Recover Deleted My Eyes Only Snaps

Table of Contents

  • What is the Snapchat Memories ‘My Eyes Only’ Characteristic?

  • How to Setup and Employ ‘My Eyes Merely’ on Snapchat?

  • How to Move Snaps to ‘My Eyes But’ on Snapchat?

  • Can you Unhide Snaps from Snapchat’s My Optics Just Section?

  • What To Exercise If You Forgot Passcode for ‘My Eyes Only’ Department?
    • Never Tao on Forget My Eyes Only Passcode

    • Contact Snapchat Team to Inquire for My Eyes Only Passcode

    • Change My Eyes Only Passcode

    • Reset My Eyes Only Passcode

  • Can You Recover Photos from ‘My Eyes But’ Section on Snapchat?
    • Method 1: How to Recover Snapchat’s My Optics Only Pictures on Android and iPhone using Snapchat Privacy Tab?

    • Method 2: How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Pictures on Your Android using File Browser?

    • Method 3: How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Pictures on Your iPhone using My Data Submit Request?

  • Is It Possible to Recover ‘My Eyes Only’ Deleted Files?

  • Snapchat My Eyes Only Non Working – How to Fix?

You lot volition surely agree that no thing what age you are, Snapchat is a platform that people of all generations would dearest to use to share pictures and memories with their loved ones, right!

And, when on Snapchat you tin can click snaps, share snaps, and non only that, you can likewise save them within the app itself, so why not!

For those who take never heard, let usa tell you lot that on Snapchat, at that place is a “My Eyes Just” section where all your snaps and memories are beingness saved to exist accessed using a passcode whenever you lot want.

Q: What is the Snapchat Memories ‘My Eyes Only’ Feature?

One of the many interesting features of this ultimate photograph sharing app is the Snapchat Memories ‘My Eyes Only feature.’ Information technology comes with a handy picayune Snapchat Memories ‘My Eyes But’ folder to help y’all forbid others from seeing the snaps you’ve taken. That means if you want to go on your snaps, but want to keep them private then, you can use this feature.

So, basically to add together an extra dose of privacy to your special moments, Snapchat offers this amazing feature to its users!

Although it was introduced in 2016, it is now even more beneficial for Snapchat users every bit Google ended its unlimited free storage policy for saving photos by clarifying that users’ no longer have free access to over 15 gigabytes of storage provided to them.

So, information technology doesn’t affect Snapchat users much as they have this option to salve all their photos in the ‘My Optics Only’ section, which comes with the added benefit that you lot can not but relieve your photos in that location but also hibernate them via calculation a countersign to keep them extra private.

[Notation: This password is different from your Snapchat account login password.]

Q: How to Setup and Utilize ‘My Eyes Simply’ on Snapchat?

Since this feature is hidden, and most of you lot would not know where to go the ‘My Eyes Just’ feature, and how to use it, let us assist you lot with that! So, to use ‘My Eyes But’ section on Snapchat, you need to follow these instructions—

  • Open Snapchat.
  • Tap the ‘Memories’ button present to the left of the photographic camera shutter button. Or, simply swipe upwardly on the camera viewfinder to access the Memories department.
  • On the ‘Memories’ folio that appears, tap on the “My Eyes But” section.
  • In that location, tap the blue ‘Set Up’ push button to configure the characteristic.
  • Afterwards that, when you’re asked, create a 4-digit passcode. Or else, you can also choose to use a passphrase also.
  • At present confirm the passcode you entered and read the instructions.
  • Once done reading, tap the circle icon to agree to the same and and then, tap on ‘Go on’ as you’re now done with the ‘My Eyes Simply’ section setup.

Still, in that location is no doubt that this added bonus from Snapchat makes the user experience even more amazing, but because this hidden section requires a dissimilar passcode to access the stored snaps, sometimes information technology also becomes problematic.

Q: How to Move Snaps to ‘My Eyes Just’ on Snapchat?

