Roborock Dyad Review: Vacuum and mop at the same time

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Roborock knows a thing or 2 about vacuuming and mopping, equally its splendid range of robot vacuum cleaners shows. With the Roborock Dyad, the visitor has put all those past learnings into a cordless hard floor cleaner. Offering the ability to vacuum and mop at the same time, it can clean hard floors fast and efficiently to get them back to their best. It struggles a little with bigger debris, and households with furry friends may want to vacuum up pet pilus get-go – merely in terms of quality and convenience, this cordless cleaner is difficult to beat.


  • Efficient mopping and cleaning
  • Clever kickstand
  • Smart Motorcar mode


  • Hair can clog rollers
  • Loud


  • U.s.
    RRP: $449

Primal Features

  • Type
    A difficult floor cleaner and wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner in one

  • Battery life
    You tin can get 35 minutes of runtime from a single accuse; it takes around three hours to charge the cleaner to total


Roborock is best known for its line of robot vacuum cleaners, but has recently started to make a move into traditional cleaning appliances with the likes of its H7 vacuum cleaner. Here, we have a model that combines mopping and vacuuming: the Roborock Dyad hard floor cleaner.

Coping with moisture and dry messes, besides as self-cleaning, the powerful Roborock Dyad makes cleaning quick and efficient.

Design and Features

  • Carve up water and muddy tanks
  • Cocky-cleans

Designed for convenience, the Roborock Dyad is both a vacuum cleaner and hard floor cleaner. Like the similar Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max, the Dyad features 2 tanks. On peak is the 850ml clean water tank, which can too accepts suitable machine detergent for extra cleaning power. Roborock has partnered with Unilever to create a found-based detergent specifically for use with this auto.

Roborock Dyad  clean water tank

There’due south also a 620ml dingy water tank, into which all the dirt is sucked. Run on mopping mode, you lot’ll demand to empty the Dyad’s muddied water tank at least twice for each clean water tank.

Inside, a float shuts off access to the dirty tank when it’s total, to prevent damage to the motorcar. The Dyad will fifty-fifty speak to you to tell you it’s time to empty this tank.

Pull out the muddy water tank, and information technology’south easy to pull apart to go admission to the internal filter. It’s here that you’ll find whatsoever solid mess, which you tin can empty into your regular bin. Muddy water tin be poured into the sink and the tank rinsed out. At that place’s a secondary filter on top, which should be cleaned regularly and left to dry.

Roborock Dyad dirty water tank

At 1110 x 270 10 170mm and weighing 5kg, the Dyad is a chunky but not overly heavy scrap of kit. Controls are located on the handle, including a power toggle push button plus a button to change modes.

Roborock Dyad controls

When the Dyad is turned on, it starts in Auto mode, where the flooring cleaner senses the level of dirt on the flooring and adjusts h2o period and suction automatically. You lot tin get a visual indicator of the level of clay by looking at the coloured bar that runs around the LCD: the more carmine in that location is, the dirtier the floor.

Roborock Dyad cleaning

If you prefer, you lot can whack the Dyad into Max mode for maximum suction power. I take to say that I didn’t actually need this mode, even when dealing with the dirtiest of floors. There’s as well a Floor Drying mode, where the Dyad just sucks upward spills without adding extra water.

The position of the buttons meant that it was a trivial as well like shooting fish in a barrel to turn the Dyad off by fault, particularly when lowering the handle to get the machine under furniture.

Pushing the Dyad effectually is easy, with the smooth joint on the head making it quick to zippo around chairs. I found that the flooring cleaner doesn’t become very flat to the flooring, then reaching under some piece of furniture can be tricky; yous may demand to move things about a bit.

Roborock Dyad cleaning under a chair

When y’all need pause from cleaning, there’s a fold-out stand that lets the Dyad sit on the floor without falling over. Practice utilise information technology, since the cleaner is a lilliputian unstable when left leaning confronting a wall.

Roborock Dyad on its stand

The unmarried flooring cleaning head uses three microfibre rollers: one large ane that runs beyond the front, and 2 smaller ones across the back. The forepart roller spins in the contrary management to the rear ones, squeezing dirt into the suction path. Information technology should likewise mean that you get fewer hairs wrapped around the rollers.

