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Red Dead Redemption two: Official Gameplay Video

Red Dead Redemption two, the long-awaited sequel to Rockstar Games’ beloved 2010 Western is hither. Every bit the successor to 1 of the most acclaimed games of its generation, it’due south safe to say that many fans have a lot of questions about information technology.

Nosotros recently talked nearly Red Dead Redemption 2 in length in our review, and nosotros’ve compiled everything we know almost the game so far, from official, concrete information, to fan theories and rumors found scattered effectually the web.

It stars Arthur Morgan

Rockstar released the beginning trailer for
Red Dead Redemption 2 on October twenty, 2016, and an unclear view of the protagonist led some to believe he was a member of the Marston family. However, the game’due south 2nd trailer, viewable above, revealed the principal character as an outlaw named Arthur Morgan. He’s a member of the Van der Linde gang and appears to have more questionable morals than most of Rockstar’southward previous protagonists, threatening to kill a male child who recently lost his father, and shaking down another traveler on behalf of the gang. In the trailer, Morgan says that his gang has traveled all over the western frontier and is wanted in iii states.

Red Dead Redemption 2
wants to make Arthur Morgan feel like a real person. Co-ordinate to USGamer, this means his pilus and beard will grow in real-time, and you lot’ll even need to have a bathroom on occasion if yous’ve been out hunting for too long. This extends to your option of clothing, with heavier outfits affecting your performance if you cull to vesture them during the hottest days. Remember eating also much and getting fatty in older G Theft Auto games? That returns too, then you lot tin’t pig out if you want to perform at your best.

Rockstar has detailed several members of the Van der Linde gang, equally well, including right-hand human Hosea Matthews, who is noted for his communication skills. Others include the “choked” Molly O’Shea, the “arbiter of justice” Susan Grimshaw, butcher and cook Pearson, hitman Micah Bong, new recruit Charles Smith, and ex-soldier Pecker Williamson.

Red Dead Redemption 2
is a prequel to the 2010 game, taking place in 1899, and though Marston isn’t a playable character, he will exist featured in the story in some chapters.

Marston’s family is also featured in the story. Abigail and John endeavor to shield Jack Marston from the true nature of the group, though anyone who played the original game knows that Jack grows upwards to be quite the gunslinger himself. At this indicate, he’s just a minor kid, however, and then he’ll play a much different role than he did in
Cherry Dead Redemption.

Interaction is cardinal

Red Dead Redemption 2
volition give players more control and choice than anything we’ve seen from Rockstar Games to date. In the get-go official gameplay video, which you can view at the top of this post, we larn the studio has worked to make the game’south world feel like it’due south alive, and choices you make with its characters can have long-term consequences.

Random pedestrians you come across tin can exist interacted with, and you can choose to be either friendly or antagonistic. If someone happens to witness one of your crimes, y’all can intimidate them into keeping their mouth shut, and you can talk downwards a sheriff and convince him to permit you become, also.

If you prefer to “go loud,” that’s an option also, as you tin pester people into attacking yous. In the gameplay video, we become a glimpse of
Ruddy Dead Redemption 2‘s snappy gunplay and the render of the “Dead Eye” targeting system, as well as hand-to-hand combat. You don’t even have to impale them, either, with IGN confirming that you can shoot someone’s chapeau off their caput without dissentious them.

The trailer also showed off some base management systems. When the Van der Linde gang enters a new region, they’ll set up upward a camp, and it’s upwards to Arthur to gather supplies and go on morale high. He can hunt for the gang past venturing out into the wild with his horse, which tin hold animal corpses besides equally extra weapons.

Merely like in the current-gen and PC versions of
Thousand Theft Auto Five,
Cherry-red Dead Redemption 2
lets you play through the unabridged game in either get-go-person or third-person perspective. You lot can also completely eliminate your heads-upwards display to make the feel more immersive.

Open world activities and side missions

Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video Function 2

Rockstar certainly puts a lot of fourth dimension and effort into the stories for its games, merely if you just want to explore
Red Dead Redemption 2‘s open world and appoint in side missions and superfluous activities, that’s totally an option as well. In an interview with Vulture, co-found of Rockstar Games Dan Houser revealed that players tin expect a sixty-hour long campaign — and that’s with the superfluous content removed.

When it comes to the kinds of activities and side missions you lot’ll find in
Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar detailed the variety of ways you lot can interact with the open world, including both legal and very illegal options.

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Morgan and the Van der Linde gang have a
of different options for stealing things that don’t vest to them. You tin can rob trains and stagecoaches, hold up random passersby or shop owners, or just walk into a house yous similar and accept whatsoever you desire. If you find yourself wanted by the law, compensation hunters can come up subsequently yous or you can go a bounty hunter yourself, too as accept on the function of a loan shark and shakedown local citizens who find themselves in debt.

Not all of the things yous exercise in the open world will be so violent, as multiple types of gambling, fishing, and dancing are also bachelor, though we don’t anticipate you’ll e’er be able to do these without a gunfight breaking out.  Information technology appears you lot’ll exist able to “talk” with local courtesans also, suggesting Morgan isn’t as tied down as John Marston.

Map, location, and surround

Red Dead Redemption ii’s map is said to exist simply e of the map from the previous game, and the two appear to overlap but slightly. The Great Plains in the northeast area of
Red Dead Redemption’due south map is the very southwest corner of
Red Expressionless Redemption 2’s map. Information technology was rumored that the game would have identify before the invention of the locomotive, simply the 2d trailer proved this to be false. Non only are there trains in the game, but Morgan can rob them.

