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Escaping the maze is one of the all-time ways to earn resources in the game. The reward for escaping the maze is 300-500 coins, 5-7k tokens, and around 7-8k exp. The main reward from escaping the maze is the tokens, which can be used to purchase chests from the blue mushroom guy at spawn. Escapes are counted in your statistics besides. The four escapes are located at the outermost ring of the maze, by the outer doors.

Information technology is besides known for being an efficient farming method for getting The Lethiferous weapon (needing around 500 escapes for the weapon), or just to become coins that players can use for anything they need.

Getting to the Outer Ring

In the depths of the maze, four doors stand, all parallel to their glade gate counterpart, which are chosen the Outer Ring Gates. these doors open up but at sunset (6PM) and close in the morning (6AM), simply 3 out of the 4 outer ring door opens, these being the Team Door (by the team NPC), the Bridge Door (at the bridge almost the lake) and the Portal Door (the door that the portal is facing) and the Darkzone door which doesn’t open due to the “shortcut” the DZ offers.

If you manage to get to any of the outer gates (as well the Darkzone door), Yous must wait until night. When the time comes, they will open, revealing a maze-like ring, that surrounds the entire inner ring and glade of the maze. You lot must so detect your way to 1 of the iv outer sectors, which are marked with a specific number; One, Two, Three, or 4. These doors open at dark in a certain design (the pattern being 21434213). The pattern will always start randomly in the blueprint, meaning it can start from ane,2,3 or four. You can attain only 1 door each dark (without using the speed glitch). It also depends on which gate y’all offset from, as Team Gate tin quickly accomplish 3 and 4 while Bridge Gate is for 1 and two.

After you find a sector, and y’all manage to get lucky, Another maze will appear. The mini-maze varies on the number of the sector. When you lot find your way in, a Parkour/Obby will greet y’all. If y’all successfully survive through information technology all, you will have escaped the maze.

The Sector Gates

Equally you read before, 4 gates stand up in the outer ring; Number One, Two, Three, or 4. These gates accept unlike challenges to offer, simply all give you the same rewards.

Sector One:
One of the hardest sectors out of the four, and might also take the smallest, tightest, and about hard archway out of all four. It starts with the tight maze, in which yous must go left at the beginning. After some maze exploring, you will discover a pigsty that is about 6×6 studs. This is where the parkour starts: Some wall hugging jumps under a 6 stud mini-river of lava, careful as the platform might disappear underneath you, just two of these platforms don’t disappear (the two tilted platforms). Later you exercise the jumps, you take a tight walk of almost 2 studs broad. You volition reach a big rock island between the huge lava lake, there will be an button on the bottom you demand to press to go along, careful as the button is timed. And then there are more jumps, leading to some lava falls that yous must jump between in, after that, there’due south some more jumps like to the ones before the falls, some more ii stud wide jumps, and a timed obby. After that, you have escaped the maze.

Sector Two:
Another difficult sector for many, this one starts with the most straight-forward maze in which yous must turn right, and so go along straight until you reach the get-go: A timed button. Confusing for every beginner, you must first avoid some lava jumps. After that y’all will reach a pressure plate, Which is timed, so chop-chop render to where you were earlier. After that, climb on the rocks, jump on the platforms that emerged off the flooring, and some wall-hugging jumps, and yous are greeted by another plate. Printing it, spring down, climb the rocks once again, and through the door you get. The remainder of the sector is straight-frontward, until you accomplish the lava lake. Do the jumps, so more lava falls similar the ones you lot saw in Sector 1, except much easier. After you jump on another stone island, look to your correct, and you will see a pressure plate, with a parkour leading to it, press it, render QUICKLY since it’s timed, and do the jumps that emerged from the lava, after that, more than tight jumps, lava jumps, more than wall hugs, and you see some swinging hammers. Make sure to not get striking, considering they tin can kill you. Later you accomplish another plate, become through the door, and the residue is very straight-frontward, then you volition reach the end.

Sector Three:
This might be the most unique sector out of the 4 as it has no lava. Instead it has acrid, which creates many shortcuts during the escape. When you reach the parkour, go directly, and you will see some swinging axes, similar to the hammers in Sector Two, so avert them. afterward that, information technology’s fairly straightforward, make sure that yous do non impact the acrid falls, as they exercise instakill you. Afterward some swinging jumps similar to those in the Golden Temple, y’all will face more tight jumps, some jumps that sink into acid, and so the hardest part: The Blades. Follow hugging the wall to the left, timing each bract spin. After you go out, you volition have escaped the maze.

Sector Four:
This might be the most well known sector out of the four, due to being like shooting fish in a barrel to exercise and find. Information technology starts with the shortest maze, in which you must only go left, and yous volition find the obby. Information technology begins with some lava falls, and some jumps between lava, which can blind yous. After that, press the big timed pressure plate, and you get to a mini lava lake in an enclosed room. Go to the zipline, and jump out exactly on the middle, on there the rock island is standing. After that, you must do some parkour to a timed plate. Once you press information technology, you lot must return and leap through the obby to the door, and after you get to some other maze, you only must turn correct and stand up on the darkened stone which is an elevator. Avoid some hammers like the ones from Sector Ii, exercise some more wall hugs, and then yous accept escaped the maze.


Escaping the Maze can give anywhere from 5K-7K Tokens, which can exist used to purchase packets, and around 300-500 coins. It also gives an feel which is around 7-8k exp. Y’all can also obtain accolades(badges/titles) for reaching sure milestones of amounts of escapes, notably 1, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 escapes.

Tips and map

Tips for escape

  1. Always face the outer ring door when you go into the maze so you know where to become and won’t lose your direction
  2. Move sideways with shiftlock, unequip your weapon, equip it once again equally yous are falling, then spam jump(sideways) to speed glitch.
  3. Shiftlock through walls in outer ring to bank check if the door is closed or not before you attain it
  4. Don’t always stay at one door, attempt and find other door to back and forth between those doors to increase your chances of finding an open door
  5. If y’all are escaping with someone accept them stay at a certain door to tell y’all if it open or closed
  6. Never leap on the same block as someone if you are doing escape with a friend or team
  7. 308.965×308.965px

    Ever picket your back just incase a player or AI monster attacks y’all

    This is the outer ring map, the numbers on the top is the escape pattern. The South (bottom) gate is the Squad Gate and the East (right) gate is the Bridge Gate, those are the two main gate for escape.


  • A few years ago, the escape was located between the black DarkZone maze.
  • Later on on, the maze DarkZone got removed, so the exit was replaced by a random hole leading to the Laboratory, which could spawn randomly in the maze.
  • The night was three minutes shorter before than what information technology is right now, but the the maze was 5X smaller.
  • The sectors didn’t take an assigned number when they came out.
  • The sectors might swap courses over time, simply has only one time.
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