Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Review: Hands on

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First Impressions


  • United kingdom
    RRP: £949
  • United states
    RRP: $999.99
  • Europe
    RRP: €1059


Samsung has merely unleashed its latest clutch of smartphones, with the base model of the Galaxy S22 at one end of the spectrum, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra as the all-singing, all-dancing variant with the heart-watering price-tag to show for information technology. Just does the Galaxy S22 Plus hit the sweet spot dead on, with its mix of excellent specs and a sub-£1000 starting price?

We’ve had some hands-on experience with the device, and this is what we think of it so far.

The Galaxy S22 Plus is not a cheap phone, but it’due south not quite as pricey as the Ultra version. Prices start at £949 for the variant with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and and so y’all’ll have to fork out £999 to augment that storage space to 256GB.

By comparison, the S22 Ultra starts off at £999 and rises to £1399, and the standard S22 costs a minimum of £769 and a maximum of £819 at launch.

It’s a considerable price to pay for a flagship, but for many of usa this device will striking the sweetness spot of having a big screen and very respectable all-circular abilities, without arguably going over the top in the way that the Ultra might be accused of.

We’ve reached out to Samsung for US and Euro pricing, merely at the time of publishing hadn’t heard dorsum.

Blueprint and Screen

  • Glass construction, non plastic
  • Great screen

The Galaxy S22 Plus is an attractive phone, albeit one that bears a very strong resemblance to final year’south S21 Plus. The camera module looks smart and its polish certainly takes the eye, while this twelvemonth the dorsum panel is fashioned in glass rather than plastic, which gives it the premium feel that yous’ve certainly paid enough for. It’due south as well reassuring to annotation that the phone has an IP68 h2o resistance rating, so it should stand up adequately well to whatsoever accidental splashing.

Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The AMOLED screen has a sharp Full HD Plus resolution (although this is eclipsed by some other flagships) and this is complemented past a smooth 120Hz refresh charge per unit that’s adaptive. The latter is of import equally it means the screen can go as low as 10Hz when undertaking less enervating tasks in order to save battery simply runs at the maximum when yous want information technology to be as smooth as possible. Gaming should be very responsive too, seeing as the display supports a 240Hz bear upon sampling rate, while the AI-powered blue light control is supposed to make the screen less taxing on your optics. I only had an opening go with the screen and didn’t take a run a risk to do whatever lab checks, but my naked eye impressions are positive. The screen’s brilliant, sharp and colors look nice and punchy, without existence oversaturated. Viewing angles were also impressive.


  • A versatile mix of photographic camera sensors
  • Similar to terminal year’s Galaxy S21

The cameras have has a little shake-up compared to last year’s line, simply fortunately there seems to exist both versatility and quality on show hither on the S22 Plus.

The 50-megapixel wide angle camera is joined past a 12-megapixel ultrawide photographic camera and a 10-megapixel telephoto photographic camera for a promising package.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus back of the phone
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

We haven’t nonetheless had the adventure to put the device through our full photography test, as we’ve only had limited hands-on time and so far, only in our initial impressions it seemed that both the autofocus and the lowlight performance were promising aspects of the snappers. I’ll be curious to encounter how it competes with the Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 which both performed excellently when shooting photos in low light when we tested them last year.

Performance and Bombardment

  • Acme-of-the-line processor
  • Battery capacity is smaller than the S21 Plus

The processor that runs on the S22 Plus volition be different depending on which region you lot’re in; the European model is set to run on Samsung’s own Exynos 2200 chipset, while the Us model is thought to rock the Snapdragon 8 Gen ane. We look fantabulous performance from both of these chipsets, albeit they’re unlikely to outgun the iPhone 13 any time soon.

The battery is really slightly smaller than last year’due south pick, this one clocking in at 4,500mAh rather than the 4,800mAh of the S21 Plus. In our feel, last year’s device actually overperformed based on our expectations, comfortably delivering a day’s worth of battery life and then some even after heavy usage, then nosotros hope that the new generation can alive upwardly to that example.

Nosotros’re especially looking forward to trying out the fast-charging capabilities on this telephone, which supports 45W of power (in comparing to just 25W from the standard version), while 15W wireless charging is likewise an choice if that’s what yous prefer. Withal, be warned, as before, Samsung doesn’t include a plug in the box, and then yous’ll have to invest in one if you want to have advantage of the S22 Plus’ fast charging capabilities.

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Early Impressions

The Galaxy S22 Plus seems like a very promising flagship phone, given its attractive design, promising cameras, and the very latest silicon fries onboard. We’re going to need more fourth dimension with the phone to give you our terminal verdict, but from what nosotros’ve seen so far the device seems to accept the ability to pick up from where the Galaxy S21 Plus started off.

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Which processor will information technology have?

That’s region-dependent, but the U.s. model is due to run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, whereas in the U.k. and Europe the S22 Plus is expected to have the Exynos 2200 chipset.

Full specs

Beneath yous tin see a break down of the phone’southward full specs and how they compare to the S22 and S22 Ultra.



European union RRP


Screen Size

Storage Capacity

Rear Camera

Front Photographic camera

Video Recording

IP rating


Wirless charging

Fast Charging

Size (Dimensions)


Operating Organization

Release Date

Outset Reviewed Engagement



Refresh Charge per unit





Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus





six.6 inches


50-megapixel broad, 12-megapixel ultrawide, 10-megapixel telephoto




4500 mAh



75.8 x x 157.4 MM

196 G

Android 12, OneUI 4.1


120 Hz


Snapdragon viii Gen one / Exynos 2200


Samsung Galaxy S22





6.1 inches


50-megapixel wide angle, 12-megapixel ultrawide, ten-megapixel telephoto




3700 mAh

70.6 x x 146 MM

168 Yard

Android 12, OneUI 4.1


120 Hz



Samsung Milky way S22 Ultra





6.viii inches






5000 mAh



77.nine x 8.9 x 163.3 MM

229 G

Android 12, OneUI iv.ane



1440 10 3080


120 Hz


Snapdragon 8 Gen ane / Exynos 2200


Burgundy, Gree, Black, White

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