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Red Dead Redemption two Switch Port Teased By Insider

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27th Jun 2022 09:xix

Yee-haw, information technology’southward fourth dimension to saddle up and ride off into the sunset every bit Arthur Morgan considering there could be a new style to playRed Dead Redemption 2. According to the latest leaks, aRuddy Dead Redemption 2
Switch release could be on the way.

Post-obit the legacy of 2010’due southCarmine Expressionless Redemption, Rockstar Games delivered another rootin’ tootin’ adventure for the ages. The bigger and better prequel swapped out John Marston for Arthur Morgan, although the epilogue did feature the start game’s protagonist. It’s been iv years since
released, and with enough of Rockstar rumours doing the rounds, the latest could be a doozy.

Is Red Dead Redemption ii Coming To Switch?

Posting on Twitter, Axios’ Stephen Totilo claims that Rockstar was supposedly working on a Switch release forRed Expressionless Redemption 2
back in 2019. He says that we’re still waiting, so it’due south unclear whether this is notwithstanding the case. Interestingly, there’s a mention of Switch and Switch Pro – yeah, those rumours are dorsum too.

Unfortunately, there’due south no bodily word from Rockstar on whether the above is legitimate. Allow’s as well remember that the Nintendo Switch is famous for its lack of graphical capabilities. WhileMario
games are fine with the cartoonish graphics, something with the realism ofCarmine Dead Redemption 2
might struggle on the Switch.

Red Dead Redemption
isn’t even out on Switch, and logically, surely you’d expect the first game to state at that place first? And then again,
announcer Nacho Requena recently said that an upcoming Nintendo showcase will reveal the port of a third-party game that’south iv years one-time. Cue centre emoji.

What’s Next For Red Dead?

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Away from a mythical Switch release, there are continued claims that 2010’sCherry-red Dead Redemption
could be getting a new-gen remake. Rockstar has something of a chequered past with remakes. Last year’s
Grand Theft Motorcar: The Trilogy – The Definitive Editionwas panned upon launch, as Grove Street Games’ port was slammed across the lath – fans even asked for a refund.

IfRed Dead Redemption
is getting a remake, we imagine the programmer would handle things differently. TheRed Expressionless
name is in something of a limbo right now, but elsewhere, nosotros know there are sketchy plans for a third
game. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick compared
Red Expressionless
to the long-running
James Bail

series and said,
“If information technology’due south really, really keen, it volition continue going.” At to the lowest degree by the timeReddish Dead 3comes out, nosotros might have a Switch release of its predecessor.


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