To move your photo or video Snaps to ‘My Eyes Only’ section to securely hibernate them, you’ve to perform these steps—

  • Open Snapchat.
  • First, long-press a snap under the ‘Snap’ section.
  • So, tap ‘More’ from the row of options that appears at the lesser of the screen.
  • Farther, tap on ‘Hibernate Snap (My Eyes Only)’ option and equally y’all do and so, a confirmation popular-up appears on the screen asking ‘Movement to My Eyes Only?’ question which is accompanied by “Move” or “Abolish” options.
  • Out of the ii, just tap on ‘Move’ to ship your snaps to the ‘My Eyes Only’ section.

Now that you know the process, it’s worth noting that you lot tin move photos from your Camera Gyre to Snapchat’s “My Eyes Merely” section to save and hide them from prying eyes.

Here, another thing to note is that you have to delete the original prototype from the pop-upwardly so that it will not prove up in Google Photos.

That’s because yous’ll demand to remember the password for the ‘My Eyes Just’ department in addition to the one you use to log into your Snapchat business relationship. And, if you ever forget your My Optics Only countersign, yous will lose all Snaps and Memories you saved in the ‘My Eyes Only’ section of Snapchat.

Q: Can y’all Unhide Snaps from Snapchat’south My Optics But Section?

The respond to this is yes! You always have the pick to ‘unhide the image’ from the ‘My Eyes Only’ section of Snapchat. To do and so, all you have to exercise is long-press the image and tap ‘Unhide’ from the listing of options that appear at the bottom of the screen.

But as yous are here, we tin presume that you are already in the state of affairs where you have forgotten your ‘My Optics Only’ passcode and can’t figure out a style to recover Snaps!

However, fifty-fifty if you’re in this trouble nosotros suggest yous not fret! Below, nosotros’ve thoroughly discussed “How to Recover My Optics Merely Password to Restore My Optics But Pictures on Snapchat!”

What To Exercise If Yous Forgot Passcode for ‘My Eyes Only’ Section?

Every bit we take only said, don’t yous worry if you’ve forgotten the ‘My Eyes Simply’ passcode from your Snapchat! There are a number of things you tin do to have action to keep your Snaps or saved memories safe under the ‘My eyes only’ section. So, permit’south get to know about them—

ane. Never Tap on Forget My Optics Simply Passcode

Since everyone has more one social media account nowadays, there is a possibility that while using Snapchat or whatsoever other social media platform; you will not be able to remember your business relationship or My Optics Simply passcode on Snapchat.

However, in this example, if you consider recovering your passcode, note that you should not select the selection to forget the passcode.

Well because according to Snapchat, if you click on the ‘Forgot Passcode’ button, somehow you lot will be able to retrieve your password, but unfortunately you will lose all your retentiveness related to Snapchat.

This means if you click on the forget passcode button then, all your memory in the grade of your photos, videos, and many more will be wiped out from your account. And, after you lose your data or Snap, Snapchat volition non be able to resolve your upshot regarding recovering data from the ‘My Eyes Only’ section of your Snapchat business relationship.

However, it doesn’t mean you tin’t recover your password. There is definitely an option to recover your My Optics Only passcode and that is, by asking for the passcode from the Snapchat team.

2. Contact Snapchat Team to Ask for My Optics Simply Passcode

In instance yous take lost your Snapchat My Eyes Only passcode and then, you meliorate contact the Snapchat squad almost the event. For that, what y’all’ve to simply exercise is just open up a Snapchat contact help class and explain your problem.

To be specific
how to become help from the Snapchat Team if you accept lost your passcode—

  • Step i:
    Using your respective phone’south spider web browser, offset of all visit the Snapchat support folio.
  • Stride two:
    There, cull the ‘Passcode’ option from the aid category and tap on ‘Go along.’
  • Step 3:
    This volition open a form on the screen which you’ve to fill in with the details of your account such as your Username, email address and mobile number, etc.
  • Step iv:
    Furthermore, you also need to explain the problem with something like- “You forgot your Snapchat My Eyes Only passcode, and you want to recover the passcode without deleting the information.”
  • Step v:
    Now, tap on the ‘Send’ button, and later yous accept submitted your request, if anything is possible, the Snapchat squad volition contact y’all over email and let you know near the procedure.

