Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus Review: Hands on

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Kickoff Impressions

The newest Plus-size tablet from Samsung offers an immersive screen and impressive specifications, so is information technology the one to opt for over the Tab S8 Ultra?


  • UK
    RRP: £849
  • Europe
    RRP: €999


This time there are three different devices in Samsung’south Galaxy Tab range, with the Tab S8 Plus taking the middle rank rather than being the summit dog, by virtue of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s arrival.

Still, for many customers this large but not excessive form factor could be platonic for all the tasks you normally undertake on your tablet, where the Ultra might be unwieldy.

The Milky way Tab S8 volition retail for a starting price of £849, which is quite a significant increment over the £649 price of the standard Tab S8. For that difference you do get a significantly larger screen, but you’re still limited to only Wi-Fi connectivity (rather than 5G, which costs an extra £50), and you’ll become 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage space.

There’s also a variant with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage which costs £899 and £1049 for the Wi-Fi Only and 5G models respectively. This latter cost actually slightly overtakes that of the Tab S8 Ultra base model, which has a starting cost of £999.

Blueprint and Screen

  • Robust, premium design
  • Immersive screen

The Milky way Tab S8 Plus is an undeniably premium tablet, and information technology feels it too with a smooth metallic shell and a large, abrupt screen.

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The AMOLED screen measures 12.four inches diagonally across, which is plenty large enough for a tablet without being too cumbersome. Its screen resolution is 2800 ten 1752 pixels, and then it is nicely well-baked and detailed too, and when sketching on the screen with an Southward-Pen information technology was responsive and authentic. Boasting a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, the brandish is very smooth when you’re scrolling through various in-app menus or social media feeds.

When using this large tablet, I never felt that I needed more screen space, let alone a device every bit enormous as the Tab S8 Ultra; while this will naturally be a thing of personal gustatory modality amidst customers, this seems to be of a generous plenty size to appeal to a large audience.


  • Dual ultrawide cameras on the rear
  • Single front-facing ultrawide photographic camera

While the rear camera set up-up should be just as good as any other that you lot’ll discover on a Samsung tablet, the front-facing set up-up has only i lens compared to the two boasted by the Tab S8 Ultra, though the silver lining is that the Tab S8 Plus doesn’t accept an invasive in-screen notch.

The snappers on hither are likely to do justice to your video calls, or suffice for those few times that your take pictures with your tablet rather than your smartphone, but nosotros’ll need a chip longer with it in our hands in order to give you the full rundown of its photographic performance.

Functioning and Bombardment

  • High-performing processor
  • Large bombardment capacity

The Galaxy Tab S8 runs on a 4nm 64-flake octa-core processor, and so we’d expect very powerful performance from this device seeing every bit it is latest-generation silicon. Y’all might have to pay a bit extra for 5G connectivity, merely many consumers will find that the convenience of having mobile data on your tablet will be worth the initial outlay.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus tablet with keyboard
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The battery has a 10,090mAh capacity that’due south likely to suffice for your daily needs, even bearing in mind that it’due south got to ability the large and demanding display. Still, nosotros’ll merely know its true adequacy later judging its performance in running a range of typical activities earlier we tin can requite a existent pronouncement on its performance.

Early Impressions

We’ll need more hands-on time with the Tab S8 Plus to be able to deliver our full verdict on whether or not it is the ideal tablet for yous. Even so, based on our experience so far, the superb screen is likely to satisfy nigh customers; whether the camera organization and the bombardment life hold upward to scrutiny will be discovered after more thorough testing.

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