Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Developer Options

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Samsung’s Galaxy Notation 10 and Note 10 Plus are packed to the skirt with features and nosotros detail some of the highlights in our in-depth reviews. Simply many of these tricks are hidden, or confusingly turned off past default. From maxing out the screen resolution to swiping downwards anywhere to access the notification drawer, we’ve rounded up all the key settings to alter to get the most out of your new phone.

Earlier we start, there are two means you tin admission the Settings menu: Swipe downwardly to lower the notification drawer and tap the gear icon on the top right. Alternatively, yous can observe the
app in the app drawer.

Change the power button

There are only two buttons on the Note ten and
Notation 10 Plus
— a volume rocker and a slumber/wake key — and they’re both on the left side of the phone. Simply what happens when you press and hold the slumber/wake cardinal to power off the telephone? Bixby turns on; this push button is technically the Bixby push from final year’s Note 9.

How do you turn off the phone, then? Swipe down the notification drawer and you’ll see a new ability icon side by side to the gear icon. Tap it to get power options so yous can restart or turn off your telephone. Don’t worry — there’s a manner to make the push button exercise this if y’all don’t like the software pick.

Go toSettings > Advanced features > Side central, and underPress and hold
tapPower off menu. Now y’all’ll get the traditional ability carte du jour when you press and concord the side cardinal.

Here yous tin can also see that information technology’s possible to customize the double-press function. By default, information technology opens the camera, but y’all can have it launch Bixby or another app of your option. But choose i of the diverse options.

Max the screen resolution

The Milky way Note 10 Plus has a massive half dozen.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen, but the default screen resolution out of the box is ii,280 x 1,080. You paid and then much for this cute, big screen, so information technology makes sense to maximize the screen resolution to its highest potential.

Head toSettings > Display > Screen resolutionand cull
WQHD+ iii,040 x i,440. Do note that this will increase the drain on the battery, so if you lot want to conserve battery life, go along the resolution at the default (or lower information technology to 1,520 x 720).

The smaller six.3-inch
Galaxy Note 10
is set to its maximum 2,280 x i,080 resolution by default.

Fix the navigation bar layout

If you’re a lifelong Samsung smartphone owner, this won’t apply to y’all every bit y’all may prefer the standard navigation layout of Samsung’s phones; where the navigation bar has the Recent apps button on the left, the home button in the middle, and the dorsum button on the right. Use any other Android smartphone and this is non the traditional layout. The dorsum button is on the left side and the Recents is on the right.

If you want to change the layout to the standard Android style, head toSettings > Display > Navigation bar. UnderPush button club, you tin choose the layout you adopt. Here you tin also cull full-screen gestures, which lets yous swipe upwardly on a respective area at the bottom of the screen to go dwelling house, back, or bear witness the recent apps.

When the Note ten and
Notation 10 Plus
get updated to Android 10 Q, a more standardized gesture navigation organization will be in place.

Swipe down to admission notifications

Galaxy Annotation 10
Plus is a big phone. The Note 10 is more compact, but for both of these phones, it can be tough to reach the height of the screen to see your notifications. There’s a setting that lets you swipe downwards anywhere on the home screen to pull down the notification drawer.

It’s hidden away in the home screen settings menu. Tap and hold on the domicile screen, and tap on the icon on the far left titled
Dwelling house screen settings. Look forSwipe downwardly for notification panel, and toggle information technology on. Now if you lot swipe down anywhere on the domicile screen, the notification drawer will come up downward, so you lot don’t demand to reach for the meridian of the screen. This won’t work while in an app, though.

Show more notifications on the status bar and the battery percentage

By default, the Note 10 range will show you lot the three most recent app notifications in the status bar — you’ll need to swipe down to see all of them. Merely if yous want to see more than apps, it’s possible by heading to
Settings > Notifications > Status bar
and borer on
All notifications. You’ll still be limited to around v apps as that’s what space allows.

Here, you can also run across the option to evidence the battery percentage adjacent to the bombardment icon for more precise measurements. Just toggle it on and y’all’ll see the percentage pop upwardly on the far right of the status bar.

