Realtek Audio Manager Keeps Popping Up

Realtek HD Audio Managing director keeps popping up with a notification bulletin like “You lot merely plugged a device into the audio jack” or something else similar. It’southward abrasive. But not to worry. The following methods may help make information technology disappear.

Endeavor the beneath methods one by one and see if you can fix the Realtek Hd Audio Director randomly popping up error with 1 of these methods.

Method 1: Disable the car popup choice in Realtek Audio Director
Method two: Plough off the notifications of Realtek Sound Managing director from Settings
Method 3: Update the Realtek audio driver
Method iv: Uninstall the program

Method 1: Disable the auto popup choice in Realtek Audio Managing director

The Realtek HD Audio Manager usually comes along with the motherbother, and at that place is an auto popup selection inside the programme which is enabled past default. If the auto popup option is enabled, the Realtek Hard disk Audio Manager can randomly popular upward. In this instance, you tin disable the auto popup option in Realtek Audio Manager to fix the error.

In Realtek HD Audio Director, you tin go to Connector Settings where yous tin can disable the auto popup pick. The specific steps depend on the motherboard you use. Here taking the Gigabyte motherboard as an case:

i) Open up
Realtek Hard disk Audio Director.

2) Click the
tool icon

at the bottom right corner of the sound director window, then you’ll be directed to

3) In
Connector Settings, if you meet the option “Enable machine popup dialog, when device has been plugged in” selected, deselect it, and so click
to save the changes.

four) Close Realtek Audio Director.

5) Restart your computer and bank check to see if you’re yet facing the error.

Method 2: Turn off the notifications of Realtek Audio Director from Settings

You tin disable the notification of Realtek Audio Managing director from Settings. Later that, you won’t receive any notification from Realtek Hard disk Sound Manager including the random popups.

Here’s how to exercise it:

ane) Right-click on the
menu push button and then select

2) At the Windows Settings window, select

three) In the left pane, click
Notifications & deportment. In the right pane, under ‘Become notifications from these senders’, curl downward and plow off
Realtek HD Audio Manager.

iv) Check to see if the popping up mistake nevertheless occurs.

Method 3: Update the Realtek sound driver

Updating the Realtek audio commuter can reinstall and reset Realtek Audio Manager. This may assistance fix the popping upwardly error.

If you don’t have the time or computer skill to update the sound driver manually, you tin can do information technology automatically with Driver Easy, which allows y’all to update a driver with several clicks.

Hither’s how to utilize Driver Easy Free to update the sound driver:

and install Driver Piece of cake Free on your computer.

2) Launch the application then click

Now. So Driver Easy will scan your computer to detect any outdated or missing drivers. The process merely takes several seconds. In one case done, you’ll meet a listing of drivers that can be updated.

3) Locate the
Realtek audio commuter
then click the
button next to it. And then the commuter volition be downloaded automatically to your estimator. Once download is done, you can install the driver easily by post-obit the detailed steps from Driver Easy.

If y’all upgrade to
Driver Easy Pro, click the Update button then the commuter will be downloaded and installed automatically. No further steps are required.

Method iv: Uninstall the program

If you’ve tried the above methods but with no luck, the last resort is to uninstall Realtek HD Sound Manager from your estimator. In most cases, uninstalling Realtek HD Audio Manager won’t cause any sound bug. But if information technology causes issues for you lot, you tin can reinstall information technology.

Yous can follow these steps to uninstall Realtek HD Audio Manager:

ane) Right-click on the
menu and select
Apps and Features.

two) Roll downward and select
Realtek HD Audio Manager.

3) Click
Uninstall, then the confirmation dialog will pop upwardly, then click

Hopefully yous find the commodity helpful. If you have whatever questions, experience free to drop a annotate below. I’ll get back to yous ASAP.