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    RRP: £999
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    RRP: €1219

With the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Samsung has crafted an absolutely massive, tech-filled tablet that I am sure volition probable be misunderstood.

With a 14.6-inch display, the Tab S8 Ultra is one of the biggest consumer tablets around. It’due south bigger than the iPad Pro and information technology’s probably bigger than your laptop too. That makes information technology a very niche proposition for many. Information technology’s likewise a noticeable step up on its more traditionally sized siblings, the Galaxy Tab S8 and Milky way Tab S8 Ultra.

For me, I call up this size is what makes this slate interesting and while I don’t doubt information technology’ll be lamented for existence ‘too large’ the fact is that I accept been hankering for an iPad Pro with a screen this size for a long fourth dimension.

Of course, a big screen like this comes with a very big price tag. The base toll hither is £999 for Wi-Fi, 128GB storage and 8GB RAM. Pay £1149 and yous can add together 5G support. If y’all’re subsequently more than storage and more RAM, then yous can pay £1249 (Wi-FI) and £1399 (5G) for 512GB and 16GB RAM.

Screen and Design

  • Huge xiv.half dozen-inch OLED display
  • Atmos audio and 3 mics
  • Unmarried Graphite hue

Having such a big screen on a tablet that’due south so incredibly thin (it’s just v.5mm thick) offers upward an odd first impression. It doesn’t quite experience real, more similar a dummy of a futuristic tablet someone dreamed up a decade ago. The bezel around the screen is tiny besides, pregnant you’re basically but holding your content without any distraction. Well, bated from that niggling notch poking itself into the panel.

If you’re an creative person who wants a portable canvas then this is going to be ideal, simply because you’ve got and then much space to play with. It’s stunning for watching movies on, likewise, based on my early on tests streaming video on the device.

Samsung will, of course, sell you a keyboard example for turning this into some sort of laptop replacement. Again, the screen size makes this very tempting, even if the wider aspect ratio isn’t quite as productive, at least for me, as an iPad’south squarer panel.

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The screen isn’t just big, but information technology looks great likewise. The OLED panel renders perfect blacks and vivid, punchy colours (even more than so with HDR content) while the 2960 10 1848 resolution gives an incredibly sharp 240ppi.

Like all good tablets, the screen can refresh at 120Hz for polish scrolling and gaming. It supports a stylus too, in the form of BLE Due south Pen, which Samsung includes as standard in the box. As virtually will use the S Pan a lot hither, it makes so much sense to include it. Writing and drawing on a screen this large is a joy and the pen is very responsive with a natural feel.

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At 726g (728g for the 5G model), this is not a lite tablet – but the weight is spread evenly and the Tab S8 Ultra is well balanced. Skid it in a purse and the weight shouldn’t make too much difference, peculiarly compared to a similarly-sized laptop.

Screen aside, the design here is very uncomplicated. The Tab S8 Ultra has an aluminium build and comes in a single moody graphite stop that gives it a sleek, tasteful look. There’s a USB-C port for charging, a few magnets to attach the S Pen besides and some pins for the docking keyboard.

A lot will be said about the notch used here to firm two front-facing 12-megapixel cameras. Samsung should rightly be derided for once making an actual TV advert poking fun at Apple’southward inclusion of the notch and so calculation i to its production, only in reality on such a large screen it is barely noticeable. The do good of having a very expert set of selfie cameras offsets the mild garish design.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra screen and notch
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Paired with these two forepart cameras are three directional mics, making this a potent setup for video conferencing.

Functioning and Battery Life

  • Snapdragon 8 Gen i chipset and upwardly to 16GB RAM
  • Expandable storage
  • 5G pick

Unlike with the European versions of the Galaxy S22 series, at that place’s no Exynos-powered variant of the Tab S8 Ultra. Instead, all models are powered past Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. This should (and I will stress I haven’t used the tablet long enough to properly guess performance) pb to strong operation both for productivity tasks and gaming.

The fantabulous iOS video editing app LumaFusion volition exist making its way over to the Tab S8 series, so budding video editors will be able to push that CPU and GPU. While having a fast chipset is bang-up it’s almost pointless without any tentpole apps to actually push it.

RAM options range from 8GB to 16GB, while storage ranges from 128GB to 512GB. In that location’s expandable storage too, so popping in a Micro SD card (up to 1TB) will be a cheaper fashion to bump up the amount of content able to be stored offline.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a big screen
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There’s a 11200mAh inside the Tab S8 Ultra and Samsung says information technology supports charging upwards to 45w – though you’ll demand to pick upwardly i of those chargers separately. I’ll need to spend a lot more time with the device to really judge bombardment life.


  • No huge differences between this and the other Tab S8 models
  • Android 12 and One UI

Every bit practiced as the spec lists on Android tablets tin can exist, it tends to be the software that lets them downwardly. This is considering Google develops the operating system with mobile in mind, so most apps UI aren’t optimised to run on such large screens. Samsung has done a expert job in the past few years at rigging Android to work better on the big screen, mostly with its Dex software.

The Dex software here gives you a desktop-like experience, with apps that open up as windows and more shortcuts. I like information technology, but you’ll nevertheless encounter app incompatibility. There are also but more, and meliorate, apps available for the iPad and this isn’t really something Samsung tin can do anything near. Getting back up for LumaFusion is a first, though.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra drawing sample
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Samsung hasn’t really added anything to 1 UI to make the most of this big display. Yous can have three apps open up at once and all visible, notwithstanding the smallest 11-inch Tab S8 is capable of the same. The same can be said for external display support and then you lot can use this as a secondary monitor for your PC.

Kickoff Impressions

I dearest that a tablet this big exists, especially one every bit feature-packed as the Tab S8 Ultra. It’due south not going to be for everyone, but those who appreciate the hefty canvas volition find a lot to love here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra




Screen Size

Storage Capacity

Rear Camera

Front Camera

Video Recording

IP rating


Fast Charging

Size (Dimensions)


Operating Arrangement

Release Engagement


Refresh Rate





Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra




fourteen.6 inches





Not Disclosed

11200 mAh


208.6 ten v.5 x 326.4 MM

726 One thousand

Android 12


2960 10 1848

120 Hz


4nm 64-bit octa-core processor



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