Roborock Dyad rollers

In one case you’ve finished cleaning, the Dyad drops into its floor-standing charging dock. Here, yous can tap the push on meridian to run the automatic cleaning process, which delivers clean water over the rollers. It works brilliantly, and I haven’t felt the need to run the rollers through a washing motorcar.

Roborock Dyad roller clean button

Since debris can become trapped, the rollers can be removed, and the underside of the Dyad tin be wiped clean.

Roborock Dyad rollers removed


  • Cleans floors beautifully
  • Struggles to pick upwardly larger items
  • Battery life is excellent

I put the Dyad to work on my kitchen flooring, which suffers as a issue of having three cats constantly walking across it with dingy paw prints, plus they make a mess while eating. Running the Dyad over the clay, I was impressed past how quickly this vacuum picked up the mess, leaving behind a sparkling flooring. Floors are a piffling wet later on use, simply dry within minutes.

Roborock Dyad dirty hard floor
Roborock Dyad clean hard floor

Tougher, more dried-on stains required greater endeavor, but running the Dyad over trouble spots multiple times from different angles managed to remove everything. I didn’t have to resort to angle down and cleaning manually with a cloth.

Since the rollers go correct to the edge of the Dyad, it will clean right upwardly confronting walls and kitchen plinths. Tighter gaps can be a problem, however; if you have smaller nooks to get into, a more compact model such as the Shark Steam & Scrub Automatic Steam Mop S6002UK might exist a better option.

The Dyad is a vacuum cleaner, so in essence there’s no need to choice up dirt before you lot start cleaning. However, you may wish to, depending on the mess that needs to exist cleaned. Cleaning my kitchen floor, which had lots of loose cat hair on information technology, saw the Dyad pick up everything. However, after cleaning the rollers needed removing and the clogged hair wiping upward; vacuuming with a regular vacuum cleaner would stop this from happening.

Also notation that since the Dyad has simply rollers, it can struggle to tackle larger debris. While information technology picked upwardly all of my spilt rice, the cleaner needed to be run over the area several times to sweep upwards everything. It wouldn’t option upwardly some spilt true cat crunchies, pushing them around the floor.

Roborock Dyad rice on floor
Roborock Dyad cleaned up rice

What I can say is that the Dyad does pick up as of grime from difficult floors; with some other difficult floor cleaners, I oftentimes find that they leave backside lose bits of dirt that and then demand to be vacuumed.

For noise, I measured the Dyad at 78.1dB in Auto manner, which is quite loud compared to a cordless vacuum cleaner. On Max mode, it was even louder at 81.2dB.

Battery life is 35 minutes in Machine mode and 25 minutes in Max fashion. Roborock states this is sufficient to clean an area of 280m2. I’d say that’s pretty accurate – I managed to clean my entire house (three floors) on a single accuse. My domicile comprise a footing floor that’s by and large hard floors, plus the hallways, bathrooms and main bedroom. You lot tin can see the current charge percentage on the screen and, once the battery has depleted, the Dyad takes around iii hours to recharge.

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Should you buy information technology?

If y’all want a time-saving device that can bring your difficult floors dorsum to their best, the Dyad is an intelligent and powerful cleaner.

If you want a more flexible wet and dry cleaner, then consider an alternative selection that’s more suitable, or a model that lighter and more nimble.

Last Thoughts

A vacuum and flooring cleaner in one, the Dyad tin assist y’all clean your firm in one-half the fourth dimension of using two devices. The but slight caveat is that if your home suffers from lots of pet pilus or larger droppings, you might exist better tackling this with a regular vacuum cleaner first to prevent the Dyad’s rollers becoming chock-full. You’ll also need a vacuum to get into tighter gaps and for upholstery.

For the most part, the Dyad’s powerful suction and clever roller design too bring hard floors up to their best, without leaving any loose dirt backside. Excellent battery life and brilliant self-cleaning brand this a top hard floor cleaner for whatever floor blazon. For alternatives, check out my guide to the all-time hard flooring cleaners.

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Is the Roborock Dyad a vacuum cleaner?

Yeah, information technology can vacuum as well as clean, only at that place are no accessories, so you’ll withal need a regular vacuum cleaner for smaller areas, upholstery and carpets.

What does the Roborock Dyad’southward Car mode do?

Based on the level of dirt detected, the Dyad will suit power and water flow.

How long does the battery in the Roborock Dyad final?

It lasts for upwardly to 35 minutes, and takes around three hours to accuse.

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