Add together dynamic wallpapers, app shortcuts to the lock screen

The Note x and
Note 10 Plus
both have a new feature that rotates artwork on the lock screen, called Dynamic Lock screen. Information technology’south a dainty characteristic if yous frequently find yourself changing your lock screen wallpapers. To toggle it on, head to
Settings > Lock screen > Dynamic Lock screen. Choose a category of your preference, whether it’south Pets or Landscapes, and you’re set.

Speaking of the lock screen, in that location’s too a feature that lets you add app shortcuts when you lot tap on the in-brandish fingerprint sensor. It’due south in the aforementioned settings menu —
Settings > Lock screen > App shortcuts
— and chooseFloating button. Traditionally, lock screen app shortcuts sit on the bottom corners of the screen (this pick is withal bachelor), just the new choice hides them until y’all unlock the phone with the in-brandish fingerprint sensor.

Choose aLeft shortcut
and aCorrect shortcut,
and you’ll see these apps pop upwards equally you printing the fingerprint sensor. Slide your finger to 1 to open it.

Use the book keys for media, plow on Dolby Atmos

Ever accept a moment when you tap on a video and your phone starts blasting sound at loud volumes, much to your chagrin? If nothing happened when you pressed the book buttons, that’s because by default they control ringtone book. In theSettings > Sounds and vibrations
menu, you lot tin toggle onEmploy Volume keys for media
to make it so that the volume rocker will prioritize controlling media book by default.

While you’re here, y’all should have a second to toggle onDolby Atmos. It makes the audio coming out of your Notation phone sound a lot meliorate, and you lot can find it inSettings > Sounds and vibrations > Advanced audio settings > Sound quality and furnishings > Dolby Atmos.

Turn on the bluish-low-cal filter and dark way

Similar about smartphones, the Note ten range has a blueish-light filter yous tin plough on at night. Studies show that taking in blue low-cal earlier bed tin have adverse effects on your health, so it’s a good idea to limit exposure as much as possible. Head to
Settings > Brandish > Blueish light filter
to toggle it on. You tin can cull whether to turn information technology on from sunset to sunrise or schedule a specific window of time. You lot can also tweak the intensity of the filter to make the screen more or less yellow.

The Note 10 and
Notation 10 Plus
also support a system-wide night style, which converts many of the user interface elements to an AMOLED black. If you hate seeing a white background everywhere, especially at night, head to
Settings > Display > Night Manner
to plough it on. You can also schedule this to turn on automatically if you don’t desire it on all the fourth dimension.

Plow on Face Unlock

If you’re not a fan of the in-display fingerprint sensor, you’ll be happy to know there’s an alternative unlocking method on the Annotation 10 and
Note 10 Plus: Face Unlock. It’south non secure like Face ID on the iPhone, but it can be used to unlock the lock screen. Head toSettings > Biometrics and security > Face recognition
and follow the on-screen instructions to prepare it up.

You can customize the feature to have y’all straight to the home screen by toggling offStay on Lock screen. We recommend turning off
Faster recognition
likewise, as leaving information technology on makes confront unlock less secure.

Always show the Ever On Display

The Always-on Display lets you look at the time and incoming notifications on the phone’s standby screen without having to option it upward. Merely by default, y’all demand to tap the screen to show the E’er-on Display. You can proceed it permanently on, just note it may use up a little more bombardment life.

Head toSettings > Lock screen > Always On Display >
and tap theShow always
option. Now yous’re gear up! Yous can likewise ready it to turn on permanently at a sure fourth dimension, if that’s your preference.

Pro tip: Y’all can customize the look of the always-on brandish by going to
Lock screen > Clock style > Always on Brandish.

Toggle on Elevator to wake, Smart Stay

Simply grabbing the Note 10 and
Annotation 10 Plus
and raising it to your optics will plough on the screen, as will a double-tap of the screen. Make sure these handy settings are toggled on by heading to
Settings > Avant-garde features > Motions and gestures.

One feature that’s toggled off isSmart Stay
— information technology’s been available on Samsung phones for several years. It makes sure the screen stays on while y’all keep looking at it, and so toggle information technology on if yous discover the screen frequently shuts off while you’re reading.

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