Rockstar has shared some of the towns and locations we’ll be visiting in the game. They include Valentine, located in The Heartlands, which looks to be a traditional Old Westward-way area with a saloon and plenty of outlaws. We’ll besides head into the bayou of Lemoyne, also every bit the snowy mountains of  Ambarino. Perhaps the most interesting location is Saint Denis, located within Lemoyne. It’due south described as a melting pot with people from all walks of life, and as a gateway, we tin look to encounter some train robberies accept identify there.Red Dead Redemption 2
certainly won’t all be tumbleweeds and open plains this fourth dimension effectually.

The game volition characteristic both bears and alligators, likewise as snowfall. The Alligator National Wildlife Refuge in Northward Carolina features both animals, so information technology’s possible that Morgan could have moved back to the eastern United States, but the locations are modeled after states rather than recreating them. In fact, Rockstar said the game will include around 200 dissimilar species of animals, including birds and fish, “all of which behave and respond to their environment in a unique way.” If you must know, the testicles on horses volition even shrink and aggrandize depending on the atmospheric condition.

Red Dead map leak

Peradventure the strangest bit of information revealed in the leaked map, still, is that
Red Dead Redemption 2
may really be a prequel of sorts to 2K Games’ Mafia series. Though the region doesn’t actually resemble Louisiana, the city of New Bordeaux is listed in the southeast surface area of the game, close to a river and the Sisika Penitentiary complex located on an island just off the declension. This region’s bayous would certainly fit the wild fauna seen in the trailer, likewise.

While it’southward possible that this is simply a coincidence of Rockstar and
Mafia III
developer Hangar xiii having the same idea, information technology would be interesting to see Take-Two’s properties connected this way.

Western-fashion combat

When it comes to gainsay in the western setting ofRed Dead Redemption 2,yous’ll be packing long rifles and revolvers instead of fully-automatic weapons, but Rockstar says it’south doing all it can to make each gun look and feel unique. What that ways in practice, though, remains unclear.

We tin can say the same well-nigh fisticuffs. Arthur Morgan spent a surprising corporeality of time brawling with NPCs in the gameplay trailer. That might mean non-lethal combat is a more than of import element than in past Rockstar games. The trailer also said hand-to-hand combat has been improved from the original though, again, we don’t know the specifics.

While nosotros can’t say how the combat feels to play, it looked cracking in the gameplay trailer. Animations were smooth, gunshots rang out with an authentic cleft, and the overall catamenia of fighting looked fluid.

The Deadeye system likewise makes a return, letting y’all slow time to brand the best shot possible, and it will once more play a cardinal office in combat. This time around, however, an upgrade to the power will allow your target vital organs in an 10-ray mode like y’all’re playing a Sniper Elite game.

Your combat choices will change depending on where you happen to be in a firefight. Typically, Arthur will have access to two long weapons and two sidearms at any 1 time, just if he’s on or near a equus caballus, he’ll be able to access all of his weapons at one time.

In full,
Red Dead Redemption 2
will include more than 50 usable weapons. Multiple handguns are in the game, including the “Cattleman” revolver and the “Volcanic” pistol, alongside better-known weapons such as the Springfield burglarize and a sawed-off shotgun. Depending on the weapon you’re using, you tin also carry an item in your other hand, such every bit a lantern, and certain weapons volition do less damage to the valuable pare of the fauna you’re hunting.

Different armament volition also exist for sale, including “dissever point” and “high velocity,” rounds, besides every bit explosive ammunition. Depending on the task at hand, these could be very useful.

For the first time, weapons will also feature elements of degradation depending on how they’re treated. According to Kotaku, a moisture gun will accept its statistics affected until it’south given a proper cleaning, and they can even jam if not properly maintained. They’ll besides require manual reloading accomplished with a 2nd push button-press to actually nail home the idea that the weapons were more primitive in the late 19th century.

If you lot don’t similar the way your gun looks, you also take the option to swap out its handle or even requite it a new engraving.

Online multiplayer

Following in the footsteps of
Grand Theft Auto 5’s enormous
Grand Theft Auto Online
Ruby Dead Redemption 2
will follow accommodate. Forth with the official proclamation of the game, Rockstar revealed that it would also feature a brand new online multiplayer experience. This would seem to exist a natural progression of the multiplayer fashion nowadays in
Red Expressionless Redemption, which allowed players to freely explore the area should they not desire to engage in gunfights with other players.

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component of
Red Expressionless Redemption 2
was not available at launch. Instead, information technology will enter a beta stage on November 27 at 8:30 am ET for anyone who purchased the game’s Ultimate Edition. The online component will so exist accessible to those who played the game on launch day on November 28, followed the next twenty-four hour period past those who played information technology inside the first three days of release. On November 30, it volition be bachelor to anyone who has the game. According to an announcement given to Polygon, you lot will be able to able to start a gang with seven other players, customize your character, hunt, fish, and battle other gangs.

More on PlayStation 4

Forth with the game’s outset official trailer on October xx, Rockstar Games and Sony revealed a partnership between the 2 companies that volition bring “select online content in the vast open earth of
Red Dead Redemption 2” to PlayStation 4 first. The original
Red Dead Redemption
is currently available on PlayStation At present.

A special bundle will also exist available for new PlayStation four owners. The package includes a 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro system along with a copy of the game for $400, so those picking up the console for the first time won’t have to spend any actress cash to get the game, equally well.

And Xbox Ane X?

On Xbox One X,
Ruby-red Dead Redemption 2
will run at 4K resolution with high-dynamic range.

What about the PC?

Information technology is unclear whether the game will be released on PC at a after date. During Take-Two’s August 2017 investor phone call, Zelnick was asked whether the game would be released on PC. His response did not requite any indication one manner or the other.

When can we play it?

Crimson Expressionless Redemption 2
is out now for
PlayStation 4
Xbox I.

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