Razer X Fossil Gen 6 Review

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First Impressions

The Razer 10 Fossil Gen 6 is a limited edition version of a Wear OS wearable we reviewed last year. It offers a few aesthetic tweaks to the original version that aim to make entreatment more to Razer’s gaming focussed following. This means that it’south bully as a piece of hardware, but until information technology’s upgraded to Wear Os iii later this year, it’s probably non going to exist the Apple Watch rival we’ve been waiting for.


  • United states of america
    RRP: $329

Key Features

  • Snapdragon Wear 4100+ chipset
    A power boost from the latest Snapdragon Clothing processor

  • SpO2 tracking
    Keep tabs on your claret oxygen levels

  • Bluetooth 5
    Up to 4x stronger connectivity than the Fossil Gen 5


The Razer X Fossil vi Gen is a express edition version of the Clothing OS three-ready smartwatch we reviewed at the end of last year.

The main draw for buyers is that it’s been “redesigned” in collaboration with Razer, the firm behind some of the best scoring gaming peripherals and laptops nosotros tested last year.

In terms of hardware information technology’s all but identical to the regular Fossil Gen six, which scored iii.5/v in our in-depth review. The simply big additions are pocket-size visual tweaks, like a new neon light-green strap, and iii new exclusive Razer sentry faces.

Is that enough to get in a must have purchase? Here’southward what I found during my opening few hours playing with the Razer Fossil Gen six.

Design and screen

The Razer 10 Fossil Gen 6 is pretty similar to the base of operations Gen half-dozen. This means it has a classic spherical scout face with a 1.2.8-inch AMOLED display console.

The lack of updates isn’t terrible because, as noted in our Fossil Gen 6 review, the wear is one of the prettiest on the market. Measuring in at around 1cm thick the sentry is suitably compact to not depict the eye in the mode some more focussed fitness trackers, like the Garmin Fenix 6, can.

The metallic design also feels solid and during my time with the lookout I found information technology is surprisingly scratch resistant despite having the same black finish equally Razer’s Blade laptops. Afterward a brief menstruation being used as a hockey puck past my cats, it remained totally unscathed. Outside of the Apple tree Watch 6, you lot’ll struggle to find a nicer looking wearable at this price.

The control system is also great, as it is on the base Gen 6. As well as a affect screen it features three physical controls forth its left side. These can be customised but out of the box the pre-programmed actions are pretty intuitive. The chief crown acts as the quick shortcut to get to the app menu and acts as a dorsum button after that. In menus it tin can as well be turned to scroll upwardly and down. The functionality is very similar to what y’all’d get on older Tizen Samsung Milky way Watches.

The only immediate difference you’ll discover is that in the box at that place are two silicon watch strap options. 1 black, ane greenish. The colors are matched to Razer’south branding guidelines, which means, if you care most dressing to match your laptop or gaming headset, this is the watch to go.

I can’t see the neon Razer green strap appealing to anyone other than the most diehard of gamers or ravers, just the blackness version is fairly nice and adds to the 10’s discrete artful. Whichever you use, I found the straps are comfy to wear based on my kickoff few hours with the device.

Information technology is a flake disappointing that Razer and Fossil haven’t made more changes to the hardware. The screen is a prime instance. The AMOLED panel isn’t bad by whatever means. Colors wait punchy, only not overcooked, and it’s abrupt enough to easily read incoming alerts and navigate menus comfortably. Max effulgence levels appear solid, with the screen remaining legible even when I held it nether a very bright lamp.

Just I have one central issue: information technology’southward withal not got a variable refresh rate. A variable refresh rate, also known as VRR, is a groovy trick that lets a display modify how many images per second information technology renders based on what process a device is running. This lets it show more to offer smoother scrolling when there’s a benefit and then drop it to a lower rate to conserve battery when there’s not.

The tech is a key feature that lets devices, similar the Apple Sentinel Series 6, offering always on display functionality without destroying the picket’due south battery life. Considering Razer’s gaming pedigree and experience with VRR it seems like an open goal to take not dabbled with the tech on the X special edition.

Razer X Fossil Gen 6 out of packaging

Software and fitness tracking

With that in mind you may exist wondering what else is and then “special” about the limited edition Razer Ten Fossil Gen half dozen. Software-wise the reply is once again, not a lot. Out of the box the device runs the same Habiliment OS 2.27 software with an upgrade to the infinitely improve Vesture Os 3 confirmed for an unspecified indicate subsequently this year.

The latter is important as Wearable Bone 3 is a huge upgrade on Wear OS two. To requite yous the cliff notes, Wear OS 2 doesn’t even take proper support for YouTube Music or Google Maps.

Clothing Bone iii, which we starting time tested on the Milky way Watch 4 last year, is incrementally improve supported and more characteristic rich by comparison – highlights include back up for Maps, a more intuitive UI, ameliorate fettle track and general performance and battery life optimisations.

The only difference is that y’all go three Razer exclusive watch faces pre-installed. These include Analog, Text, and Chroma options. Sadly, for reasons unbeknownst to me the terminal Chroma selection wasn’t available on my review unit. I’ve contacted Razer for annotate when it’ll be added and will update this folio when I hear back.

Similar the straps, the analogue and text options are purely aesthetic exclusive that offering custom designs, not new functionality. The only positive is that, again like the straps, they use the same fonts, colors and brand guidelines as Razer’s other devices.

Under the hood information technology also features the same fitness tracking sensors as the base Gen 6, which is no bad thing. These include an in-built GPS, Bluetooth v.0 functionality and an SpO2 sensor. The SpO2 sensor is a central feature for people that want to monitor their blood oxygen level. This is mainly important for hikers and trail runners that regularly find themselves at high altitudes.

I haven’t had enough time to check the Razer X Fossil Gen 6 fettle tracking features, but based on our feel with the regular model it’s GPS should exist fairly snappy, though until the Article of clothing OS three update rolls out its fitness tracking options won’t be as various equally what you’ll find on a dedicated tracker from the likes of Garmin.

Razer X Fossil Gen 6 analogue watch face

Starting time Impressions

The Razer Ten Fossil Gen three doesn’t feel that dissimilar to the base model outside of a couple of aesthetic tweaks and the improver of some pretty new lookout faces. But because how much we liked the base of operations model of the Gen 3’s hardware this isn’t a terrible affair. Though my unit of measurement is missing the Chroma watch face listed in Razer’s promotional material I tin can nevertheless come across information technology highly-seasoned to fans of the brand, eager to get a wear that matches their Blade laptop. The but downside is the lack of meaning hardware or exclusive services. This means it will continue to suffer the same app back up issues typical of all Wear Os 2 wearables until the promised upgrade to Vesture Bone iii finally begins rolling out.

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Jargon buster


An abbreviation for determining ‘blood oxygen saturation’, namely the levels of oxygen establish inside the bloodstream at any given fourth dimension. A low SpO2 count can be the result of a serious illness.


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