So, that’south all you’ve to do to contact Snapchat Support for help in example the ‘My Eyes Only’ passcode is lost.

three. Change My Eyes Simply Passcode

Next, yous tin consider changing ‘My Eyes Merely’ passcode, and it is as unproblematic every bit following these given steps—

  • Step 1:
    Open up the
    Snapchat application
    (if it isn’t already open up).
  • Step 2:
    Then, swipe up on the ‘Camera Viewfinder’ to access the ‘Memories’ section.

  • Footstep 3:
    Next, you need to swipe left in the ‘Memories’ section until y’all reach the ‘My Eyes Only’ tab.
  • Step 4:
    At that place, what you lot’ve to do is tap on ‘Options’ present at the bottom of the screen of the ‘My Eyes Merely’ tab.
Swipe left in the ‘Memories’ section and tap on ‘Options’ present at the bottom
  • Step five:
    By doing so, a pop-upwardly will announced on the screen with these two options-
  • Change Passcode
  • Forgot Passcode
  • Step half dozen:
    From the available options, tap on ‘Modify Passcode’ to achieve onto the ‘Enter Current Password’ tab.
Tap on ‘Change Passcode’ option to open ‘Enter Current Password’ tab
  • Step 7:
    On the same, fill in your
    Current My Eyes Only Passcode

    first that y’all take set for My Optics But to create a new one.
Enter your Current My Eyes Only Passcode on the ‘Enter Current Password’ tab
  • Step eight:
    At present, you should blazon in a
    New My Eyes Only Password
    on the ‘Create New Passcode’ tab and also need to confirm information technology via typing it a second time when asked!

[Note: In example you lot don’t want to utilise a 4-digit passcode, you can also fix a passphrase of messages and numbers. For that, you simply need to tap on the ‘Use Passphrase’ option which is nowadays at the bottom of Create New Passcode tab.]

Enter a New ‘My Eyes Only’ Password on ‘Create New Passcode’ tab or select ‘Use Passphrase’ option to use a 4-digit passcode instead of passcode.
  • Footstep nine:
    Later y’all’ve entered the new passcode/passphrase (that you’d like to use for My Eyes Only) in the given department, tap on ‘Side by side.’

[Tip: We recommend saving the passcode in a countersign manager app so that yous don’t forget it.]

  • Step 10:
    Now, what you’ve to exercise is
    read the instructions
    you come across on the screen and once yous end reading, decide whether you agree to the given instructions or not. If you lot do concord then, tap on the
    circle icon
    and post-obit that just tap on ‘Continue’ to movement frontward.
  • Pace 11:
    In the end, y’all only need to tap on ‘Terminate’ to save the made changes.

4. Reset My Eyes Only Passcode

Before you proceed to practice this, let us tell you that though y’all can reset the ‘My Optics Simply’ passcode on Snapchat, information technology deletes all of your photos. And then, if you still want to go for it and then, hither’s how to do it—

  • Footstep 1:
    To reset My Eyes Just passcode, as usual first open up the Snapchat application.
  • Step 2:
    Then, swipe upward on the ‘Photographic camera Viewfinder.’
  • Step 3:
    Side by side, swipe left under the ‘Memories’ section to access the ‘My Optics But’ tab.
  • Pace 4:
    There, tap on ‘Options’ present at the bottom.
Tap on ‘Options’ located at the bottom on the ‘My Eyes Only’ tab under ‘Memories’ section
  • Step 5:
    After that, cull ‘Forgot Passcode’ from the Options pop-upwards prompt.
Select ‘Forgot Passcode’ from the Options pop-up prompt
  • Step 6:
    Next, what you’ve to do is enter your ‘Snapchat account password’ in the asked infinite and tap on ‘Next.’

