Samsung Freestyle Review: Compact, portable and easy-to-setup projector

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This portable LED projector quickly and easily delivers big screen fun and works only about anywhere. The images are bright and punchy, the audio surprisingly skillful, and the born apps offer plenty of streaming choice.


  • Piece of cake-to-setup big screen images
  • Surprisingly practiced sound
  • Congenital-in streaming apps


  • Express to Full Hd resolution
  • Color gamut could be wider


  • UK
    RRP: £999
  • USA
    RRP: $899

Key Features

  • LED light source
    500 Lumens and 20,000 hours lifespan

  • Single-scrap DLP
    Full Hd resolution of 1920×1080 with support for HDR10 and HLG

  • Congenital-in speaker organization
    360˚ delivery and 5W of distension

  • Built-in Tizen-powered smart platform
    Streaming apps, SmartThings app, and built-in Bixby and Amazon Alexa

  • Physical connectivity
    Micro-HDMI i.4 with eARC; USB-C port for power adapter

  • Wireless connectivity
    Wi-Fi five; Bluetooth 5.2; AirPlay 2


The Samsung Freestyle is the latest projector from the Korean manufacturer, but instead of the super-bright big screen heroics of the ultra-short-throw Premiere, nosotros get a portable LED projector that you tin utilize but near anywhere.

This kind of pico projector is a new direction for Samsung, so the company has included a number of primal features such as auto installation, 360˚ sound, Tizen-powered streaming apps, and Smart Scale for spot-on colours.


  • Compact and solidly congenital
  • Adjustable stand

The Samsung Freestyle certainly looks the part, with a cylindrical shape and adjustable stand. This is both decorative and practical, allowing the bending of the projector to be moved from 90 through to 180 degrees. Y’all can as well use information technology to carry the Freestyle when moving around.

Samsung Freeview angled view from left

The matte white chassis isn’t just fashionable, information technology’s also well constructed, ensuring the Freestyle is both portable and robust. Behind a hole assortment is a built-in 360˚ speaker system, combined with a heat sink, invisible fan, and spiral air duct for cooling with minimal racket.

Samsung Freeview seen from rear

At the height where the lens is located you lot’ll find some bones touch on sensitive controls for power, book and casting. Farther down, on ane side, is a switch for activating the built-in microphone, a USB-C port for power, and a Micro-HDMI port for external devices.


  • Micro-HDMI 1.4 input with eARC
  • Wi-Fi five; Bluetooth 5.ii; AirPlay 2
  • Built-in Bixby & Amazon Alexa
  • USB-C port for power

The Samsung Freestyle offers flexible connectivity that reflects its mobile nature. For those looking to make a physical connexion there’s a Micro-HDMI input that supports version 1.four features such as CEC, only can also handle HDR and eARC.

Samsung Freeview close-up of connections

There’s also a USB-C port, but this is only for connecting the USB power adapter. The closeness of the Micro-HDMI input and USB-C port ways there’s limited space, then you’re better off using a defended HDMI to Micro-HDMI cable, rather than an adapter.

In terms of wireless connectivity there’s Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi Direct, plus Bluetooth five.2 and Apple AirPlay 2. The Wi-Fi functionality not only supports the projector’due south Tizen-powered smart platform, only too adds built-in Bixby and Amazon Alexa smart assistants.


  • Matching remote control
  • SmartThings app
  • Tizen-powered platform
  • Streaming apps
  • Smart Calibration

The Samsung Freestyle comes with a remote that’s finished in white to match the projector itself. The zapper uses a sensible blueprint that’s comfy to hold and utilize, with an intuitive button layout that makes setting upwards and controlling the Freestyle like shooting fish in a barrel. There are likewise direct buttons for central streaming apps.

Samsung Freeview remote control

As with most of Samsung’s devices, the Freestyle supports the SmartThings app (Android and iOS), which offers the same command options every bit the included remote, and as well adds vocalism interaction via Bixby and Amazon Alexa using a built-in far-field microphone.

There were no issues running the SmartThings app, which connected to the Freestyle without any problems. Equally a result the projector was simple to setup, with the app taking you through the procedure of connecting the Samsung to your wireless network and any other devices.

Samsung Freeview home page

The Tizen-powered smart platform offers primal streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, plus there’s Samsung Telly Plus, and even a spider web browser. The home page is sensibly laid out, and all the features appeared to work without any bug.

You can screen mirror from a smartphone using either the SmartThings app or AirPlay ii, and if you accept a supporting Samsung Galaxy phone there’southward also Tap View.

Compatible Samsung TVs offer TV Access, allowing users to stream live Television receiver broadcasts to the Freestyle in another room via Wi-Fi. When the TV is on you can mirror content to the projector, and when the Tv is off you can control the TV content from the Freestyle.

Samsung Freeview in ambient mode

The ambient mode allows you to projection from a selection of 20 images or your own photos, which is handy for parties. Withal, the idea of attaching the lens cap and turning an expensive LED projector into a lamp seems a bit silly. Why not only purchase a lamp at a fraction of the price?

The Freestyle is compatible with external batteries that are USB-PD and 50W/20V output or higher up, although Samsung too offers an optional battery stand. In that location’s even an optional carry case, and skins for irresolute the Freestyle’south colour to match your decor.


  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Quiet in functioning
  • Decent big screen pictures
  • Reasonable input lag
  • Surprisingly good sound

The Samsung Freestyle is very easy to setup, thank you to automatic keystoning, levelling and focusing. Simply betoken the unit where yous want to project and information technology’ll do the rest. This worked well in testing, but yous tin can besides manually fine tune the keystoning and focus if necessary.

