Samsung Galaxy S21 FE vs Galaxy S21: What’s the difference?

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has simply landed — but how does information technology stack up compared to the Galaxy S21? Here is how the two devices compare to each other directly, so you can make your decision.

The recently-released Galaxy S21 FE is the latest addition to Samsung’s S21 range, and and then it’s just natural to wonder whether it lives upwards to the reputation set up by its forerunners. In this commodity, we’ll compare its specs to the standard Galaxy S21, to run across if it actually is the “Fan Edition” of this range.


The Galaxy S21 offers a triple rear photographic camera sensor, including a 12-megapixel broad angle camera, a 64-megapixel telephoto sensor, and a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens. In our review, we found that while it wasn’t the very best photographic camera phone around, it certainly did offering versatility, reliability, and impressively vivid colours.

Samsung Galaxy S21 photographic camera module

The FE version has a similar module – in fact, it seems that the wide and ultrawide sensors are identical. Where information technology differs is in the telephoto lens, which clocks in at but eight-megapixels. Y’all’ll take to await for our upcoming review to come across how it performs, but it’s likely that this has been a cost-cutting downgrade.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 has a especially good display, to exist precise a 6.2-inch OLED with an adaptive refresh rate that could get up to 120Hz and a Full HD+ resolution. It’s bright, detailed, and smooth, making it i of the best screens you can get (despite the downgrade from the WQHD+ resolution of the Galaxy S20).

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE front and screen
Samsung Galaxy S21 Atomic number 26 display

Fortunately, the Milky way S21 Fe manages to retain most of these features, and it’s even a flake larger, going from 6.2-inches to half-dozen.four-inches. Notwithstanding, while it’southward still got a 120Hz maximum refresh rate, it seems that information technology is not adaptive in the same way so you’ll take to switch in on via the settings.


On the score of performance, it seems as though in that location’s little to choose from between the ii devices. While the Galaxy S20 runs on an Exynos 2100 in Europe or a Snapdragon 888 chipset in the Usa, while according to the official source the Atomic number 26 is “equipped with Galaxy’s latest, super-fast application processor – the same experience used in the S21 series.”

This is good news, because nosotros were very impressed with the Galaxy S21’s performance. Information technology’s super fast when running everyday tasks, steps upwards to the plate for great gaming performance, and ably supports the camera arrangement even at its nigh enervating.

Battery Life

When it comes to the battery, you’re likely to notice a heave if y’all pick the Galaxy S21 Fe; the newer device offers a 4500mAh cell, while the original model but packs 4000mAh.

Through our regular usage of the Galaxy S21, we establish that it could brand information technology through the 24-hour interval on a single charge, which translated to between 5 to six hours of screen-on fourth dimension. If the Galaxy S21 Atomic number 26 does perform better in this area information technology will be a welcome alter.

All the same, when it comes to charging support over again it is unlikely that yous’ll see a large difference; both handsets support 25W wired charging and 15W wireless charging, which is not particularly speedy.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Iron has been announced with a starting toll of £699 (for the 128GB storage variant), which rises to £749 if you lot opt for 256GB of storage.

The Galaxy S21 had a base of operations launch price of £769 — however, things accept changed since its launch nearly exactly ane year agone, and you lot can find it for sale online for £699 as well. At this point in time, price is not a significant differential between the two.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Atomic number 26 vs Samsung Milky way S21: Early Verdict

Nosotros’ve non all the same been able to put the Samsung Galaxy S21 Atomic number 26 through its paces in a total review, so it’s too early to say for sure which one is the better pick of smartphone. However, the crucial pick seems to come downwards the battery performance versus the camera performance; if the former is your priority then the Milky way S21 FE might be the best bet, while if the latter is the cardinal credential for you and then the Galaxy S21 may be the one for you.

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