[Notation: As your Snapchat account password is different from your My Eyes Merely passcode, that’s why Snapchat prompts you to enter it.]

Enter your ‘Snapchat account password’ and tap on ‘Next.’
  • Footstep 7:
    Now, read the available information and if you agree, select the “I empathize that creating a new passcode will delete all Snaps in My Eyes Just” radio button and tap on ‘Continue’ to direct yourself on the next screen.
Select the “I understand that creating a new passcode will delete all Snaps in My Eyes Only” radio button and tap on ‘Continue.’
  • Pace 8:
    Hither, you lot can but create a ‘New Passcode’ for your My Eyes Only section in Snapchat.

[Note: Hither also, you can choose the ‘Use Paraphrase’ selection instead of passcode. Yet, whether you want to cull a passcode or passphrase totally depends on your choice.]

Enter a New ‘My Eyes Only’ Password on ‘Create New Passcode’ tab or you can instead select ‘Use Passphrase’ also.
  • Step 9:
    Once you’ve created it,
    re-enter it
    on the next prompt to
    confirm it.
  • Step 10:
    In the stop, tap on ‘Finish’ to finally be done with the ‘My Eyes Simply Passcode reset process.’

Can You Recover Photos from ‘My Eyes Only’ Section on Snapchat?

At present if you lot have reset your ‘My Eyes Simply’ passcode and because of this all your snaps get deleted, yous may confront difficulties in restoring those deleted snaps.

In this respect, it’s worth mentioning that Snapchat Memories works much like Google Photos. By this nosotros mean to say that if you’ve backed up your Snaps to Snapchat Retention then, even if you delete your account or lose your device, y’all’ll however exist able to recover deleted photos from the ‘My Eyes Only’ section of Snapchat.

But if you oasis’t backed upward your snaps then you lot might confront difficulties in restoring deleted snaps. However, to brand your task easier, we take discussed various methods to recover deleted photos from ‘My Optics Simply’ on Snapchat! So, have a look to get your answer—

[Note: Y’all need to employ the below-mentioned methods carefully depending on the device you are using.]

Method 1: How to Recover Snapchat’south My Optics Only Pictures on Android and iPhone using the Snapchat Privacy Tab?

Although this may be a long shot and does non ever provide an immediate solution, you tin give it a shot. This method can work regardless of the mobile device you are using i.east. Android or iOS. And then, allow’s have a look directly at the steps—

  • Step 1:
    Open the
    Snapchat app
    on your respective device.
  • Step 2:
    And then, tap on your ‘Profile Picture’ located in the upper left-manus corner of the ‘Camera Viewfinder’ screen.
  • Footstep 3:
    After that, tap on the ‘Settings’ gear like icon nowadays in the upper right-paw corner.
  • Pace 4:
    Equally you lot do then, you’ll reach onto the
    Snapchat’s settings folio.
  • Step 5:
    At that place, tap on ‘Privacy
    Tab’ to open.
  • Step 6:
    Following that, under the Privacy tab, you lot’ll run across that a gear up of options appears on the screen. Out of all, tap on ‘My Data’ option.
From Snapchat’s Settings, tap on ‘Privacy Tab’ to select the ‘My Data’ option.
  • Pace 7:
    Now, you’ll be prompted to
    log into Snapchat. And so, over again login to your account with your username and password.
  • Step 8:
    By doing and so, you will exist able to
    submit a asking
    to restore your downloaded information from Snapchat’s servers.

Method ii: How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Pictures on Your Android using File Browser?

Every bit per this 2nd method, yous can endeavour digging into the folders of your phone using the file browser. However, every bit iPhones typically restrict this “All access” arroyo to rummaging through your telephone’due south data files, this technique probably works best on Android phones simply.