You increase or decrease the image betwixt 30 and 100 inches diagonally by moving the projector nearer or farther from the wall. Y’all can projection at any angle, even up if you want a picture on the ceiling so yous can lookout man your favourite prove while lying in bed.

Samsung Freeview being adjusted

The Freestyle proved fairly quiet in operation, with a noise level of simply 25dB from two feet away. It’s also piece of cake to operate, with a home folio and menu arrangement that’s intuitive to navigate, allowing yous to make adjustments in the menus or cull from the bachelor streaming apps.

The projector uses single-flake DLP with a resolution of 1920 10 1080, and an LED light source. This has a claimed brightness of 550 lumens, and lifespan upwardly to 20,000 hours. While reasonably vivid, the Freestyle volition struggle in daylight, then for the best results pull the defunction or use information technology at night.

In general the picture quality is very good, with images that announced clean and detailed. Since the projector is limited to a resolution of 1080p it tin can’t brandish 4K (3840 ten 2160) natively, but content is effectively downscaled without introducing any apparent artefacts.

Samsung Freeview lens close-up

The Freestyle supports HDR10 and HLG via its internal apps and HDMI, but the colour infinite doesn’t embrace the total DCI-P3 colour gamut, and it could exist brighter. However the tone mapping on the projector is good, producing HDR images with a fleck more than punch compared to SDR.

Whether SDR or HDR the pictures announced accurate, and the motion treatment is excellent thanks to the use of DLP.  Unfortunately, this besides means the Freestyle suffers from the usual limitations of DLP, with weak blacks and contrast, plus possible colour fringing (rainbows) for certain people.

Samsung’southward new Smart Calibration characteristic enables the Freestyle to be rapidly and hands calibrated with a supporting smartphone. Follow the instructions and the characteristic will measure accurate images in a affair of seconds, making information technology very useful when projecting on to fair walls.

Samsung Freeview projecting onto a ceiling

You can connect a gaming panel to the Freestyle using the Micro-HDMI input, and in game mode the input lag is 44ms. This is also high for serious gamers, but volition be fine for most people, allowing owners to enjoy a responsive and detailed big-screen gaming experience.

The built-in speaker system sounds surprisingly skillful because the projector’s compact size. The combination of 5W of distension, a 360˚ speaker configuration and two passive woofers produce a sound that’s much larger than you’d expect based on the Freestyle’s dimensions.

The sound spreads out in all directions, and is capable of going loud without distorting or losing its composure. While it can’t compete with a soundbar, information technology’s fine for most viewing, and the HDMI ARC means you lot tin can even ship the audio from the built-in apps back to an external sound system.

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Should you buy information technology?

You desire a quick an easy way of enjoying big screen amusement
This capable and portable projector can produce a big screen prototype speedily, easily and just about anywhere. The born Wi-Fi and smart platform gives you access to your favourite content, the audio is surprisingly adept, and at that place’southward even support for eARC and HDR.

You want 4K resolution or really bright images
The Freestyle might back up HDR, but it’south limited to Full Hard disk drive (1920 10 1080), and the color gamut isn’t that wide. While the LED light source can produce a reasonably bright image, it lacks the overall luminance to handle daylight, so information technology can’t actually be considered an alternative to a TV.

Terminal Thoughts

The Samsung Freestyle is an achieved little projector that achieves its primary goals of being portable and easy to setup. The build quality is excellent, the connectivity is adept, the remote is nicely designed, and the automatic levelling, key stoning and focusing all work well.

While express to 1080p, the Freestyle supports HDR and the LED light source produces bright and punchy images. At that place are no credible processing artefacts, the motility handling is smashing, and the Smart Calibration characteristic tin can produce authentic colours, fifty-fifty on off-white surfaces.

The Tizen smart system offers a choice of streaming apps and smart administration, the input lag is low plenty for most users, and the audio quality is surprisingly proficient considering the size of the projector. All this makes the Samsung Freestyle a fun and flexible big screen performer.

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Does the Samsung Freestyle support 4K resolution?

No, the Freestyle is limited to Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

How much does the Samsung Freestyle toll?

The Freestyle costs £999 in the UK and $899 in the U.s.. If you lot pre-guild from the Samsung website, you can get a pair of Galaxy Buds Live free as well as a gratuitous travel instance. The bargain for the Buds Alive ends March 1st, 2022.

Full specs




Size (Dimensions)


Release Appointment

Model Number


Projector Blazon

Brightness Lumens

Lamp Life

Contrast Ratio

Max Prototype Size


Types of HDR


Audio (Power output)


Display Applied science

Projector Display Applied science

Samsung Freestyle




104 10 173 x 95 MM

0.8 KG



1920 x 1080



twenty,000 hours


100 inches



one ten Micro-HDMI

5 W



Single-bit DLP

Jargon buster


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to contrast (or divergence) between the brightest and darkest parts of an image. HDR content preserves details in the darkest and brightest areas of a picture, details that are frequently lost in erstwhile imaging standards. HDR10 is mandated to be included on all HDR TVs. It’due south also supported by 4K projectors.

AirPlay two

AirPlay 2 is the 2d generation of Apple tree’s proprietary wireless streaming tech, which is built into all of its hardware products (and supported by many others). Information technology’south designed to pass content from your Apple device – music, video and photos – to a compatible receiver over your Wi-Fi network such as a TV, wireless speaker, AV receiver etc.


eARC (Enhanced Sound Return Channel) is the update to ARC and it boosts the bandwidth and speed, making room for object-based audio surroundings formats such as DTS:X and Dolby Atmos to exist sent direct to an AV receiver/soundbar.


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