Pi features tin can also exist set up on Raspberry Pi without much problem. At the end of this Raspberry Pi vs Banana Pi article, information technology’s requirement and cost tag, which actually matters.

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