That said, have a look at the steps that you lot need to execute if you lot’re an Android user and consider this way—

  • Step one:
    Get-go get to your
    Android telephone’southward main storage
    (it tin can be located on the phone or via a computer) using the file browser.
  • Step 2:
    Once you’ve accessed your storage, go to the ‘Data’ and and then to ‘Snapchat Data’ which appears in this “” class.
Navigate from your Android’s ‘Data’ to ‘Snapchat Data’ which appear in this “” form
  • Stride three:
    Later that all you have to do is
    search the files
    that take .nomedia extension on them.
  • Pace 4:
    remove that extension
    from those files, and they volition exist restored to your Snapchat account.

[Notation: This may only work for a limited time. And so, the sooner yous admission the file, the better your chance of recovering your files. Otherwise, once it is removed through the browser, you are left with no selection.]

Method 3:
How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Pictures on Your iPhone using My Data Submit Asking?

If you accept an iPhone or iPad and desire to recover your photos on information technology then, the “My Data” submit request option is your best bet. Notwithstanding, make sure y’all’ll need to have a verified e-mail accost to download your data.

  • Step 1:
    To start log into your business relationship on

[Note: You tin can’t download your data using the Snapchat app, so you’ll demand to log in using a web browser.]

  • Footstep 2:
    Then, click on ‘My Data.’
  • Step 3:
    Following that, click on the ‘Submit Request’ option present at the lesser of the page.
  • Step 4:
    If y’all take verified an e-mail address with Snapchat, a message volition pop-upwardly maxim “Nosotros’ll send yous an email with a link once your data is ready to download. Please don’t share this link with anyone.”
  • Step v:
    Once you lot receive the email,
    follow the link
    in your email to download your data.
  • Pace 6:
    In the end, tap on the
    to finally download your information.
Tap on the link you receive in an email from Snapchat, and please don’t share this link with anyone as this contains your private data

[Annotation: Your ‘My Data Downloads’ volition be saved as a Naught file, and so you must take uniform software on your device to open the ZIP file and view the contents.]

Is It Possible to Recover ‘My Eyes Only’ Deleted Files?

In add-on to what we just told y’all above, are yous also wondering ‘Is there whatsoever mode to recover deleted files from my eyes just section on Snapchat?’

If yes, luckily you will get the answer for that too and that is the ‘My Eyes Only’ department is completely private to you. Fifty-fifty Snapchat has no access to that folder as it is meant to be private.

So, because Snapchat has no thought about the content beingness saved under that binder, if y’all yourself delete your files from My Eyes, there’s no way to get them dorsum.

Snapchat My Eyes Only Not Working – How to Prepare?

Last simply not least, if the ‘My Eyes But’ section is not working completely in your case, and you desire to know how to fix it, then consider these workarounds—

  • If the Snapchat server is up, but it still isn’t working for you, close the app and reopen information technology.
  • If the problem still persists, try logging out of your Snapchat business relationship and logging dorsum in. This will re-sync your local Snap with the server and may fix the problem.
  • Additionally, if zippo works, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app as sometimes doing so works likewise.

In a Nutshell

For those who ofttimes share their smartphone with friends or peers, protecting privacy can bear witness to be a hassle. But, if you are a Snapchat user then it is not a headache equally y’all have a ‘My Eyes Only’ section to hide all your snaps and memories which you want to proceed private and secure from others.

Although opponents say there are plenty of photograph hiding apps out there for the same but ‘My Eyes Only’ section within the app is an try to assist users easily hide sensitive images and videos.

And, not merely can yous apply it for photo hiding purposes, but it too proves to be highly beneficial when you run out of Google Photos space to relieve photos as it offers enough of it.

All the same, the main problem you face up in using this feature of Snapchat is when you forget the password set for it. In such a situation, this guide comes handy to tell you what you tin can practise in order to recover your ‘My Eyes Only’ passcode that in turn helps y’all think your days and year-long memories, photos and snaps!

Furthermore, it is too discussed here what fixes you tin can effort in case the ‘My Eyes Merely’ department is not working at all because at that place might exist some outcome with Snapchat, similar it may start to crash on your iOS or Android device.

And then, we hope yous are at present completely satisfied with this post as there is cypher left to hash out or mention for which you need to wait elsewhere.