Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Charging Cord

I took a await at the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Fast Charging details and all I could ask was, What were the engineers thinking?

Why do all the phones on the Galaxy 21 range – Milky way S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra – have only 25W fast charging? The Galaxy S20 Ultra from last yr has 45W quick charging, so the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra fast charging is a downgrade as far as quick battery top-ups is concerned.

If nosotros motion away from specs on paper, real life tests and usage evidence that the Milky way S20 Ultra charges faster than the S21 Ultra. So, over again, what was Samsung thinking?

Samsung Milky way S21 Ultra Fast Charging vs The Competition

Some of Samsung’s top contenders in the premium flagship infinite have washed much meliorate. Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ has a respectable 66W fast charging standard that tops up the phone’s battery in 45 minutes. Xiaomi Mi 11 has 55W, which tops upward the bombardment in 45 minutes. OPPO Reno5 Pro+ has 65W, which can top upwardly the battery in 38 minutes.

The Samsung Milky way S21 Ultra fast charging solution tops upwards the phone’south battery in about ane hours 10 minutes. For a device that is designed to rule the smartphone jungle, and for the price, this is not a minor shortcoming.

Vivo iQOO 7 announced

Meanwhile, brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo already take blazing fast charging speeds. Take the Vivo iQOO 7, with 120W quick charging that tops up the bombardment from aught in just fifteen minutes flat. OPPO has a 125W Fast Charging solution which goes from 0-100 in ten minutes.

Merely Samsung is non lone in going low on fast charging speeds. It has a bed-fellow in Sony, Motorola, and Apple. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has merely 20W fast charging. Sony Xperia 5 Two is equipped with 21W quick charging, and Motorola Edge South has 20W.

Do these brands actually expect me to upgrade from the 33W fast charging on my current mid-ranger to a flagship with 25W?

Battery charging speed is one of those features that touch on your daily smartphone usage. It is 1 experience that you can immediately feel the value it adds to your life.

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra has 12GB RAM

The top 2021 phone models, like Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, are fitted with 12GB RAM

I’d feel cheated if I were to drop a smartphone with 33W fast charging for 1 that costs twice as much and has a slower charging speed. Only then, that is me. I desire the fastest charging speed possible if I am spending on a flagship.

Heck, I want the fastest charging speed possible regardless of what cost range I am shopping in. If I were buying a flagship, I would certainly want a device that I tin plug in and take information technology fully charged in 45 minutes at the most. But that is just me.

I know that someone could argue that the difference in charging speeds between the Milky way S21 ultra and its competition isn’t that much. But so, I would debate that the difference between the areas it shines in and those of the competitors isn’t that much either. And so, why bother?

The downgrade of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra fast charging speed to 25E from the Milky way S20 Ultra’south 45W leaves a slightly sour taste in the mouth. My oral cavity, of grade. It might not mean anything to many others.

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